Six Months

Six Months

Better late than never. The DIL post sort of took the place of the six month post.

Owen has two adorable wittle teeth on the bottom now and more are coming in on the top. They are adorable and dangerous.  I can’t believe he hasn’t drawn blood yet the way he bites down on my hand. He also smacks his lips, now a lot. We think he’s intimating kissing.  He loves when we give him kisses, especially if there’s tickling involved and he loves when he makes the noise and we make it back. He’s getting very good at sitting up on his own, passing objects between hands, throwing things, though still has trouble rolling over.

He has excellent comedic timing. He constantly cracks us up. You’ll ask him a question and he’ll respond with a fart or a burp. Then we laugh and he looks so concerned. He doesn’t seem to understand why we laugh, though he does it all the time. Mostly when we tickle him or threaten to tickle or I growl at him…

Trying to savor every moment, but they’re going by so quickly. I actually enjoy being up with him at night. He’s so sweet when he’s sleepy AND actually wants to sleep. He fights it so much during the day. He doesn’t really seem to “get” the whole sleep thing. He knows he doesn’t feel good, but doesn’t understand that sleeping will make it better. He also doesn’t have the slightest clue that if he just relaxes and closes his eyes, he’ll probably fall asleep. We haven’t even attempted to move him to his crib. Enjoying co-sleeping while it’s still cute. We both actually get sleep that way, so I say, win. I just wish there wasn’t so much drama every time he wakes up. Instead of cuddling in and nursing back to sleep, we have to sit up, get situated in my lap, maybe pass some gas, and then we can cuddle and go back to sleep.

He doesn’t sleep on me as much during the day, mostly because he has better naps in the swing now. I miss it, but it’s nice to have two free hands for working. Working has gotten much easier since he spends less time eating and sleeping on me and I don’t have to focus so hard on pumping when I’m in the office anymore.

I did get switched to this new scrum team, but this work is more interesting and I think I’ll learn more here. I don’t know if I’m allowed to promote the app I’m working on. I assume I am, but just in case, I won’t say until after it’s released which will be very soon.

A few days ago, Owen’s soon to be bestest friend was born! Congrats Carolyn and Tom and welcome to the world Baby Connor!





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