Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly

Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly

I’m getting a little tired of interviews. The folks I’ve interviewed this year have definitely been better than previous years, so at least I’m talking to intelligent people, but it’s a little exhausting and extremely time consuming. Can’t go on too much longer I guess, the interns start in a little over a month.

I just got an email from a headhunter who found my blog. Do I give off the impression here that I’m looking for a job? Note to any future headhunters who find this: I really like my job, not because i love programming, but because I work with awesome people and you cant trade awesome people for money. So unless its an acting job … on Broadway … in Wicked, I’ll save you the time: no thanks.

Spent most of Saturday with Rachi. Had foods, went shopping, bought flamingo earrings I left at my parents’ house. Spent the rest of the weekend watching home videos with them. I was cute, I was really cute. Shoulda started on that broadway job much earlier.

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  1. Haha, I want to see videos of you when you were younger!!

    Anyhow, about your job…. I completley agree with you!!! Working with awesome people trumps over anything!! So it’s a good thing that you really love your job to stay there! :) It’s definitely a good feeling to have a job that you love, since you’re there for most of the day! It definitely makes your life a lot more better to be surrounded by awesome people day in and day out. :)

  2. I firmly believe that if a workplace is one that is supportive and encourages career growth, it’s something worth holding onto. I’m glad you found that in your current job.

    Also, is your website listed on your LinkedIn profile? If so, that’s possibly how this headhunter found you. Like you, I get the occasional headhunter finding me (but, on LinkedIn, but they sometimes go to my website), and they come from way outside of Asia. It does make you wonder how on earth they’ve found you, but it’s also nice to know that they took the time to check you out.