Disney World 2013

Disney World 2013

This was probably our best trip ever. The weather was perfect. 70s and sunny all week. Meanwhile there was a snowstorm back home. It also wasn’t too crowded with the exception of Monday when we purposely went to the “wrong” park.

I kept up with the Best Body Bootcamp, though I did the minimum since we were walking so much. We averaged 20,000-30,000 steps a day.

Saturday we arrived late in the afternoon. We went over to downtown Disney where I bought my steampunk Mickey ears that I blogged about a while back. We got my dad the Tables in Wonderland card which is $100, but you get 20% off of almost all the restaurants.

We ate dinner at Fulton’s Crab House. My dad and Bryan definitely ordered the wrong thing. They ended up with a bunch of deep fried stuff. My mom and I shared the crab cakes and lobster ravioli and they were both delicious. The service was terrible. Our waiter kept disappearing. He was half way through taking our order and oops, brb. It was bizarre.


Sunday we went to the Animal Kingdom. We got there pretty much when it opened. Lunch was at Yak and Yeti as usual. The seafood curry wasn’t nearly as good as the last few times though. Too salty. Everest was just as awesome as always. I told Bryan we had to make the not impressed face on Dinosaur. Only photo we bought this trip. We had dinner at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.


Monday I had planned for us to go to Epcot, but we found out Bryan’s family was in Disney too and his step sister was going to the Magic Kingdom that day and also the MVP was going to be in the parade, so we changed it to a Magic Kingdom day. We got there at rope drop and went to Enchanted Tales With Bell first thing as there’s no fast pass for it so the queue gets long quickly. It was cute, but definitely would not have been worth an hour wait.

It was a good thing we decided to do MK that day since we saw not only Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but Rabbit! Rabbit is pretty rare and even the cast member with him was excited to see him.


We met up with Bryan’s step sister around 12 and did all the big rides. Except Splash Mountin because it was closed :( We sort of saw the MVP and had some “souper” bowls of soup that were most definitely not super.


We had dinner with his step sister and her husband at Wolfgang Puck. I was smart and ordered pizza this time.

Tuesday we went to MK again and did everything we didn’t do Monday. We had lunch at Liberty Tree which was my second favorite meal of the whole trip. My veggie burger and the toffee cake, omg.

Bryan got picked as Randall on the Laugh Floor and did a great job at being invisible. I was in tears from laughter. The Jungle Cruise was not as funny. I got the highest score possible on Buzz, but that just means it was broken.

Dinner was at Be Our Guest restaurant. Our reservation was for 6:45, we had our check by 7:07 and this was after dessert. Our waitress really wanted us out of there. Bryan was only like half way through his meal when she brought out the dessert tray. He wanted another dessert, and my parents wanted coffee, but never got the opportunity to ask. Otherwise, the restaurant was pretty amazing and the food was good.


We saw most of the new projection show before Wishes, that was pretty neat. My parents left back for the resort before the fireworks started, but we still ended up on the same bus back with them.

Wednesday we headed to Hollywood studios. Ate breakfast at Rolling Stars Cafe, lunch at SciFi. My burger and drink were both delicious. Had to ditch my parents a little early for our Rockin Rollercoaster fast passes. Went on Star Tours three times, I was the rebel spy once :) For some reason, during the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, the German guy was shot instead of getting killed by the plane’s propellers. Bryan finally got to see Fantasmic.


We had dinner at Il Mulino again. Yes, there’s one in NY, but the one at the Swan is so much more convenient to get to ;) My mom and I shared and I took some food back to the room for breakfast.

Thursday we finally went to Epcot. I say finally because usually it’s the first or second park we visit. Again, we got there early and managed to do almost all we wanted to before 4pm. The new Test Track was terrible. When it’s functioning properly, it’s probably great, but they were having technical difficulties and it kept stopping really short. There’s a part of the ride where the car stops short as a truck is about to hit it, but these unscheduled stops were much harder and not pleasant. We didn’t enjoy the ride much.

We thought we had our picture with Snow Prince, but turns out he’s the only prince we didn’t have. Until now.


We had dinner at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Definitely my favorite meal of the trip. Braised Short Ribs. Wow. Wow. But the meal took a while and we had to meet Katie and Rachael for dessert at Beaches, so we skipped out a little early, got the bus to Hollywood Studios and sprinted over to the Beach Club. Took us 30 minutes total because we’re awesome like that.


Friday was Sea World for the first time since ’97 for me and ’90 for Bryan. We met up with my dad’s cousin, Donna there. They have roller coasters now, really good ones, but less fish. We came for the fish, so we were a bit disappointed. And no penguins because they’re still working on the new Penguin attraction :( I did enjoy the walrus though that responded when Donna waved at him. That was entertaining. The shows were pretty good too.


We ate dinner at The House of Blues. Very yummy ribs and flatbread, but the dessert, the bread pudding, was my second favorite of the trip.

Saturday we went back to EPCOT to do the Vision House and other little things we didn’t get to the other day. We ate lunch at Via Napoli. Sad to say, not as good at the pizza in Naples. Bryan’s got the $14 sundae which was not worth $14. Bryan had almost the same thing at the Yacht Club at dinner and it was only $9 there.

We walked around World Showcase for a while and oh yeah, saw this guy:


Good trip for rare characters. We left Epcot early and chilled in the room before dinner. Dinner was at Yachtsman. The bread and garlic was delicious as usual. Only my dad ordered steak. I got the butternut squash ravioli. Our waiter said the chef from Cali Grill was working there while it was being refurbished and it was his dish, so I had to have it. It was small, only three ravioli, but delicious. That just meant I had room for the amazing peanut butter cake dessert. So good. Third favorite dessert of the trip. Maybe tied for second.

Sunday morning we packed and had breakfast at Kouzina. We had a late flight, so we had some time to kill. We did the difficult fairways course at Fantasia mini golf. I managed to get a hole in one on one of the holes. Bryan says it’s because I’m talented, but all my sixes on the other holes say otherwise. We had ice cream at The Fountain at The Dolphin afterwards. Last ice cream of the trip :( So sad to go back home. It was a really great trip. At least I got to wear my new Minnie jacket and Figment hat today. Really wish I was still in Florida.

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  1. What a beautiful recap of your trip! You definitely had me squealing with jealousy :) I am very happy that you got the Mickey hat you wanted as I remember you blogging about it. All of your pictures are wonderful. It sucks that splash mountain was closed though :( LOVE that ride. Pirates is my favourite, of course!

  2. What a great trip! I love those ‘not impressed’ faces. :D I’ll have to remember that next time I’m on a ride.
    I didn’t know it was rare to see rabbit. I’m so clueless about the amusement park experience. I have been to Sea World which was terrific. I never wanted to be in the wet zone when I was a kid though. Absolutely refused.
    I think my favorite of your pictures is the bluish one by the tank. ^_^

  3. Great pictures! I’m glad you had a good time. You are in really great shape, by the way!

    I’ve never been to disneyland. It’s on my bucket list though lol