Disney World 2014

Disney World 2014

We went to Disney March 1-9, but I waited to publish this post for a good reason. This was our last adult only trip to Disney. Yup, our future Disney fan is coming in September! I’m pregnant!


Now that I’ve given that a second to sink in, our trip recap: We arrived late Saturday afternoon and didn’t have time to checkin at the hotel before our dinner reservation, so we met up with my aunt and my cousin at Yachtsman. We told them the good news before we ordered since I couldn’t eat most of the food on the menu. Well, I could, but steak well done? Why bother. My fish was good, but the truffle mac and cheese, omg.

Sunday we went to Hollywood studios. The magic bands and fastpass+ seem to work pretty well, except we waited over a half hour to get on the great movie ride which almost never has a line. For some reason they only had one side operating. Due to the wait, we missed the first Fantasmic show, but caught the much less crowded second show. Oh and we finally got our picture with the Penguin! Dinner was at SciFi.

Monday was our epic Anna and Elsa wait. We got there 40 minutes before the park opened, we got on the line seven minutes after opening and we were told the wait was already two and a half hours. We didn’t think it would actually be that long. Turns out it was actually three hours. It went by really quickly though. We were joking with the other folks in line, got to sit a lot of the wait, the weather was lovely. The wait and the meet and greet was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip.


Only downside is we were late for our Via Napoli lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon touring everyone around future world. Dinner was at Mexico.

Tuesday, the Animal Kingdom was supposed to be the best park to visit, crowd level wise, but it was Mardi Gras and it seemed like the entire population of Louisiana was in the park. I had never seen the Animal Kingdom that crowded. We had fastpasses for all the headliners, unfortunately, you aren’t supposed to ride any of them if you’re pregnant. I went on Kilimanjaro anyway. I don’t know why that one isn’t OK. Driving over the potholes in a NJ are worse. Lunch was at Yak and Yeti and our delicious dinner was at Jiko.

Wednesday we finally made our way to the Magic Kingdom. I was expecting epic crowds based on the day before, but it wasn’t bad. My morning sickness wasn’t so good though. This was our biggest food day and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat, but the nausea seems to subside right before it’s eating time and then comes back with a vengeance a few hours after dinner.


Bryan and I got to the park at rope drop and did Little Mermaid, Tiki Room and the Riverboat before lunch at Liberty Tree. Once again, my favorite meal of the trip. I changed our fastpasses for Haunted Mansion on the fly when we saw it was only a 15 minute wait and got us ones for Jungle Cruise instead. After hitting all the major attractions, we headed over to The Contemporary for dinner at The California Grill.

The food there is always exceptional, though also seems to be a bit over seasoned. I had the sweet potato gnocchi which tasted a lot better on the way down than the way back up :-/ After dinner, Bryan, Jon and I headed back to the MK for the projection show and fireworks. Very excited to see Frozen was added to the projection show. Also glad Jon got to see the fireworks his last night.

Thursday it was raining. Eh, has to happen once every few years, just glad it was on a day we didn’t have anything planned. We went to Holywood Studios, saw Beauty and the Beast and attempted to see the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show, but, it was cancelled half way through due to the rain.

After Toy Story Mania, and beating Bryan’s score for the second time this trip, we headed back to the hotel, at which point, it of course stopped raining. We rested a bit and then left for Downtown Disney. We shopped around and had dinner at Raglan Road.

Friday Bryan and I made rope drop at the. Magic Kingdom again which let us ride Peter Pan with a minimal wait. We met up with my parents, and Donna, another cousin, for breakfast at Crystal Palace where we fulfilled our dream of getting our picture with Piglet.


Trying to coordinate our fastpasses with Donna’s offsite ticket proved impossible. I could scan her ticket into the MDE app, but it wouldn’t let me make selections for her. We waited at a fastpass kiosk, but the guy was only able to get her the same time for our Little Mermaid fastpass. Lines were longer than the other day, but still not awful and my mom and I didn’t go on Thunder Mountain anyway, so Donna used our fastpass for that.

One of the longer waits was getting into Be Our Guest for dinner, even though we had reservations. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t so cold. It got pretty chilly that night. We got to sit in the West Wing though which was neat. Dinner was good, though I was very sick later on. Yup, I thew up “the grey stuff.”

Our last day was spent at Epcot where the Flower and Garden Festival had just begun. Getting there early was a very good idea. No one was around in the morning and we enjoyed the exhibits mostly to ourselves. We also spent a good portion of the morning at The Seas enjoying manatees and dolphins.


We made lunch out of the festival food kiosks. I enjoyed my sweet potato waffle with pineapple dole whip :) The Spring Pancake in China was also very good. We shopped our way around the countries, heard the Voices of Liberty, took a nap at The American Adventure.

By mid afternoon it was very crowded and we were glad we had accomplished everything we wanted to already. Except Maelstrom. We had fastpasses, because apparently that’s necessary for Maelstrom now, but when we walked by at 2, they were closed :0 fortunately, by the time our fastpass window came around, they were back in operation again :D Yay, trolls!

By 4:00, it was too crowded to move around, so we left the park a little early and got some water back in the room. Dinner was at the always amazing Il Mulino in the Swan. As good as Disney service is, I feel like it’s always a few steps above there, as well as food quality. Of course they have the same restaurant in NY so we could really eat there anytime…

Bryan had dessert at Beaches and Cream. I had pink lemonade because I didn’t want to get sick again. I had heartburn instead.

And now we’re home, back in gloomy NJ :( That’s always the worst part of Disney: leaving.

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  1. Yay! I’ve been so excited for this post. Although it’s sad you’re back from Disney, it’s good to hear your stories…hold on wait… OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!! It took a few minutes for it to sink in!! SO EXCITED for you!! What a great announcement photo :D Perfect for you two!

    3 hours for Elsa and Anna?! WHOA!! Crazy talk. It’s nice that the wait was pleasant though. I love that the weather was good and all that.

    Oh and I probably would have gone on Everest Expedition as well. I can’t see why it would do any harm! I think Disney just doesn’t want to be liable for anything.

    I don’t know too much about the new wristband system, but I think it’s amazing that you can change your fast passes. I didn’t know this was possible. Is it a new thing, or am I being silly?

    Sad that you weren’t able to see the Lights, Motors, Action show because it is my favourite show in all Disney to be honest!! Fantasmic and it might be tied, actually, haha.

    I loved reading about your trip. I seriously lived through you for a few minutes. :D

    So which rides were you not able to go on because of your pregnancy? Besides being sick a few times, how did being pregnant affect your trip? I’d love to learn all the nitty gritty details!

    Oh and I would honestly love to get together when I am in NY in June! It would be so awesome to meet you!! That is if you are up to it at the time, of course. Pregnancy can throw curve balls at you! :D