Dinner At Lissy and Bryan’s

Dinner At Lissy and Bryan’s

Decided to invite a few of my friends over for dinner last night. I made kale chips, squash soup, stuffed peppers and of course, ice cream. We also had a treat from Maryam who brought meatballs into work for me because that’s how awesome she is. Everyone LOVED the meatballs. And the peppers. I made up the pepper recipe since I didn’t have any recipes in my arsenal that were gluten free, dairy free, and not similar to the soup. It’s pretty simple, but came out really good.

South-western stuffed peppers:
Six peppers, sliced in half
2 jalopeanos
A yellow onion
A cup or so of salsa
Ground beef
Can of corn
Can of black beans
Chili powder

I mixed and cooked everything and filled the pepper halves. Put some cheese on top. Baked for 30 minutes at 350 and then broiled on high for about five minutes. So yummy. Prefer this over my slow cooker stuffed peppers.


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  1. Wow, dinner sounds really good!! I’ve made stuffed peppers before, but I don’t remember the recipe off the top of my head… But your’s sounds really similar to what I made mine’s with.

    Sorry I don’t get a chance to come by your blog often anymore. :( Makes staying in touch hard… :(

  2. Our friend is allergic to gluten, dairy and shellfish, though she couldn’t make it because she was sick :(