Lookin’ Up

Lookin’ Up

We’re at my parents now. They have power and internet, whoot! Though they just installed Fios this past weekend and it keeps going out. Non-Sandy related. Unfortunately the Verizon guys have better things to do right now. Not 90% internet is better than no internet at all.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned recently how awesome my job is. It’s pretty awesome. We don’t have to use our personal days for the days we’re missing because of the storm. Not our fault we can’t work. No power in Middletown. Bryan has power at his work though. And internet. Lord knows how that happened. He’s been working from here though due to lack of gas. I really didn’t understand how big of a problem that could be, otherwise I would have braved the lined on my way home Friday. They were much shorter than they are now! Luckily I don’t have to go anywhere, but if my building is open tomorrow…

We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Of course the malls in Paramus are open. We brought food back for my parents too.

Despite being a nomad this week, I’ve been keeping up with the Best Body Bootcamp. Her intervals are nearly impossible to do with my parents treadmill, so I’ve been making up my own, and my exercise ball here is ucky, but otherwise… Probably haven’t been doing so good eating healthy, but how do you say no to yummy coffee cake?

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