Welcome Baby Glenn

Welcome Baby Glenn

I had a really lousy couple of weeks pain wise. Between round ligament pain and gas pain that had me in tears, I was pretty miserable.

Lucky me, I went into early labor Thursday evening with irregular contractions. Didn’t sleep all night. Pain was awful, though still not as bad as the gas pain.

Friday evening, I thought my water broke so went to the hospital. Contractions were super intense after that. Turns out water didn’t break, but I was 5cm, so they admitted me. The doula tried to get me through the contractions, and she was wonderful, but got the epidural anyway. I was so tired of being in pain. The only reason I was unsure about it was because I didn’t want to prolong pushing again. Glad I got it, because I felt immense pressure once I got to 10cm and I told the doula I can feel the baby turning. She was like, what? And she looked under the blanket and there was his head. Everyone went nuts, one little push and he was out before the doctor got there.

Still haven’t slept much. Right now I’m on blue light eye cover monitor duty, but still feel way more refreshed than with Owen. A couple hours of sleep over the last four days > no sleep for like a week straight.

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