So I Bought an iPad

So I Bought an iPad

Really, they’re not innovative. My HP Jornada I got for Christmasin 2000 was an innovative product. That thing was awesome. I could type papers on it during study hall, write notes during class that I could actually read later. Of course I couldn’t surf the internet or watch movies on it.

When the iPad first came out, I thought, really, I’m going to spend $500 on that? But then I somehow fell into the role of iPad developer and I grew to like it quite a bit. We just got a second android tablet that I’d like to play with, but I went for the iPad for a very specific reason: The cablevision app only works on iOS. Using the iPad as a portable TV in the house will be pretty great. We only have TVs in the basement. I tried using my phone to watch netflix while I was cooking, it didn’t work out so well. I just ended up with onions on my phone and a dead battery.

I picked white because I’m sick of looking at the black iPods and I won’t get it confused with the ones at work.

Now to pick out the accessories :) <-- best part. Trying hard not to spend all of my bonus. We still need furniture and the bathroom upstairs needs some work. Designer shoes, purse, tablet, I think I'm done for now.

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  1. Oh wow, you’re living the life…. Heheh. But wow, that’s nice that you’re able to get an iPad! Congrats! :) I’d love to play around with an iPad, but I know I won’t have the money to buy it for a long while. Are you getting iPad 3??

  2. We use Tom’s work iPad to watch TV during dinner during the week. Or netflix. I love it a lot better than getting a small little BS tv.

    What kind of designer shoes did you buy? Different ones or the ones from Italy?

  3. Nice!! I’m still mulling over it… I’m so tempted but unlike you, I’m don’t quite have a clear use for it yet…decisions decisions decisions!!

  4. YAY! I want an iPad very much. But I am going to wait until the new one comes out in a couple weeks. I have waited for so long, what is a little longer, right?!

  5. AH! I accidentally pressed enter before I finished my comment.

    I just wanted to tell you to enjoy your new toy lots and lots. Download as many apps as you can and get super addicted. LOL That’s what they are for! I suggest ‘Hanging with Friends’ because it’s quite fun and interactive.

    Btw, I am really liking your new blog design. Very nice!!! :D