It took a little longer than we expected, but right before our trip to Colorado, we found out we had another little one on the way. I felt OK the first couple of weeks, just tired, but then the morning sickness hit. It’s been a rough couple of months. I keep telling myself it’s a happy 24/7 nausea as I’m throwing up all over the bathroom floor at work.

The medicine the Dr gave me helps, but I didn’t fill the prescription because I’m stupid. Well, it was because it makes me sleepy and doesn’t help completely and I thought I’d feel better by now. Spoiler: I don’t.

My appetite is back though. Oh man, today, I was sitting in training thinking about lunch and I thought, I could really go for some chicken nuggets. Did you know our cafeteria sells chicken fingers? I didn’t either! Probably because I never wanted them before. I was so excited! I never enjoyed chicken fingers more in my whole life.

Training sucked though. I fell asleep. And I wouldn’t have gone into work today because it snowed. He did let us out early, but it was still an awful drive home. Hearing about other folks’ commutes, I think I got lucky.

Back to happy things, Owen is super excited about being a big brother. He’ll sing to the baby and tell the baby he loves it <3 He even said he wants to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby when it cries. I told him his job is to get lots of sleep so he’ll grow real big.