Disney 2016

Disney 2016

Hands down, best trip ever! I knew going with Owen would be more fun, but really, everything went perfectly and having our extended family there made it even more special!

Owen was a bit scared at first of pretty much everything, but he warmed up after a couple of days. We had to come back to the hotel around noon every day for a nap, but we all really needed a nap and it was nice to avoid the hottest part of the day too. Speaking of which, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. 

We did everything I wanted to do and more! We even fit in some pool time and family reunion hotel room party :D it was so hoppin, some other guest called the cops. The kids were having a little too much fun running around I guess. I think that was Owen’s favorite part of the trip, playing with all of his cousins! It was so much fun watching them. They had a blast.

The other favorite was definitely the new Frozen ride. I’m now totally OK with them replacing Maelstrom. It was that good. And Owen’s reaction <3 this photo, priceless. He was so upset when it was over, he threw a tantrum.

Food was excellent as always. Owen was scared of the characters, so wasn’t sure how Boma breakfast was going to go, but he loved meeting and dancing with the characters. Oh the dancing! He loved the drummers in the Animal Kingdom and some of the other live music in Epcot. The belly dancer in Morocco too. He loves music so much.

I loved how he said “bye! Bye!” To all the characters, even the ones he was afraid of. Tigger took his little Pooh and Owen said “thank you, thank you ve much” when he gave it back :D 

He loved Small World and Little Mirmaid, Pooh and well, basically all the rides except Pirates maybe. I think we had to wait a little too long for pirates. I ended up nursing him the whole time.

Weaning when we get back will be a problem. He nursed so much on this trip. I’m not looking forward to that. Not looking forward to much about going home. Can we stay here forever please?

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