Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yup, haven’t blogged since 2012. We had a pretty good New Years. Brian came over with his new girlfriend and I made a four-course dinner. Everything but the ziti and ice cream was already made so it was nbd. I made smores ice cream, but I used the oven this time instead of the toaster oven for the smores. It worked really well, but I guess I should have waited for them to cool off more before mixing them with the ice cream, because not only did the ice cream melt, it formed these gigantic smore chunks you could break your tooth on. It was still delicious. Then our guests left and Bryan and I watched the ball drop. Not a bad start to the year.

Going back to work wasn’t too bad. I still have a ton of ST issues to take care of, but it’s nice seeing everyone again.

Saturday we hung out with Brian and Ashley again and played a round of mini golf. We couldn’t decide what to do for dinner, but everyone wanted ice cream so I suggested the frozen yogurt place. That turned out to be 12 kinds of awesome.

Started round four of Best Body Bootcamp yesterday so I could take my rest day today. Didn’t feel like I was doing much, but my arms are pretty sore.

Bryan’s parents came over yesterday and properly hung our giant mirror for us. Then they treated us to dinner because they’re awesome like that.

I really need to request a laptop at work. Here’s the list of reasons I’m sending with my request:
-Hurricane Sandy and other emergency situations
-Prod support
-Remote connection from home is very slow
-Often I can’t remote connect because my PC likes to turn itself off and freeze (I came back from vacation to a blue screen)
-When I turn it on, it whistles for hours and it’s extremely annoying (hitting it doesn’t help)
-When I’m working with someone on my PC, they tend to remark “wow, your computer is really slow!” Especially the ISAAC people. I’d really like to know what kind of computers they’re using.

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