Owen is Three!

Owen is Three!

And what a great birthday he had.

On the 25th, I took off work and spent the whole day with him. We gave him his present, a dollhouse that looks like the house from his favorite movie of the moment, Up. Then we went to his gymnastics class. He transfered himself into the big boy Ninja class, so we couldn’t go in the gym with him, just watch from the window, but he didn’t care. Boy was he excited I was there though. He kept stopping to wave at me :D He follows the directions of the instructor better than I would have thought. He loves it so much. “Go mnastics! Jump with the kids???”

We went to the mall after and rode the merry-go-round and the train. He played on the playground there for a long time. He had a great day.

Today we had his birthday party. Grandpa filled a bunch of helium balloons for him and he thought it was the greatest ever. He took one to bed with him and threw a giant tantrum when he accidentally let it go. The other kids all loved them too.

All the food I made turned out really well. I made vegan chocolate ice cream and it was actually really good. The cinnamon ice cream and chocolate cake were also hits. I also made baked french toast for the first time and that all went too. As did Grammy’s “anya” (lasagna).

It was a lot of people crammed into our little house, but it worked and everyone had a great time :)

It also worked out well with the timing. I finished my nano degree last month and we finished Game of Thrones on Wednesday, so I had time to do all of that cleaning, cooking and baking :D

I’ve been doing machine learning at work and it’s pretty cool, except we don’t really have enough/the right data to do anything awesome, so I’ve just been messing around, finding patterns, making pretty charts and impressing people :D

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