Birthday Weekends

Birthday Weekends

Did I not blog last week? Time goes too quickly.

Two weekends ago was my birthday party. Good times, good food. Too much food. Julia made so many yummy things. Her Mac ‘n Cheese, omg. And she made me a special mini cake :D And Rachi made me smores pops :O I didn’t even eat any of my ice cream. Sunday we went out with Bryan’s parents to Fridays. I tried to be good. I got Salmon with lots of veggies. Best Body Bootcamp started again this week, hopefully that’ll get me back on track.

Last Thursday we went out to eat at work and it was a mini disaster. I guess no one took Eddie’s email seriously when he said the menu completely changed. The food was very different. I liked Sumayya’s salmon, but that was about it. My shrimp was OK, but it was really fried and $19, which is quite a bit for lunch. We won’t be returning anytime soon.

This past weekend I went over my parents’. Got presies :D Some Doctor Who stuff, an air purifier and plenty of cocoa powder.

We were going to get my dad a rotisserie for father’s day, but it’s still on backorder. I used my att referral points to get movie tickets in the meantime. We say This is the End. I thought it was funny, my parents, not so much. At least it was free.

Poor Buffy is in pretty bad shape :( We spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning pee and poo off of her. She hates it. We’re taking her to the vet on Friday to see what we can do. She really needs a wheelchair, but I don’t see her taking well to something like that. We’ll see.

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