Beware of Kids

Beware of Kids

I spent the morning researching my cable options. I think the best thing to do is to drop the family cable package and stick with the basic broadcasting channels which would save us $50 a month. Or we can get an antenna, but that’s gonna be a pain. Hulu+ has The X-Files which I have been dying to watch again … minus the last couple of seasons.

Checked my bank account to make sure the last mortgage payment went through and my checking balance was about 2x as much as I expected it to be. I said, wah? It was my tax refund! Yip! Haven’t gotten the state refund yet.

The Zumba class this week wasn’t all that more exciting than the free thing I went to at work at few months ago. The lunch on Wednesday was fantastic though. The weather was terrible and I was there like a half hour before anyone else, but once everyone arrived we had a good time. The food was good too. I’d go back, but I’m not sure how I got there. I had two GPSs giving me two different sets of directions and it was all very confusing. Getting home was extremely straight forward though and only took me about ten minutes. Only in NJ. ‘Least we don’t have to pump our own gas.

Had lunch with Rachelle, Carolyn and Tom yesterday. Chipotle followed by Starbucks. $2 for the smallest cupcake ever, but it was delicious. They also gave us free samples of stuff :P I drank the free coffee even though I hated it. Eh, I was thirsty and it didn’t have sugar or cream in it.

Just took Buffy for a walk. Buffy generally loves people, specifically when people are petting her. We walked by a bunch of very nice little children who politely asked to pet her. Buffy’s reaction, “OMG, what are these tiny creatures and why are they touching me!” She couldn’t wait to get out of there, even if it meant walking back the way we came. Princess and Buffy, kids and little dogs. Too small to be trusted.

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  1. LOL! I hate it when our GPS gives us the most incorrect directions!

    I wish we had starbucks here :(

    Oh, NGTH is a South African reality television show, hence why you probably do not know of it or even her! Haha :)

  2. Glad you had fun at the lunch at least!

    Oh, you guys don’t have to pump your own gas?? Really? That’s really cool! Hehe.

    Haha, and those Starbucks cupcakes came from the freezer. =P Hahah… But that’s awesome it was good still! Hehe.

  3. Ahhh Cable — When we moved back into our place we had options, but none of them sounded great. So we opted to buy an antenna. Unfortunately, where we live we don’t get all that much with the antenna, mostly NJN since we are closer to Trenton than NY. Anyway, without the antenna, we still manage to get about 24 channels, some in HD … I didn’t expect that!! We just let our TV do it’s scan and boom, we had TV. We also signed up for Hulu Plus and we have Netflix as well . We stream through our PS3. Hulu Plus has a tendency to skip here and there, but otherwise it’s decent and it streams in HD too :-)

    Still — our cable bill is high b/c to get internet without cable costs more than internet with cable. Argh.

    I could really go for a super tiny tasty cupcake right about now…. yum!

  4. I wasn’t a fan of the coffee either….was bitter & tar-like…although I have to say it makes having coffee with a little cream and no sugar all the more delicious and tolerable lol!! Def. part of my sugar intake had to be the obscene amounts I was putting in coffee….I’m just getting used to it without is to substitute the half & half with something better…but sadly…can’t find much of a compromise there..

  5. Ah, kids. I get iffy around kids and I always have to make sure I have nothing on me that will make them curious if I ever have to be near them. I’ve been around cute little kids who want to play with my bangles; I instantly regret wearing them. When I walked my boyfriend’s dog little kids always pointed out how cute she was.

  6. Ugh, cable is so expensive. That is exactly why we don’t have it. I just don’t want to pay for it because most of the channels I won’t watch. I just try to catch the shows I like online on the websites that stream them. Sometimes I don’t get to watch everything I want, but that’s okay.

    Lucky that you go your refund, I had to pay this year :( BOO. Stupid tips. LOL

    Chipotle is the best restaurant ever! I LOVE IT. We don’t have it in Canada, but I so wish we did. So healthy and tasty :D

  7. I really wish there was a tv bundle that would allow you could pick and choice all the channels you wanna watch, so you can pay for the channels you WANNA watch instead of the ones your not watching..