Eleven Months

Eleven Months

We’re already planning the next Disney trip and it over a year away. This will be trip #20 for me and trip #1 for Owen <3 We’re just so excited to take him. I wonder what he’ll be like a year from now.

For now, he’s intent on walking. That’s his new favorite thing. He’ll cruise around the living room using his walker, or the rolling stool or a table or a container. Anything can be a walker. His current record is five steps unassisted.

Bryan texted me other other day; “Purse is to bathtub as mouse is to trampoline” and I knew exactly what he meant. Owen loves his purse. Owen loves bringing his purse into his (dry) bathtub. Owen also loves my mouse and chewing on it while sitting on my trampoline. Can’t make this stuff up.

He still loves kiwis and Ive been mixing oatmeal into his smoothies which apparently make them even more appealing. Otherwise he eats a lot of what we do. And he’s be eating a lot lately. Running in circles and jumping on his bed must burn a lot of calories. He’s looking too skinny to me, but I don’t know how to get more food into this kid’s stomach. He still eats in his sleep at night.

His sleep has been much better though. Usually two hour stretches now. He even had a five hour stretch the other night :O

His new favorite word (next to “mama”) is “uh-oh.” He woke up the other night and said “uh-oh” instead of crying :D

He’s been hitting all of his milestones until now. He doesn’t wave, clap or point. It responds when we do these things, but looks at us with a completely blank expression when we ask him to do them. He does give high fives. I don’t think it means anything, because he’s otherwise social and communicates well, but you can’t help but worry a little.




Why I Love My Job

Why I Love My Job

I’ve probably written this post before, but I felt the urge to gush. I am so lucky. Granted I picked a really good field to go into, but still, I have THE best job. You know you have good work/life balance when you look forward to going into the office in the morning and look forward to coming home in the evening.

Of course, the number one thing is I get to work from home three days a week and spend more time with my Owen <3

Being able to pump in my office is also a big help as I need to pump four times a day and that would be quite a pain to be going off to some room somewhere that often.

Flex hours. No one really cares when I start/end as long it more or less 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.

The people. I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone that works here. They’re great people and I really enjoy working with them. I’ve said it before, but this is really the first place I’ve ever felt like I fit in.

The work, OK, it’s not that interesting or challenging, but it’s interesting enough and challenging enough for where I am in life (and that’s spending every ounce of free time with the baby). I also really enjoy things like our yearly hackathon (that we didn’t win again, but still, it was a lot of fun).

Training. They give us plenty of time and plenty of courses so we’re never falling too far behind.

Discounts. We get 50% off our cell service and now we get free TV! Bryan and I are so excited, ha ha. Not that we have time to watch TV, but the option will be there.

Oh yeah, it pays the bills. Really, they pay me to do this? OK, so I wouldn’t do it for free, or probably even less than I get since I’m the only one working, but we’re blissfully comfortable and that’s awesome.

Sure things get stressful once in a while and I spend all day working on a problem only to realize I was writing “get” instead of “post,” and our health insurance is meh, but I love this place.

20150715_160352 (2)

Ten Months

Ten Months

He’s going to be a toddler before I know it. He’s been getting into all kinds of trouble this month. He’s up the stairs in a flash every chance he gets, climbing into the dishwasher, getting into drawers. Yesterday he was standing on the bench chewing on the top of his pack n play and doing pull-ups on the baby gate.

His sleep is steadily getting a little better. He flips onto his tummy now when he’s done eating and sometimes does two hour stretches.

Carolyn texted me Connor’s bedtime routine: bath, book, boob, bed. This was my response:
We do bath, diaper, jump on the bed, say goodnight to all the things, try to read book, boob, book, boob, book, boob, bed, cry, boob, crawl all over mommy, cry, boob, crawl, cry, boob, roll over onto tummy, cry, boob, roll onto tummy, repeat x 10, sleep

Started wearing him on my back since he’s getting pretty heavy. He seems ok with it, though it makes him a little sleepy.

He’s had a couple of play dates with his new buddy, Nolan, who lives in the next set of houses over. Super convenient.

