Disney World 2019

Disney World 2019

Saturday – Our trip is off to a good start! First of all, got the OK from my dr to go, it didn’t snow, and all of us have pretty much recovered from our sniffles. Our flight was later than usual, so we didn’t have to wake up early. Though somehow I thought I packed my contacts when I didn’t. I have an extra pair, but nothing to put them in…

Flight was on time, made it to our dinner reservation early. Character dining was a good idea. I think Owen had doubts we were going to do anything fun today, but seeing Pluto and Goofy really made him happy. We even had time to hang out at The Swan’s playground for a while. I just hope Owen is really asleep or tomorrow will be a rough day.

Sunday – we left the room at 7:50 for the Magic Kingdom. Due to marathon traffic, the bus didn’t get us there until 8:50, but we still made rope drop. Along with a handful of other folks. It was a quiet morning. We did pooh, teacups, barnstormer (3 times while I bought a hat), small world, and the boys did splash mountain twice. Then we met up with my parents for our jungle cruise fastpasses. We ate lunch at skipper canteen -very yummy. Owen even ate his whole meal which never happens.

We did our pirates fastpasses and then the tiki room while Bryan went to see if Robin Hood was by the main entrance. It’s been his lifelong Disney dream to get a picture with him and he did one even better.

I got Owen his first and last Mickey bar (I think more ended up on the ground than in his mouth.) Then we did our haunted mansion fastpasses. We went back to the hotel for some pool time, had dinner and ice cream. Overall, the perfect Disney day. +1: my back doesn’t hurt. The bed here is really nice. I want to take it home with me.

Monday – we did a lot today. Maybe too much. My back hurts. We rope dropped EPCOT and did the character spot first. Then Owen strongly insisted we do imagination.

Then we met up with my parents for the Frozen ride. Headed to Mexico after for the Donald ride and lunch.

Owen and Bryan did Mission Space. He loved it. He did some sidewalk art and my dad wandered off. Then we lost my mom when she went looking for him. Finally both were found and we did Spaceship Earth and Nemo.

We checked out the DVC lounge before heading to dinner at The Dolphin. In writing it doesn’t seem like much, but we’re all exhausted.

Tuesday – Forecast called for rain, but luckily we didn’t get much. We headed to HS and arrived ten minutes before rope drop, but the security lines were crazy. By the time we got to Toy Story Land, aliens had a “40” minute wait. We did it anyway and only waited 20. Owen loved it. He was upset we couldn’t do the slinky coaster right away, but we had fastpasses for later.

We decided to stop and get our picture with Mike and Sulley, but it turns out Owen is pretty scared of them and wasn’t into it. He was not scared of Star Tours though. He went on that four times. Jealous.

We ate at sci-fi for lunch and after the second round of Star Tours, made our way over to Slinky Dog which he got to ride twice courtesy of Grandma and Mama. He insisted we do Midway Mania even though it had an hour posted wait. It was really more like 30 minutes. I don’t know why the posted waits were so exaggerated today.

We got through in time to see Frozen and meet BB-8 and Chewy before heading to Il Mulino for dinner.

Wednesday – after waiting a century for the bus, we made it to the Animal Kingdom about 40 minutes later than expected. We got a picture with Dug and Russel and stalked Kevin for a while before heading over to Dino Land.

We did triceratops spin and then Bryan chased Owen around the playground for an hour. We ate lunch at Pandora and used our fastpasses for Navi River Journey. Owen demanded a giant pretzel, so that was our next stop.

We did the new Up bird show, but I think the old one was better. I felt like you could barely see the birds. Owen and Bryan did Dinosaur, just once because it was very scary. I think meeting Scrooge was the highlight of the day. He had a lightsaber duel with Owen.

We did Its Tough to be a Bug, the Gorilla trail and Festival of the Lion King. Getting to Animal Kingdom Lodge also took forever due to the long bus wait. We were late to Boma, but we had a yummy meal anyway and still made it back in time for Owen’s bedtime.

Thursday – back to the Magic Kingdom today where our little thrill seeker did the mine train, barnstormer and thunder mountain twice. He also waited almost an hour to do Splash Mountain again.

We also did Buzz first thing, went on The People Mover, waited way too long for The Little Mermaid, went on Peter Pan, saw Philharmagic and The Laugh Floor.

We had a big lunch at Liberty Tree. Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake still one of the best, if not the best dessert on property and worth every calorie.

We were thinking of going to Epcot to grab dinner, but Owen insisted we wait to meet Stitch. Didn’t realize how much he liked Stitch.

Friday – we went back to The Animal Kingdom. The plan was to rope drop Mickey and Minnie, but Owen decided he wanted to do Dinosaur again … and again. It didn’t open until 9:30 though, so he reluctantly did triceratops spin again first.

We got a whole bunch of characters in before lunch: Launchpad, Donald, Daisy and Chip and Dale.

Lunch was a yummy meal at Yak and Yeti. Bryan and Owen did the safari while I bought Owen Russel’s outfit. After the safari, we headed to Hollywood studios because Owen wanted to do Star Tours again … and again. Afterwards we met Olaf and did The Little Mermaid show.

Dinner was basically ice cream for me and Bryan. I had a side salad too.

Saturday – ice cream for dinner was a bad idea. I had heartburn again, plus Owen woke up before 6, resulting in a major meltdown at dinner.

Before that, the day was pretty good though. The boys rope dropped Test Track while I shopped. We let Owen play on the playground a bit and then met up with Grandma and Grandpa for Soarin. We ate lunch at Sunshine Seasons, actually I ate two lunches because the first was really small. Then we went on The Land. After, Owen insisted we do Imagination. He absolutely could not wait the 20 minutes for our fastpasses, so we waited on a short line to do Imagination again.

We went back to the hotel after that for some swimming. Owen had been begging us to do the water slide, but I said no because he couldn’t even keep his head above water on his own. He got better at staying vertical with the life vest though, so Bryan let him do it. He ended up going down about 30 times.

Needless to say, by dinner time, he was tired. We knew he couldn’t handle Yachtsman, so we decided to go to Morocco instead. Probably would have been better off with counter service the way he was acting. We weren’t there long, but he argued about everything and had a total meltdown over graham crackers. Luckily the ten other people in the restaurant didn’t seem to care and we left immediately after anyway.

He was very happy in the tub and we put him to bed early.

Sunday – we had breakfast at Minnie’s beach club bash before heading to the airport.

Owen was not happy about leaving. He had a complete meltdown in the airport that involved him trying to run away screaming and crying “I want to go back to Disney!” He’s told me every morning since that he wants to go back. Me too kid, me too.

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