Staying positive

Staying positive

I was going to title this post “shittier week” but that would have been awfully negative. Bryan lost his job, I got into an accident and the stress from the accident destroyed my immune system and I caught Bryan’s cold.

I also had a great time with my friends at dinner last night and Bryan’s trying to find freelance work so he can work at home which would be nice. Yeah, I’ll have to get my car fixed, and I’ll never be able to go that way home from work again, at least not at that time of day, but it happened, what can ya do. Well, my mom wants me to start a petition to get a light at that intersection…

And it’s the last week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I’ve lost weight, but it has more to do with eating less and staying active throughout the day and not just during the hour in the morning I devote to exercise. I know that if I walk during lunch, spend an hour doing chores when I get home, jump on the trampoline while Bryan exercises and eat less than 100 calories of dessert a day, I will lose weight. To maintain, basically it’s the same thing, except I don’t watch what I eat when I go out and I allow myself a few more treats during the week.

Speaking of treats, today we had free lunch on the RUBY team and tomorrow is our EOY potluck. Working from home today, but I drove Bryan’s car to the restaurant and I’ll be driving it into work tomorrow. I kinda have to be there tomorrow since I organized the darn thing. Hopefully we thought of everything and we can just enjoy the party. Wish me luck!

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff :( They do say things come in threes which I can completely confirm on that!
    Give Bryan my best, I find out on Monday if I lose my own job :(