A Happy Valentines Weekend

A Happy Valentines Weekend

The night weaning is not going so well. He falls asleep without nursing often, but on my chest and then I move and he wakes up and we have to repeat. He’s had the sniffles this week, so we’re taking a break and we’ll start over again once he’s feeling better.

He’s pretty content during the day though. Saying new things all the time. He likes going “side-to-side” and signing the “na na na na na na na” ‘s of “Hey Jude” and “row row row you boat” to me though it comes out more like “wo wo wo ba ba oooo.” “No” is something he says a lot. He shakes his head, but doesn’t know it means “no.” My favorite is “oh no!”

The other night he read his book “vroom” and did an excellent job on the last page: “bye bye.”

Work is boring. I have plenty to do now, but it’s the same thing over and over, not really learning anything. And somehow I’m the only one updating configuration files and doing build. Talk about boring, mindless work. I just keep repeating, “I get to work from home, I get to work from home.”

We saw Carolyn, Tom and Connor on Saturday. Owen had a blast playing with Connor’s toys, chasing the cat around saying “gat” and showing Connor how to jump on furniture.

Yesterday cousin Ronnie came over with my parents for a visit. Owen was showing off his toys and dancing skills. I ate way too much junk and now I have a food hangover.

I was super productive this weekend though. I did our taxes, clean the floor and made Chocolate Covered Katie‘s thin mints from her cookbook.

This afternoon I have off and we’re heading to Bryan’s parents’. One of the better Valentines Weekends I’ve had.


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  1. He is such a smiley little guy! Y’see they make the bad sleepers extra cute because it helps with those sleepless nights!
    (I did make a balls up at work though, stupid tiredness! I had been up with little monkey a few times… The final back teeth are the worst But I has to get better after this, I’m sure of it!)

  2. Well life is certainly keeping you busy. Hopefully the night weaning starts going well again. Is he sleeping any better? We go from a good night to a bad night so often. Going to bed I never know what the night is going to bring. It’s sadly unpredictable. Oh well, we’d do anything for our kids eh?!

    Working from home must be so nice. Sorry the work is a bit tedious but still the benefits are great.

    So when is the Disney trip happening?? I bet you’re getting anxious to go back!!