I saw Slumdog Millionaire in the Poconos with my parents last week. The theater was crap. There was one dude there running the whole place. We didn’t get tickets because they didn’t have any? There wasn’t any soap or paper towels in either of the bathrooms. The theater was freezing! I was wearing my winter coat and hat the whole time. The screen or projector sucked because you couldn’t see the bottom of the screen and everything looked washed out. The movie was good though. Would have been better/cheaper if we waited until today to buy it on DVD, but whatever.

Bryan and I went to a bridal show on Sunday. It was empty. Very few people and very few vendors. I guess everyone was at the Martha Stewart thing in the city. The food was very good. The cake, not as good as last year.

Thursday we’re having a recognition event at work with cake at pizza. I ordered the cake. It’s gonna be yummy :P I’ll probably do a day in the life of Lissy on Thursday ’cause it should be an interesting day.

As for my acne, people keep suggesting I cut out dairy products, but this is easier said than done. I eat yogurt every day, that wouldn’t be too hard to cut out, but I think it helps with my immune system. I also really love cheese and Bryan uses a lot of it in his cooking, so that would be hard. My acne is usually at its worse this time of year because of the weather changes, so I’ll see if it gets better or worse.

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  1. Urgh, I hate acne. Do you use any product for it? The Johnson and Johnson permagel seems to work really well for me. :)

    • I use like a thousand different things. I like the body shop’s tea tree oil stuff, but obviously it hasn’t been working lately :-/