Yeah, I’m Cheap

We don’t have termites! We just have ants and not carpenter ants, just pavement ants. That dust by the door is just dirt and ant bodies. Ew.

And our bathroom is done! Even had a local guy do it on the cheap and so glad wee took the risk because it looks great! And the floor doesn’t move anymore, whoot!

Last night, Ellen had a PJ. So enjoyed all the food, especially the sweets. I had been avoiding them all week due to my glucose test Thursday. That is so not how I would ever choose to consume my sugar for the week, but it wasn’t too bad. Hopefully I won’t have to do the three hour test. The screening gives a false positive over half the time. Such BS.

Ellen is a really good cook. Everything she made was delicious and there were veggies too, so guilt free goodies :) We chatted about all sorts of stuff and baby entertained everyone by moving around, lol.

As far as I know, baby and I are doing well. Everything seems to be measuring right and growing as it should. Sleeping is getting harder due to leg cramps and general uncomfyness, but otherwise I still feel good. My shower is in a couple weeks. Been stalking our registry, but there are few items bought so far :( I don’t want to sound spoiled, but there’s an overwhelming amount of stuff we really need. I hope we get some of it as gifts.

Bryan’s parents were kind enough to purchase our nursery furniture :D very excited about that. At least the really big stuff is taken care of!

28 weeks:

Latest Happenings

My 26 week picture.

Still feeling alright. My biggest challenge lately is eating. Normally I can fit quite a bit of food in my stomach, and I forget that I have limited space now. I’ve gotten better though. I just have to remind myself to stop eating long before I’m full, take the rest home and have it later. I also found I have much more room earlier in the day, so I have my regular breakfast, split up between before and after my workout and then second breakfast (lunch) at 10:30 :)

I finally ordered a desk and Bryan put it together for me :) I also filled out my work from home agreement, so I’m all set for when I can no longer drive!

We also bought a new sink, toilet, tile and paint for the bathroom downstairs. Really hoping that’s done by the baby shower on he 26th.

Been trying to get an exterminator to come out because we think we may have termites. Yup, it never ends.

Continuing training at work. Real work has been light, so I’ve been involved in these hackathons. I don’t us expect to win anything, just in it for the learning experience.

I’ve written about the not so fun parts of pregnancy, but it’s not all bad. Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying:

My eating behaviors are socially acceptable. People expect me to be hungry and stuffing my face all the time now. In fact, I’ll often get food shoved in my face. It’s a little awesome. This hasn’t happened yet, but if someone makes something awful, I have an excellent excuse not to eat it: oh, sorry, not loving that right now, must be a pregnancy thing.

Also, I’m not peeing that much more than usual, more like, it’s just more urgent than usual, but people expect me to have to pee a lot now, so I can totally get up in the middle of a meeting to go to the bathroom and not feel weird about it.

I have an excuse to randomly nap during the day. Also, to veg out after work and not do any chores. Didn’t get my 10,000 steps in today? It’s OK, I’m taking it easy today. Don’t want to take the stairs? That’s cool too.

Walk into a meeting and all the chairs are taken, two people offer up their seats and I don’t have to feel guilty about taking one.

Conversations with acquaintances are less awkward. People have something to talk to me about.

My hair looks really good. My skin too. This is the longest I’ve gone without a breakout since being on antibiotics before our wedding.

I don’t freak out when my pants don’t fit.

Shopping for baby clothes. Haven’t bought any yet besides the Disney onesie, but it’s fun to look.

Baby moving – definitely the most fun part. I can sit and watch him bump around in there for the longest time. It’s very relaxing.

In other news – I had a happy birthday filled with a lot of food, friends and family :) My coworkers treated me to lunch at this great pizza place and we had a party yesterday at our house. I made these oreo ice cream cheesecake balls that I didn’t put out because they were too yummy and I want them all to myself.

Saturday, Bryan’s family had a little reunion at Nana’s and there was a giant bar of chocolate.