Had a girls brunch earlier this month. Was nice to get out and see my friends. Carolyn and Connor came over yesterday. The looks Connor gave Owen were priceless. The funny thing is he’s six months younger, but they’re nearly the same size. Big little dude, and so cute!




Nine Months

Nine Months

And loving life. Not so much sleeping. Just when you thought sleep couldn’t get any worse, enter the nine month sleep regression. Is it teething, is it gas, who knows? Then there’s the times he wants to play, though that’s gotten a bit better. At least he doesn’t wake up wanting to play these days.

He is a mobile little dude. Probably the standing and the crawling has interfered with his sleep too. He gets into all sorts of trouble. We’ve mostly baby proofed… we watch him. He’s really into shoes. First thing he goes for. He likes shoes, walks, he bites, he drools, he eats food off the floor, he barks in his sleep, I think this kid was a dog in a previous life.

We had a lot of excitement this month. Cheryl and Yori’s wedding, a day trip down the shore. He had a lot of fun dancing at the wedding and trying to eat my food. They had some good food. They did part potluck. I had a kiwi artichoke cupcake for dessert. It was amazing.

He had fun playing with his cousin down the shore. He was too hot on the boardwalk. Didn’t care for the merry-go-round much. Spinning around in a circle is good, but doing it on an actual ride… We’re just happy he slept in the car. I was on the edge of my seat the entire trip waiting for him to wake up. And he did, going down, damn toll booth guy, but he slept the whole way back.

He’s not too into food, but he’ll pretty much eat anything if he gets to feed himself. More ends up on is clothes than in his mouth, but he tries. I’ve been trying out baby recipes, but so far I’ve been eating more of the stuff than he has.

His sixth tooth is almost through. Those top four teeth sure do take their time punching through. He’s constantly rubbing his face, I think because his gums itch. Going to ask the doctor when he goes Tuesday. Last night he gave himself two scratches. I felt awful.


A Look Back at My 20s

A Look Back at My 20s

So, I’m turning 30 29 again on Friday. As many of you know, Back to the Future has been my favorite movie since forever so I’ used to think a lot about what my life would be like in 2015. 30 seemed so so so far away. I don’t think life is too far off from where I thought I would be. I certainly don’t look or feel as old as I thought I would, yay.

My 20s started out pretty terrible. I had an awful stomach thing, looking back it was probably an ulcer. I really should have gone to the doctor. I had just finished a very lonely semester at school because Rachelle transferred, and I was dealing with that stalker guy who did turn out to be harmless, but I really shouldn’t have talked to him in the first place :-/

I briefly dated Adi and then I was back to being alone again, though at least Carolyn was at Rutgers, which helped.  One night, I was feeling particularly depressed and couldn’t sleep.  I logged into Facebook and saw this:

I work at the Busch Convenience Store, and the other night I was in charge of the store for the night and I happened to be on register when you checked out. I know I’ve seen you in there a lot, and every time I see you I think you’re really really really attractive. As soon as I was done with that transaction I went to have my dinner, and we have a computer in the back. So I just thought I’d look you up on facebook, since I couldn’t help but remember your name flashing up as “Elissa”… It’s a really cool name, and not that common so it stuck in my head.

Though getting him to ask me out was pretty difficult, so I finally asked him over t watch Rent and we’ve been together ever since.

Senior year of college was better socially with Bryan, Emily and Helen around, but my classes were really tough and I nearly had a nervous breakdown a few times. I had planned to go to graduate school, but I couldn’t take anymore, so I shifted my focus and looked for a job instead of a summer internship.

I had two offers in March. One place up by my parents and AT&T down here. It wasn’t a hard decision. Even at the interview I felt like I fit in there. I manged to make it out of school alive and with straight As, CS degree, highest honors. I also stopped wearing my retainer apparently. I still have nightmares about that thing.

I moved into the apartment with Bryan and started working. Our first project at att was DBOR test support which pretty much involved us getting yelled at on conference calls for things we had no control over. Then I started doing real development on NCD and finally RUBY. I started really getting into fitness and exercising every day due to my desk job and the cake that came with it.

Bryan and I went on our first trip to Disney together where he proposed  on the balcony of our hotel room. On my first real project on RUBY, NFM, I remember meeting with Roy and he wanted me to look at the code while I was on vacation. I told him I’d be busy looking at wedding dresses. I looked at a lot of dresses.

