I love hearing him singing downstairs while I’m upstairs working :D he likes to sing along with Scout. So cute. We also have real conversations now, mostly about the “ammals.” We go to the park to see them every weekend and he finally got to the zoo this week with Bryan and his little friend.

We also finally got to the beach, but he was too scared to walk in the sand.mthe water was also scary. He asked to be put down, but cried when we did. He was very happy on my back though. 

His favorite thing is still playing with the big kids in the other court. Oh gosh. He was trying to hard to get them to play ball the other day. And trying to ride his bike and keep up with them. <3 

Julia’s bridal shower was a hoot. Her sister threw a lovely party. Unfortunately, my bridesmaid dress was a bit tight,Mao I’ve been working on losing weight. I’ll have to try on the dress again to see how I’m doing. I also found out this week that I need a new bathing suit because the elastic on mine is no good anymore. I guess it’s older than I realized. I also really need to get on buying new sneakers and getting a haircut. 

I did see a movie this week though. Saw Bad Moms with Carolyn. Was better than I expected. A lot of fun. And it was a matinee at the dine in theater, so super cheap, but comfy seats and quesadillas :D I also went to the Star Trek Experience at the Intrepid with Rachelle last month. Not as good at the thing in Vegas, but still a lot of fun. 

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