Grumpy Glenn

Grumpy Glenn

We were hoping he would be an easier baby. In some ways he is. He actually sleeps at night … as long as he’s next to me. He’s better at breastfeeding. I guess everything else is because we have an idea what we’re doing now.

In general though, he is not a happy baby. If he’s not sleeping or eating, he’s crying. He’s awful at naps. He falls asleep if I walk him in the carrier, that’s about it. I’ve been getting a lot of steps. He loves being outside the most, unless it’s too windy or hot.

Nothing settles him from about 5-9. He’s angry at the world. He’ll scream and hit at my boobs for not putting him to sleep. There were some nights he didn’t fall asleep until 11 and he just got angrier and angrier. Bryan was saying last night that at least squats and some formula worked with Owen. This one wants nothing but sleep and he’s too tired to do it.

But he’s adorable. The other day when Bryan and Owen came home, he genuinely looked happy to see them. My favorite are the faces he makes when he’s pooping.

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