Never Again

Never Again

I went to the dentist yesterday. I haven’t had a cavity since I was 8, but of course, now that I have to pay for my own dental treatment, I have several. I was at the dentist 8 months ago. They didn’t find anything. WTF?

And of course, he said I need braces because my teeth aren’t perfect. Yeah, I’m going to put myself through hell for 2+ years so I can have perfect teeth. Do any of you notice anything wrong with my teeth? No? Well, maybe that’s because they’re fine!

I did my part. I went to my orthodontist for over 10 years! I only stopped going last year! I wore my retainer for nearly 7 years, and for three years after I had my wisdom teeth removed. My teeth are now as they were then. If braces didn’t fix the problem the first time, what could they do now? Did my orthodontist screw up? I don’t think so. I remember how my teeth were and how he said they should be. They’re better now than they were.

Reading online, the only people who need braces again are the ones that didn’t wear their retainers when they had their wisdom teeth out. Heck, I looked at before and after pictures of people with crossbites. My teeth were never as bad as the before, but look extraordinarily similar to the after. And from what I’ve read, you have to have bigger issues than mine to cause problems in the future.

I already look like a teenager, the last thing I need are braces. So the money hungry, orthodontal referring dentist can fill his cavities, but if says anything about the stupid braces again, I’m taking my tooth business elsewhere!


Oh and Bryan got hired permanently at his job, yay!

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  1. That’s quite funny, because I was just telling my dad tonight, “Gee, I haven’t been to the dentist in a few YEARS now.“. He was telling me how they called us, saying that we’re both due for our appointments — I’m obviously OVERdue. Actually, last time I went was in 2005 or even 2006 to get a filling. I probably have cavities galore. Been kind of scared to go back. lol. But yeah, I know I have to. It’s better to go, then have your teeth rot.

    I put in 3 years of braces, but due to the fact that I lost my retainer, I haven’t worn them, therefore my teeth (especially my bottoms) have shifted back. Oh well, I don’t care. Top teeth still look nice, and it’s not like anyone ever really sees your bottom teeth, except for the dentist, really. lol

    I swear, dentists and doctors always seem to get you all worked up, and scared over NOTHING.

    Congrats to Bryan! ;)

  2. Woah, sorry to hear about the cavities… =/ I know what you mean about getting some “illness” AFTER you’ve stopped getting free health care… LOL… Wow, and braces?! Well, my teeth were REALLY bad, so it was a good thing that I had gotten braces. LOL. And like Brandy and how she’s not wearing her retainers… My bottom teeth, just the front ones, have shifted back… Oh well… LOL…

    Hmm… I’ve had my wisdom teeth taken out a couple of years back, and I’m still wearing my retainers every now and then… I don’t think I need braces again… It’s only the front bottom teeth that are messed up. LOL.

    But yes, wow, congratulations to Bryan!

  3. I still have yet to have any cavities. Then again, I’m a very picky eater and a bit too conscious of my teeth. I don’t know why but it’s become an obsession since I was younger.

    Congratulations to Bryan!