Have I written about how Owen will bring you your shoes? When he knows we’re going out,  or our guests are leaving,  he’ll go get our shoes. And now he says “shoes” too. “Socks” are still big too. He tries to say squirrel,  but it comes out more like “caaa.” Cheese and geese are still important in his life.

He likes to hear the same book over and over until he decides it’s time to move onto a new one. Last month it was Babies and Doggies, this month is Mr Brown Can Moo.

We took a break from night weaning because we all got sick. He actually had a double ear infection. All better now and we had his checkup this week too. He’s average height now,  but he’s a bit skinny, probably because he wasn’t eating while he was sick.

We had a lot of fun when I was off those two weeks. Work sucks, only because it takes me away from him, otherwise it’s not so bad.


2 Responses

  1. Cheese is also important in my life. I’ll leave the geese, though.

    I’m sorry your little guy has been sick – I hope he bounces back quick and doesn’t relapse! At least he doesn’t have a sibling to share with. My two like to pass things back and forth.