2009 was mostly spent wedding planning. We also went for our first round of CP training in CT and TX. In January 2010, Bryan and I got married and of course went to Disney on our honeymoon. We actually went twice that year. We also couldn’t take the tiny apartment anymore and bought a house. We probably could have gotten a better deal if we waited a year, but this place has worked out nicely. Once we fixed the  deadly bathtub and other DIY improvements the previous owners made.

I finally made my community theater debut as Little Miss Muffet in Babes in Toyland. I think I was shaking the first ten minutes of every show. Despite performing and joining Toast Masters, my social anxiety still gets the best of me most of the time.

At work I took over as the lead of the One Team, our social planning committee and held that position for over 2 years before passing it off. That was a lot of work, but at least I got a nice bonus that first year.

I went to Rome with my parents and ate a lot of gelato, got lost frequently, took a cooking class. Our tour of the Vatican was pretty incredible and it was nice to see Melanie in Naples.

2012 I traveled to Florida twice for CP training and once for Disney. That was also the year of Hurricane Sandy where we lost power for nine days and lived like Nomads. Carolyn and Rachelle both got married that fall. Helen and Darian’s wedding was the following year along with our trip to San Fransisco to visit Chris and Rae.

Of course the best year of my twenties was this past year. Lyra was born early, but strong. Being pregnant with Owen was quite an experience and giving birth of course, life with a newborn. Those first few months were rough, but things are pretty great now. I hope life continues it’s upwards trend.

Over the next decade, I hope to have another baby, you know, once this one is potty trained. I had wanted a girl, but I can see us with another boy too, plus I actually have another boy name I like and I’m no longer crazy about our girl name. I also want to finally get a dog, but don’t know if it’ll be between kids or after the second one.

I don’t plan to ever leave att. It’s so nice being able to work from home and play with Owen during breaks. Plus it’s close by, not too stressful, interesting projects. I don’t know how I feel about this SDN stuff yet, but there are always other projects.

I’d like to do another show at some point, probably not at least until Owen’s old enough to be in one. And by then we’ll have another one, so who knows.

I don’t have too many goals left to fulfill. Just to spend as much time with family as possible. Can’t wait to take that first trip with Owen to Disney.


Eight Months

Eight Months

I’m confused because I thought I had already written and published this post. Well, what I said was that he’s gotten much better at tummy time. He’s trying very hard to crawl. Or maybe he’s trying to walk by going from his tummy to standing, it’s hard to tell. He can pull himself to standing very well and he can even get back down again gracefully.

He climbs all over me. He’s always pulled my hair, but it’s gotten worse now that he can always get to it. He also has some interesting nursing positions. Last night he fell asleep with his butt in the air. Sleep is still the same.

He loves to jump. He likes to stand and jump in his crib. Ironically, he’s not all that fond of his exersaucer/jumper, but he likes it more than he used to.

His eyes still haven’t turned brown. He might actually have hazel eyes. We’ll see.

He can feed himself a bit, but eats much better from a spoon. Peaches seem to be his favorite, but he’s also fond of pears, blueberries and mango. He had a lot of fun with the spaghetti squash.

Chris, Rae and Lyra are visiting. More adorable baby pictures to come. So much fun playing with these two little ones.

I took some time off work this week. Went shopping, spent too much on shoes. I also got my first stitchfix this month. I ended up keeping a skirt and a shirt they sent. More than anything it was fun and it’s good for me to buy some adult clothing. Don’t worry, I balanced it out by buying unicorn leggings from Kohls.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I had no idea how great having a baby would be. I knew I wouldn’t sleep and he’d cry and he’d poop, but I didn’t know how much fun we would have. I didn’t know how much he would like walks or how magical his giggles would sound. I didn’t know rolling a ball on the floor or making funny faces could be so entertaining.
I didn’t know watching him learn and grow would be the most fascinating and exciting part of my life. I didn’t know cuddling with him would be so cozy. I didn’t know I’d rather be here, nursing and rocking him to sleep, than any other place in the world.
I had no idea I would love him this much and how much I’d want another one :D
I knew our moms would make the best grandmas though. Owen loves his Grammy, Grandma and Great Nana so much. Happy Mother’s day!


