We decided to head out West so Owen could meet Grandpa Harry. We were very anxious because traveling via rental car with a three year old could get pretty crazy. Luckily, I discovered this thing, so we didn’t have to drag around a car seat with us.

We flew out there on a Monday, got the rental car and stayed at a hotel between the airport and Breckenridge. We immediately checked out the pool, which was freezing because their heater was broken. So Owen and I ultimately ended up soaking our feet in the hot tub.

The next day we drove up to Breckenridge. We stopped at Bryan’s dad’s and step-mom’s office on the way there to see them. Owen was super impressed. We checked in at the hotel which is normally one of those crazy expensive places during ski season, but super reasonable in the summer. Of course, we went swimming. The kiddie pool was really great. It was huge and had water spraying things. Was a tad too cool in the mornings though, so we only went swimming three times.

The hotel also had a bowling alley which we took advantage of. Behind the hotel was a mini amusement park. Owen did the giant Alpine Slide with Bryan and the bouncy house there.

But Owen’s favorite part of staying in the hotel was the gondola. We rode that into town every day, multiple times a day. I personally would have liked to have done more shopping in town, but Owen was pretty cranky the whole week, so we mostly stuck to toy shopping and eating.

Owen was acting like he was pretty sick the second day we were up there, probably from the altitude. After we forced him to take some tylenol and drink some water, he felt much better. He still didn’t eat normally the whole week though and was generally pretty tired cranky.

I was pretty cranky the last day too. I was really looking forward to the Great Rubber Duck Race and they cancelled it because the water level was too low :'( They still did the bouncy houses and stuff, so Owen had a good time and he didn’t really know what he was missing out on. I’m still disappointed.

We spent some time at Grandpa Harry and Grandma Cookie’s house too. He had a good time jumping on their trampoline. He keeps saying he misses Grandpa Harry and he wants to go back to Colorado, so I guess he had a good time.