Yes, Snow, in Canada

Yes, Snow, in Canada

I got my car back on Thursday. Half way to work it started making a terrible noise when I braked. Perfect. I called the place and told them and they said to bring the car back the next morning. I was crying (I had my period, OK) when Roy (our manager) walked into my office and then I started crying more because I was embarrassed. I tried to explain about my car, but I think all I got out was “my car.” He walks into Maryam’s office and says, “I didn’t do it!” So embarrassing.

I took it back the next morning and they fixed the noise. They said it was just rust on the rotor because it was sitting around so long and it would have eventually gone away on its own. And I found the code for my radio online and fixed that myself :)

I spent most of the weekend reading the DIS Boards in preparation for our upcoming trip. I started a thread for the lamest Limited Time Magic. Bryan came up with some good ones: Crazy balloon week, Duffy Day. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

Nothing could be lamer than the “snow” in “Canada” though. And nothing could be better than the Robin Hood characters which we will sadly be missing :( I’m excited to see what ears they’ll have for February. The January Steampunk ears are pretty neat, but I prefer something a little more colorful and easier to take on the plane ride home…

Saturday night we went over Carolyn and Tom’s and played a round of Clue. I also saw Carolyn’s proof book from her wedding which is almost an album in itself. She has some really nice pictures. I hope I get the copies I ordered eventually. I ordered them around two months ago :-/

Phase 2 of Best Body Bootcamp 4 started today. My hamstrings are going to be so sore tomorrow.

Had my performance review this morning as well. Makes me feel like I’m back in school. All high marks, but Elissa needs to speak up more in class. I asked about laptops and she said they’ll eventually replace all the desktops with laptops. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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  1. I would be so annoyed to finally have my car back and then to have to bring it back again. But I am glad it wasn’t another big problem. At least you still have your car. Haha, the “snow” in Canada sounds so funny! Cute :)