Buying Things

So registering for baby stuff is hard. They need so many things! So many! I’ve been researching cloth diapers for months now and I still feel completely clueless. I think I’m going with these prefolds and these covers. If anyone has any product recommendations, they’re more than welcome to share.

10350517_10103847769051859_4532974603103901075_n 10363384_10103856287825169_5028440115888969409_n

My 22 week picture and also The It’s a Small World Kangaroo I bought at the Disney store today because I saw it and had to have it. She’s just like me! She’s carrying her baby, I’m carrying my baby. It was really hard not to buy all of the It’s Small World animals. Really hard. I may or may not have bought one as a birthday present for someone who’s birthday isn’t for another two months.

I’ve also been researching standing desks. Those are harder to shop for than diapers. The one in the lead right now is $260 and then another $100 for the chair. The desk Julia has is nice, but unfortunately, I’d have to be a couple inches taller to use it. I really hope this kid gets his height from Bryan.

Boy or Girl?

In a few hours, we’ll hopefully find out if our little one is a boy or a girl.

Up until a couple years ago, I insisted our future child was going to be a girl. I wouldn’t entertain the notion that we had a 50% chance of having a boy. Nope. Definitely was going to be a girl. This changed when I was in the local Christmas musical and I remembered that 12 year old girls are perhaps, the most obnoxious beings on the entire planet. Having a boy no longer seemed so bad.

I’ve spent the past few months trying my best to convince myself we’re having a boy and that boys are better than girls. Yesterday, I was thinking, I feel like I know if it’s a boy or a girl, but I don’t know what I know. If only I had some clear, intuitive insight, like a dream, that would tell me.

Of course I had a dream that we’re having an adorable baby girl. And I can clearly picture our son reading this 10 years from now going, wtf mom! :) I’ll be happy either way, just want a healthy baby who at least tolerates show tunes.

Still, I feel very anxious about our appointment. I feel like knowing makes the whole thing very real. Up until today it’s been an “it” and all of a sudden, it’s going to have some sort of identity, some insight into who this person is going to be. Freaks me out. I feel like we have so much to do before the baby gets here – registering, getting the nursery ready, getting my home office ready, remodeling the bathroom downstairs, classes to learn basic things like how to hold a baby. How does time go by so fast?

Stay tuned for the big news…

Thinking for Two


Twenty week picture + a pic of Noel, my parents’ dog they adopted last week from the shelter. She’s hilarious.
Work has been fun. Studying, studying. Javascript and related technologies. Getting ready for my next project.

And thought I’d share my most recent Toastmasters speech:
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A Day in the Life 2014

Wednesday, 4/23/14, 17 weeks pregnant.

Previous days.

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16 Weeks


This might have been the longest I’ve gone without posting. I was doing to do another Day in the Life, but I haven’t found a good day yet. Maybe next week.

Today was my 16 week checkup that I was late for since I had to clean snow off my car (wtf?). So far, I’ve lost five pounds and gained it back again. Everything looks good. They took my blood to test for spina bifida. It hurt! Usually it doesn’t hurt when they take my blood. I don’t know if it was the nurse or I’m extra sensitive today, but it wasn’t pleasant.

My tummy has definitely gotten bigger and most of my clothes no longer fit. The nausea and fatigue have eased up, whoot! I can make it through a whole day without a nap, but I’m still going to bed early and falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Gas is still a problem, but gas has always been a problem for me, not being able to burp.

I finally got my appetite back, though I still don’t want anything to do with dried cranberries and sweets still aren’t as appealing as they were pre-pregnancy. I’m loving cheeseburgers  with ketchup, lots of ketchup, though I’m trying to limit my burger intake to about twice a month, and peanut butter and jelly. Salad also, but not my usual salads. I seem to have regressed to my childhood when carrots, croutons and creamy dressing were my thing. Don’t worry, I put greens, beans and other healthy stuff on there too.

