I Love You All

I Love You All

I wanted to thank you all for all the comments on the last entry :D I haven’t gotten that many in quite a while. Of course I’ve been insanely bored and went around commenting on a bunch of different sites, so that could be one reason :) You’re still all very nice for reading through my long day! I would like to take this moment to respond to some of the comments:

I have an office, not a cubicle. An office. It’s a lovely office with four walls and a door. A door. Not a cubicle.

I don’t find the Internet Police amusing in a good way. I giggle at how everyone thinks they right and/or better than the last commenter, when in fact, no one is right. Nothing’s black and white and they’re all leaning extremely one way or the other and no one seems to realize it. Many didn’t even see the two layouts in question, but were able to pass judgment so easily.

And yes Mere, I really do have the best job ever. Even when I have work to do, the work is even more fun than not doing work! Yeah really, who knew shell scripting could be so entertaining.

So, glad you all enjoyed the last entry! I’ve been working on my new secret blog project, it shall be up shortly. I just need some category icons.

2 Responses

  1. Man, I wish that I could have a job that I enjoy as much as you.

    I totally agree with what you said about the Internet Police. It got to be very out of control.