The Doctor Made it Better

The Doctor Made it Better

Sometimes I forget I have a blog. The year has been going pretty well so far. I got a really good review at work which hopefully translates into some $$$. I did two training sessions of machine learning last week which were so impressive, there’s talk of giving our team real, funded work :D

I also finally got a new phone, s8, so I can download apps again :D it took forever to get it because the first one they sent had some security problem. This one has been perfect so far though.

Owen fell and hurt his mouth last week. We had a few really rough days after, mostly because he wouldn’t eat. I had to take off work on Monday so we could get him checked out at the dr and so Bryan had help forcing a smoothie into his mouth. We literally had to hold him down and squirt it in with a syringe. It was awful. So glad he started eating yogurt on his own the next day. This morning he woke up and told me he wanted to use the potty and have a smoothie like normal because his mouth was all better now <3 <3 <3 He attributes his healing mouth to his doctor, as well as the ear infection he had last month getting better and his figure that he hurt like a year ago :D

We’ve been sick a lot. Every time we’re supposed to go see Julia and the baby, we get sick or Owen smashes his face. I’m almost afraid to make plans with her now. I did see Rachelle’s baby though. She’s so sweet. Missed newborn snuggles.

TMI ahead. We’ve been trying to get pregnant, but I’ve had weird spotting every month. Finally went to the doctor to get checked out and he removed something on my cervix, but said that wouldn’t have prevented us from getting pregnant, so just keep trying for another 3 or 4 months. As a control freak, it kinda drives me nuts, but just gotta be patient I suppose. Hopefully I won’t have any spotting this month confusing matters though.

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