Two Months

I know I just wrote an 8 week post, but last night, he did the cutest thing. I was feeding him and he was starting at me. I told him I loved him and he made the sweetest noise, I swear, like he was trying to say it back. Then I melted and smiled and he gave back the happiest gummy smile. Oh my gosh. I’m loving every minute with him. Less than a month until I go back to work :(

Comparison pics: one week, one month, two months



8 Weeks

What???? Really? Time is going by much too quickly. He’ll be two months old in a few days. He’s suddenly turned into a light sleeper. He wakes up when I try and transfer Jim to the rock ‘n play and if he doesn’t wake up, he will twenty minutes later. Then he also sleeps for long stretches and then eats an amount of food after. Really, I can’t believe his stomach is that big and even more amazing, my books make that much milk.

Pumping has gotten a little better. I’m now getting an average of 2.5oz a day. Enough to build up a supply. If he wants to eat all day, I just pump on one side while he eats from the other. This morning, he’s sleeping, so I got it all in one, easy shot.

He’s sleeping, I should really be cleaning or something…

He coos a lot. He love the pictures above his changing table and will tell you about it or that he has a poppie diaper.



Six weeks

How do women do back to working after only six weeks? We are so backwards in this country when it comes to maternity leave. Speaking of other countries and the awesome people that live there, my Canadian buddy, Carolynne just welcome her little girl into the world, congrats!

So, six weeks. Owen started social smiling which is just about the cutest thing ever. He’s imitating faces too and gets a kick out of it when he sticks his tongue out and then I do it. He’s also a very cranky baby. Fourth trimester, gas, sleepiness, who knows, but there’s no problem that can’t be solved by the boob. No idea what will happen when I go back to work. Pumping is still a problem, mostly because he eats all day. He’s finally sleeping now, so I’m pumping as I write this.

What else… He can roll over onto his back sometimes. He didn’t cry when we gave him a bath yesterday. I think he liked the fact he had an audience. He likes to entertain.

He has blocked tear ducts and developed a but of an eye infection last week’s, but he got drops and now he’s all better. Poor little guy, he’s had jaundice, reflux, baby acne, blocked tear ducts. At least all minor stuff. No wonder he’s so cranky though.




One Month

Time is going by way too quickly. Trying to savor each moment, minus the ones where he pees all over everything.
Bryan’s been having trouble with him at night. He still has his nights and days mixed up. Bryan can’t get him to sleep, I can’t get him to wake up for feedings.
He’s so cute though. He makes silly faces. He smiles a lot, can’t wait until he social smiles :p



Three Weeks

So being a mom is pretty awesome. Our son is twenty kinds of adorable. I even get excited about changing poopy diapers because I can record a poop and many poops means he’s getting enough food. It’s like points in a game. Plus, the cloth diapers are awesome. We were having crazy leak problems with disposables, but none so far with cloth. Btw, breastfed baby poop actually smells pleasant.

Breastfeeding is simultaneously the best and worst part of taking care a newborn. He sucks, we bond, he makes cute noises, he’s comforted and gets all the nutrients he needs. But then he flails around and hits me and tries to grab my nipple and then he screams if he loses the latch and he doesn’t latch good, so ouch. And, oh yeah, sleep deprivation. Then there’s the part where I spent $200 on a lactation consultant and $500 to get his tongue tie, which may or may not have been a thing, taken care of. But he’s gaining weight and pooping – win.



Currently his favorite activities include feeding, walking in the carrier and sleeping on mommy and daddy.

Meet Owen Edward

I started having contractions after my Dr appointment Monday afternoon where I was not dilated at all. They kept getting more intense until the point I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep again. Tuesday night, I was in a lot of pain and the contractions were  close together, but irregular. I called the doctor to ask what I should do and she said it didn’t sound like I was in labor, wait 30 minutes and go to the hospital if I felt it necessary. The contractions became less frequent, so I waited.

Wednesday, I was in pain all day and the contractions were coming at least every 8 minutes, but still irregular. By 4:30, they were pretty bad so we went to the hospital.

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Ha ha, three years ago today. I had fun reading that post. It’s comforting to know I’ve since addressed all of my concerns about having kids. One of the comments suggested I wait until I’m 29 :)

Baby can come any day now. Just waiting. Been extra hormonal lately. Hard to sleep because there’s just no room in there for anything besides baby. Haven’t gained much weight the last couple of weeks, probably because there’s no where for it to go… Otherwise, still feeling good. No swelling, no extreme discomfort. Still exercising, though forward bends and squats aren’t really happening anymore.

