Yay, More Thin Mints!

Yay, More Thin Mints!

Friday, Bryan and I went to see HelenaMaria at The Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. It was actually really close to us, so we got there way early. There weren’t too many people there since it was still pretty early, so we got to chat with them which was cool. Bryan and I also shared a Brownie and it was yummy :D

Saturday I felt like crap. I don’t know why. Maybe because I missed my exercise the day before. So I decided to hop on the treadmill for a while and then do some yoga. I felt better emotionally, but my body kinda just X( I fell asleep on the couch for a while. Bryan and I were watching House when Adi called. We were expecting him around 4, that was at 8. He though he told us like 7:30. So he came over and we played some travel Blokus and sat around and talked.

Sunday Bryan went to work since he couldn’t go on Friday because he had an eye appointment. So, I went shopping :D Old Navy actually had jeans that fit me. I’m still shocked. I was under the impression they thought all short people were 5’5″. No, these actually fit. They only had like five pairs of ‘short’ jeans in the entire store, but luckily, a couple were in my size. They were not only short enough, they fit perfectly everywhere else too. I was amazed. I would have bought two pairs, but I didn’t like the other color.

I also bought a new shower curtain liner because ours was covered in mold, ew. I got a new exercise DVD, a black skirt that’s machine washable :D and vitamins and stuff. Oh and Girl Scout cookies from a couple of adorable Brownies.

After my little shopping adventure, I cleaned and exercised. Bryan came home and we went food shopping. I know, exciting, right.

Check out the wedding blog if you haven’t already. And Carolyn, if you’re reading this, I gotta register you to complete our girlie circle.

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  1. Oh wow, Old Navy has jeans that fits you?? Hmm, maybe I should go there sometime this week… =P

    Yeah, I know what you mean about the shower curtain…

    LOL about Girl Scout cookies.

  2. Man, I haven’t commented here in forever. You probably don’t remember me. I used to have the site blissful-vengeance.org and before that was shattered-rage.envy.nu. Anyways…Congrats on the engagement!!! That’s awesome. :-)

    I used to love shopping at Old Navy. Now I can’t ever find anything there that I like. :-(