Best Body Bootcamp 4 is officially over. Amazing how fast these things go. I think the best thing I’ve learned from these bootcamps is not to push myself so hard and it’s good to varry my cardio a bit.

This week’s Bryan’s facebook account was disabled for no reason and then enabled again. And facebook suggested I check out a new diet plan to lose weight :-/ Those suggested posts are getting really annoying. Actually, many real posts are getting annoying too. I can’t stand all the political crap. The election’s been over for a long time now, stop with the stupid anti-Obama stuff already! Intelligent political posts I can handle, but really, a graphic with the president on it claiming that he screwed us all over – not helping your cause. And there’s plenty of stuff from the other side too. Facebook is not a soapbox. Really, I’d much rather see what you ate for lunch. I give Facebook another five years. It has most definitely already jumped the shark.

Another thing I’ve noticed getting really bad lately: drivers. People can’t fucking drive. Especially on weekends. Do people look when they’re making turns anymore? Actually, I feel like they do look, they see me, and then decide I’ll stop, so they’ll turn anyway. And the amount of people we’ve seen who can’t stay in their lane… they’ll literally drive on the line. So many people I know have been in accidents this past year. Stop fiddling with your cell phones, stop weaving in and out of lanes, actually just stop driving because there’s too many cars in New Jersey.

I couldn’t believe how long it took me to get to Rutgers and back this week. Last time I went for interviewing it took me maybe 35 minutes with traffic. 50 minutes to get there and back. The campus is only 20 minutes away. And it’s not just that there’s too many cars, no one wants to stay in their lane. Pick a lane and stick to it. You know rt18 is to the left, rt1 is to the right, there’s no reason to be going back and forth.

–end rant–

Yay Rachi and Chris’ Doctor Who housewarming party tonight! I made blueberry custard TARDIS ice cream. It’s more purple than blue, but still a lot better than the bright violet it was before adding the custard last night. This morning I learned that acid turns blueberries red. I put in a little baking soda, but it didn’t help much. Probably the amount to make it actually turn blue would also make it taste like crap. Oh well, purple ice cream is still yummy.

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  1. I agree, suggested posts are annoying.
    A Doctor Who housewarming party? Sounds like fun! I so want to get into Doctor Who, but so far haven’t made it past the first few episodes on netflix.
    I’m sure the ice cream was awesome, even if it wasn’t blue!