Lazy Week

Lazy Week

Things were pretty quiet this week. We hung out at Brian’s last weekend with his daughter. Went to the park and were there for about 30 seconds before it started raining like the world was going to end. And in that 30 seconds I managed to get another mosquito bite, that still itches, a lot.

Bryan met me at work yesterday and we went to the beach with Julia and peoples. Well, we carpooled with Julia and Jay and all four of us were running crazy late. Then we got lost because they’re still doing construction and my GPS didn’t know wtf was going. And then we parked in the wrong place. By the time we got to the beach it was around 7. I don’t really care for the beach anyway, so an hour is more than enough time for me. I played with Julia’s hula hoop. I’m getting much better.

Been watching some of the Olympics. Mostly I’m interested in women’s gymnastics. Glad the US made it worth watching :) I think the best part of any of the events is watching their faces when they win. Imagine being at a party and you’re like, oh yeah, I won an Olympic gold medal once; it was pretty cool.

Still following Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I tried running outside this morning for my cardio and it was a huge fail. It was hot and as much as I exercise. Just jogging brought my heart rate up too much. Probably had more to do with my unhealthy dinner last night, but I came back in and danced and did some Yoga instead. I couldn’t even finish the Yoga. It requires at least some focus and I wasn’t into it at all.

Next weekend starts round two of wedding things. The combined bachelorette party is Saturday. Here’s hoping all goes smoothly and no one throws up in the limo!

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  1. Whoo!!! So excited. No one should throw up in the limo.. I don’t drink much anymore anyways so 1 may be all it takes lol