Apple Pickin’

Apple Pickin’

Saturday my mom and I went shoe shopping at Macy’s. I have all of these coupons, but I couldn’t find any shoes I liked better than the ones I have already. Why do they make so many shoes you can’t walk in? So my mom suggested I get some makeup which I also need for the weddings. It was also pouring out and word was a tornado was whipping it’s way through NJ, so they weren’t letting people leave anyway. Sat down at the Clinque counter and the lady made me pretty. I ended up buying concealer, foundation, blush and mascara. The foundation is kinda magic. My face looked less red even after I took it off. Olive oil makes an awesome makeup remover btw… I suggest taking out your contacts first though or you will be forced to take them out when you get olive oil all over them.

Yesterday our little gang went to Applewood Winery in New York for some apple pickin’. There was wine tastin’ first. I mostly tried the sweet stuff. I liked their blackberry wine, so I got a glass of that. Rachi bought a bag of donuts, so we had wine and donuts for lunch. Once we were sufficiently tipsy, we picked ourselves some apples.

After the apples we headed to Sugar Loaf and looked through some of the cute stores. I got some amazing smelling soap in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern and now my whole house smells like pumpkin spice and it’s awesome. We went out for dinner after at this fancy Asian fusion place with the slowest service ever considering we were pretty much the only ones there. The food was delicious though and reasonably priced.

I woke up this morning to find excellent news on my facebook wall. Helen and Darian are engaged!!!! Wheee!!!

And last week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, boo :( I guess back to DVDs until the next bootcamp. My shoulders definitely seem stronger. Most of my DVDs don’t have as much shoulder stuff. It was nice using heavier weights for a change too. The variety was definitely the best part. If I didn’t like one of the workouts, it was OK, I only had to do it twice :P

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