Shitty Week

Shitty Week

This week sucked for various reasons. Our code was due Friday and my part was being a giant pain in the ass and the requirements were changing, well, pretty much up until Friday X( But it’s done and now I gotta finish all the rest of the crap I haven’t been doing since I’ve been working on that.

I told Bryan we had to do something fun this weekend. We went to Brian’s yesterday and took Natalie to the Jump Zone. They have a bunch of those inflatable jumpy things there. Pretty amusing watching her run around screaming. She had a good time. She also enjoyed cleaning up after the other kids.

Round four of the Best Body Bootcamp starts tomorrow. Definitely signing up for phase four. Starts in January. You all should sign up with me. And by you all, I mean the two people who read my blog that aren’t my mom.

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  1. I can totally sympathise with the crappy week, so *hugs* for that, but I will pass on the boot camp LOL. I am going to start going to Zumba again soon though ^_^