Seven Months

Seven Months

Somehow he’s gotten even worse at sleeping. We’re thinking it’s the solids upsetting his tummy. Gripe water seems to help sometimes. We cosleep, but every time he wakes up, he wakes up crying and insists we sit up and switch sides before falling back asleep. I’ve been getting around four hours every night. I could get more, if I slept the last stretch he does, but I can never fall back asleep, plus it’s the only me time I get X( We have good nights every once in a while. I’m surviving. In the meantime, still enjoying spending that time with him because I know he won’t always be like this.

He still hates tummy time, so crawling isn’t something he’ll be doing in the immediate future, but he loves to sit p right and scoot himself towards his target.

Work hasn’t been so good. The org I’m working for is still having funding issues, so not only do I have to leave another scrum team, I’ll no longer be doing mobile development either ;( Unless the funding comes real soon. Meanwhile, I had my choice of projects I don’t want to work on. Pretty much vague developer position or automated testing developer. I picked he mystery position. So glad I spent all of last year learning mobile development. Ah well, happy to have a good job that allows both of us to be home with Owen.

A cute picture to brighten up this post:


The Difference a Couple Weeks Makes

The Difference a Couple Weeks Makes

“Mmmm-a mmmm-a.” Owen’s gone from popping to “Mmmmm-a,” probably because we get so excited and repeat “Ma ma!” I think right now, both Bryan and I are Mmmm-a, though he says Dadadada once in a while.

He was sleeping horribly most of the week, but last night was pretty good. I woke up a few times and he was still out. We’re still talking 1-2 hour increments of sleep, but that’s a lot better than waking every 20 minutes.  I don’t care, I slept great last night.

He’s spitting up less and less these days and the drool has subsided a little. I think the teething/drooling was causing a lot of gas.

Oh and he’s learned to splash in the bathtub. Bath time has gotten much wetter.




Six Months

Six Months

Better late than never. The DIL post sort of took the place of the six month post.

Owen has two adorable wittle teeth on the bottom now and more are coming in on the top. They are adorable and dangerous.  I can’t believe he hasn’t drawn blood yet the way he bites down on my hand. He also smacks his lips, now a lot. We think he’s intimating kissing.  He loves when we give him kisses, especially if there’s tickling involved and he loves when he makes the noise and we make it back. He’s getting very good at sitting up on his own, passing objects between hands, throwing things, though still has trouble rolling over.

He has excellent comedic timing. He constantly cracks us up. You’ll ask him a question and he’ll respond with a fart or a burp. Then we laugh and he looks so concerned. He doesn’t seem to understand why we laugh, though he does it all the time. Mostly when we tickle him or threaten to tickle or I growl at him…

Trying to savor every moment, but they’re going by so quickly. I actually enjoy being up with him at night. He’s so sweet when he’s sleepy AND actually wants to sleep. He fights it so much during the day. He doesn’t really seem to “get” the whole sleep thing. He knows he doesn’t feel good, but doesn’t understand that sleeping will make it better. He also doesn’t have the slightest clue that if he just relaxes and closes his eyes, he’ll probably fall asleep. We haven’t even attempted to move him to his crib. Enjoying co-sleeping while it’s still cute. We both actually get sleep that way, so I say, win. I just wish there wasn’t so much drama every time he wakes up. Instead of cuddling in and nursing back to sleep, we have to sit up, get situated in my lap, maybe pass some gas, and then we can cuddle and go back to sleep.

He doesn’t sleep on me as much during the day, mostly because he has better naps in the swing now. I miss it, but it’s nice to have two free hands for working. Working has gotten much easier since he spends less time eating and sleeping on me and I don’t have to focus so hard on pumping when I’m in the office anymore.

I did get switched to this new scrum team, but this work is more interesting and I think I’ll learn more here. I don’t know if I’m allowed to promote the app I’m working on. I assume I am, but just in case, I won’t say until after it’s released which will be very soon.

A few days ago, Owen’s soon to be bestest friend was born! Congrats Carolyn and Tom and welcome to the world Baby Connor!