Oh What Fun!

Oh What Fun!

I’ve finally gotten Owen into the Christmas spirit a bit. Only had to watch three Christmas movies. He loved Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. I actually thought it was pretty good too. This kid adores Mickey Mouse. Every day, “wear Mickey?” “see Mickey?” “watch Mickey?”

Sunday, our town’s Emergency Squad brought Santa around and well, we had an awesome time just waiting for Santa. Owen hasn’t seen his friends in a while, and they were all out waiting too. Plus, splashing in puddles in the rain is super fun. I was worried he would be scared of Santa, but he was so excited to go in the ambulance and to finally meet this Santa guy everyone’s been going on about. It was magical.

Meanwhile, I think everyone is ready to say goodbye to 2016. One of my friends had a particularly bad year so I hope 2017 goes more smoothly for her. And Syria had an extremely bad year. Seeing tweets and videos out of Aleppo is absolutely heartbreaking :'( Feel very lucky everyone I love is safe and healthy.

Today is my last half day of work until the New Year. Looking forward to the break and hanging out with Owen. Oh and sleep update: he’s been putting himself to sleep at the beginning of the night without me in the room. If only he could do that at 4am, we’d be all set. 

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