Nursery is almost done. Still need to hang stuff on the wall, but otherwise it’s fully functional.


I heard some very happy news today from one of my friends :D Next year, my Facebook news feed is just going to be swarming with babies and it’s going to be awesome :D

And some photos from my friend shower which I didn’t get a chance to post before:



He’s Full Term Now!

I was going to post my 36 week picture, but we never took one. Here’s one from my work shower instead.


Ishrat insisted everyone touch my belly, which was as awkward as it looks. I’ll post pictures from the friends shower once Julia posts them :) Everyone has been very generous. I can’t believe I was worried about people not buying stuff off our registry. I did the registry completion on Amazon and Babies R Us, the cash gifts we received were enough to cover everything left. I haven’t had to spend any of our own money on this kid so far and he has so much stuff!

Pretty much the only stuff we didn’t get was anything related to cloth diapering, lol. OK, I get it, you don’t think we’ll stick with it. Challenge accepted! I’ve done so much research on cloth diapers, there’s no way I’m not putting some effort into this. Plus, look at dem! I’ve bought all different kinds to see what we like best.

Baby was head down as of our last ultrasound. Hopefully he stays that way. I met the third doctor in the practice at my last appointment. She giggled a lot, “he’s as big as you are!” I mentioned the sharp pains I’ve felt in my pelvis when he moves. She says he’s moving down. He’s definitely dropped some. I thought I might get off stretch mark free, no such luck. I guess he stretched my lower belly because as of a few days ago, I have a stretch splotch down there. I can only see it if I look in the mirror though :D My lower belly really itches too. On the bright side, he can’t reach my ribs anymore.

All in all, this pregnancy thing, not too bad. Actually I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Sure I could have done without the nausea, fatigue, gas and being asked the same damn questions every single day, but otherwise it’s been pretty fun. Feeling him move around in there, shopping for baby things and perfectly clear skin have been my favorite perks :) Glad I haven’t experienced much back pain, heartburn or mood swings. No swelling, constipation or sciatica. I’d do it again. Well, let’s see how this whole labor and raising a child thing goes first.

More Baby Updates

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago. Doctor was afraid baby was small, but he was actually on the big side. Also, he has a lot of hair. And he was breech. Since then, we’ve been trying to figure out if he’s turned or not. You’d think it’d be easy to tell. Mysterious large bumps will emerge on different areas of my tummy. Kicks and hiccups are felt everywhere. I have no idea which way he’s facing.

Meanwhile, I received a summons for jury duty, three days after my due date. Needless to say I requested a postponement. I know of three other pregnant women this has happened to. It’s like they do it on purpose.

Tomorrow is Bryan’s birthday party, though it looks like we may have just a couple of guests. More ice cream for us. Probably in part because most of my friends are coming to my shower on Sunday. Then I have the work shower on Wednesday. I see my doctor on Tuesday and we have an interview with a pediatrician on Friday. Busy week!

34 weeks

I get asked these same questions on a daily basis:
How are you feeling? – still pretty good!
When is the baby due again? – September 27th
Boy or girl? – Boy
Do you have any names picked out? – …

So, we had a girl name that we liked. We decided on that years ago. Boys names are harder. Most boy names are either common and boring or weird and will get him beat up in school. There have been several times we decided we liked a name, only to change our minds weeks later. Bryan never liked my top two names :P

My primary criteria: my son will not share a name with anyone I went to high school with. And although we considered several character’s names from our favorite works of fiction, we decided against all of those too.

We do have a name that’s growing on us right now. It bubbled up from my subconscious in the middle of the night one night as all brilliant ideas do. It’s not common, but it’s not weird either. There are several people on the planet with the name and characters in shows, but no one we have any emotional connection with.

However, he will not get a name until he comes out. We still have two months to decide. Also, we don’t want to tell anyone the name until he’s born to avoid the,”oh, you’re naming him that?” Which is a reaction I’ve gotten to several of our reject names. You can’t please everyone.

So yes, we have some ideas for names, but we’re not telling, so don’t ask :P

And a maternity photo because blog posts are always more interesting with pictures.