When Will JJ End a Show Properly?

When Will JJ End a Show Properly?

I finished re-watching Felicity today. Let me first talk about the series minus the final episode. It’s amazing how much more I appreciate it now. Maybe I just had forgotten how much I liked it, or maybe after going through high school and college I can understand the characters better.

If you ever plan on watching the series in the future, I would stop reading here as there are spoilers ahead.

I was so angry at Felicity for sleeping with the art guy originally. I had always wanted her to be with Noel. This time, I was routing for Ben. Maybe because I knew she’d end up with him and I wanted a happy ending.

The final few episodes have some terrible reviews, but I kinda loved the time travel thing, and the Twilight Zone episode as well. While Felicity is not at all a SciFi show, I liked how they made it pretty realistic. Obviously in real life, someone would stick her in a mental institution and that’s what they did.

But the finale makes no sense at all. The problem is, even if Felicity really did travel back in time and she actually managed to warn Elena, none of her other actions had any effect on the future at all. We know this because Noel is still alive.

I was reading reviews online hoping that ten years later someone can offer up an explanation as to how Elena was still alive.

This is the only plausible explanation I could find. Basically it says that Felicity warned Elena after the spell to bring her back to the future, so all actions she made in the past were erased except that one. However, there is nothing in the episode that even hints at this since the scene where Felicity warns her was left out. Biggest TV fail ever. Well, except for JJs endings to Alias and Lost… Those were worse.

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  1. I tried to get into Felicity back in the day & recently I have actually put it on my “to watch” list because I’m in total need of some TV shows. I HATED how Lost ended. I mean I understood it but it could have come together a lot better, I think.

  2. I never did get into Felicity, which is a shame because I do like Keri Russell and was a huge MMC fan back in the day. Sounds like the ending was pretty weird, though!