I graduated from Rutgers 10 years ago. In honor of this milestone, I present 10 things I would tell my freshman self (and i the spirit of college, I’m procrastinating doing a project for my nano degree as I write this):

  1. Talk to people and make friends. Risk looking stupid. It is better than being alone – this seems pretty obvious, but I guess coming from my small town where everyone had known me since I was 5 and knew how weird I was, I didn’t really know how to approach the whole meeting new people and making friends thing. What’s really sad, is I spend more time with people from college now than I did when I was in college and it would have been so much easier to hang out then.
  2. Be nicer to boys – this kinda goes with #1. My lack of self confidence and my whole, why would anyone ever be interested in me attitude I think came off as just plain cold. I guess it’s for the best, since I met Bryan, who, lucky for us, told me right off the bat that he was interested. At the very least, I think I was pretty mean to guys when I shouldn’t have been. Oh except random internet guys who send you presents through the mail, don’t talk to them.
  3. Slimfast is  not breakfast – OK, it worked, I lost weight, but yuck.
  4. Don’t take classes just because they’re easy, you are here to learn things – there were quite a few classes that were repeats of things I had taken in a different department or high school or that I took just because I knew it was an easy A. And I really should have dropped that stupid Cognitive Science course. That crap about the lines and circles was such garbage. I wish I had at least taken AI or software engineering as those would have actually been applicable to my career. Also developmental psychology. I did take a few really great courses, but I wish there were more of those on my transcript and less As.
  5. You have access to a free fitness center and oodles of free time, go and use it!
  6. You have access to free counseling, go use it! – I definitely had some depression/anxiety issues and I knew it and I almost went, but then I didn’t because it was “too far” <- stupid
  7. Along with number 6, don’t stress out so much! – I was so worry about every grade and every project. The professors made everything so hard and then would curve the grades at the end, so you thought you were failing until the very end and it just drove me nuts. OK, maybe it’s good I didn’t follow #4 so much.
  8. Don’t bother applying to graduate school. You will find a job. Oh and don’t attend your graduation. – both were a waste of time.
  9. Make a really great layout for this site before you graduate because you’re never going to work on it again.
  10. Have fun! Seriously, lighten up.

Overall, life is pretty good now, so things worked out, but I could have done college better for sure.

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