When I Was Your Age, We Didn’t Have Blogs

When I Was Your Age, We Didn’t Have Blogs

WordPress has only been around for ten years? I guess that makes sense. I feel like I’ve been using WordPress forever, but I guess it’s only been a few years. I was using b2 for way longer than I should have :D

Well, happy birthday to WordPress and happy birthday to me! Thanks for the many birthday wishes:D We happened to have an intern coffee break event yesterday afternoon, so that was a fun way to end the work day. Bryan and I had frozen yogurt for dinner and it was awesome.

Went to the Poconos again this past weekend, this time for Brian’s sister’s wedding. It was on the beach on the lake. Very nice. Hot. It was really hot out. Better than rain. Then we danced and ate. Boy did they rush dinner. They kept asking us if they could take our plates. I kept wondering where the cake went after they cut it. they had it in the other room, but never said anything. It was good cake too. Natalie was adorable running around. She had a good time :)

One more wedding and a HS reunion left this year! I’ve been writing a toastmasters speech about HS, but it’s kinda a downer. I have to figure out how to make it sound less whiny.

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  1. That’s cool that you’re going to your high school reunion… Can’t believe it’s been that long since high school!!

    Why is your speech about high school so whiny?!

  2. Belated happy birthday, Lissy! Hope you had a fab one!

    I still can’t believe that WordPress is already ten years old! I think ten years ago, I was getting out of blogging manually (Ew!) to migrating to Blogger. Good times.

    My own high school reunion took place last year in Bali. I was only two hours away, but wasn’t able to take leave to attend. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel like I missed out on all that much. A number of friends who I attended high school with work in the same city I am, so meeting them on occasion is like a small reunion in itself.