The Difference a Couple Weeks Makes

The Difference a Couple Weeks Makes

“Mmmm-a mmmm-a.” Owen’s gone from popping to “Mmmmm-a,” probably because we get so excited and repeat “Ma ma!” I think right now, both Bryan and I are Mmmm-a, though he says Dadadada once in a while.

He was sleeping horribly most of the week, but last night was pretty good. I woke up a few times and he was still out. We’re still talking 1-2 hour increments of sleep, but that’s a lot better than waking every 20 minutes.  I don’t care, I slept great last night.

He’s spitting up less and less these days and the drool has subsided a little. I think the teething/drooling was causing a lot of gas.

Oh and he’s learned to splash in the bathtub. Bath time has gotten much wetter.




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