Sunday was a terrible day. Something bad happened to one of my friends and I was a mess. My friend is OK physically, been trying to give her emotional support, though it’s not exactly my forte. Hope I helped a little. I don’t want friends to hurt :( Life aint fair sometimes.

Pregnancy is Weird

Warning, TMI ahead!

I did a lot of research on getting pregnant, really a lot. I am now an expert on my cycle and ovulation. I didn’t want to read too much about pregnancy before hand, mostly because there’s a lot about pregnancy I still don’t want to know, but I’ve still researched a bit and knew basics on nutrition, exercise, doctor visits, etc. Once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately began reading everything I could on the first trimester. Here are the list of things I’ve learned through my experiences so far that surprised me the most:

You are two weeks along before you’re even pregnant. Because they start counting weeks from the date of your last period and you normally ovulate about 2 weeks after your period, by the time sperm meets egg, your baby is already 2 weeks. <– This is really stupid for two reasons. 1: Your period does not dictate your ovulation date. The cycle before my last one, I ovulated on day 23. The cycle we conceived it was day 16. If I had ovulated on day 23 of this cycle, going by this stupid method, everything would have been off by a week. 2: The baby doesn’t exist before conception, it just doesn’t.

Aversions. We all know about food cravings and aversions, I just didn’t realize how strong the aversions would be and how early on. I really love food, like it’s my favorite. All the food. Eating, starting around week 6 has been very difficult. I bought these brown rice crackers because I thought they would be great for morning sickness. They were really yummy in week 5, couldn’t even look at them in week 6. I love dried cranberries – can’t even think about dried cranberries without feeling sick. I keep forcing myself to eat salads. Most surprising – I don’t want sweets! What??? They make me sick. Even sweet potato stuffed pasta :( I am loving carrots, milk, veggie sushi, ginger salad dressing, fruit, oatmeal, and basically anything Bryan cooks. Eating out has been a challenge as most restaurant food is heavy and doesn’t agree with me.

Diarrhea – ’nuff said.

Cramps. I was expecting nausea and heartburn, but not the scary cramps! My doctor as well as Doctor Google says cramps are completely normal. They’re not very painful, but they do feel like your period’s coming which is terrifying when you’re scared to death of seeing blood when you go to the bathroom.

Miscarriages are so common! And there’s nothing you can do to prevent them really because the majority are due to chromosomal defects. As high as 75% chance of a miscarriage before a pregnancy is detected/missed period. Chemical pregnancies, a miscarriage before week 6 happens in about 25-30% of pregnancies. Once you hear the baby’s heartbeat (6-8 weeks), the chance of miscarriage greatly decreases to about 3%. Miscarriages after 12 weeks is much less common which is why folks usually wait until the second trimester to announce their pregnancies. Yes, I read a lot about miscarriages, but mostly because I found the statistics comforting – at any point after the 4 weeks, it was more likely to stick than not and the odds increased every day.

Oh the anxiety. I’m a control freak, so having no control over what’s going on in my body has been driving me mad. I haven’t had many mood swings, unusual for me actually, but I’ve been ten times more anxious than normal and I’m normally a pretty anxious person. Driving is so much scarier. So is Toastmasters. I haven’t been good about going to Toastmasters.

You can’t eat smoked salmon – had no idea.

Peeing a lot starts early. This was actually my first sign I was pregnant. I went off the pill last April and it took six months for me to get my period back and even then, I had a short luteal phase, not good for baby making because the egg needs time to implant. My period had been showing up on day 10-11 of my cycle and when my period didn’t come by day 13, I figured my luteal phase was just getting back to normal after the pill. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and, by golly, I peed a lot. I thought, yeah, I’m totally pregnant. My positive test in the morning confirmed it.

Disney World 2014

We went to Disney March 1-9, but I waited to publish this post for a good reason. This was our last adult only trip to Disney. Yup, our future Disney fan is coming in September! I’m pregnant!


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