Still Carless

Still Carless

I finally saw Looper this past weekend. I really love stories about time travel, even when they don’t make sense at all, like Looper. I was OK with most of the movie. Like every other time travel movie, they set up rules and break them constantly. That’s forgivable. The ending was not. While a cool concept, it turned the movie into one gigantic paradox. They acted like in his timeline Joe had always come back to the past and fucked things up, but we know that’s not true because we saw that didn’t happen in his original timeline in the beginning of the movie. Had they not shown us his original timeline it would have been a big stretch, but at least slightly more believable. The movie obviously had other issues, but that one bugged the hell out of me.

I still haven’t gotten my car back from the body shop. Yes, it’s been a month and a half. It was supposed to be done a week ago. I swear it was just a little fender bender. I really miss my car. Bryan’s car is not made for a short person and I’m spending way more on gas than usual.

Best Body Bootcamp has been fun these past two weeks. Circuit workouts seem to go by very quickly. I especially like the core workout. Everyone complains about the scorpions, but once I realized I was doing twice as many as the plan said to do, it was a good time. I’m excited to see what the workout will be for the week we’re in Disney. Hope it’s doable at the gym there. It’s a really nice gym, but a little small and the people are a bit intimidating. These are only the people who are really serious about working out because if you’re not dedicated, you’re not going to the gym on vacation. Most of the people there last year were these really big guys and I’m like, hi, yeah, excuse me, trying to get to the ten pound weights… I’m hoping it will be a little less crowded since it’s not right after New Years.

Aaaaah Disney! I can’t wait! Trip number 18!!!! So soon, yet so far away…. Less than a month. Want to start packing now!!!!

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  1. OMG! I would not be able to live without my car for so long. I admire you for sticking it out! It’s too bad they didn’t give you a loaner car in the meantime. Ugh. Jealous of your Florida trip BTW :) Have fun in DISNEY!!!

  2. Oh boy, I need to come by your blog more often… I missed out on a bunch, and did not realize what had happened late last year! I hope you’ll get your car back soon! It must be really crazy driving a car that’s not meant for a short person… I’m not sure how I’d be able to do that.

    I actually want to watch Looper, but we’ll see if I end up watching it, haha.

    As for Disney, I was wondering if you guys were doing that this year! It’s so awesome that it’s an annual thing for you, but it must cost a lot!! Hope you have loads of fun next month!!!