Soy Sauce Soda

Soy Sauce Soda

Saturday was Bryan’s birthday party! We had it a little early this year due to peoples’ schedules at the end of the month. Was a great party though. The T-Rex balloon from my birthday was still flying high. Julia made a crazy amount of food. Emily brought cupcakes and more food that I ate too much of. I ate so much I made myself sick. Yeah, I have zero self control. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson. Just because the food is there, doesn’t mean I need to eat it.

Everyone really liked Katie’s Deep Dish Cookie Pie :) Bryan ordered a bunch of crazy sodas for people to sample. As you know, I can’t drink soda due to my Dysfunction Of The Belch Reflex, but the little bit of the one I tried was pretty yummy and most of the others were well liked. One of the sodas smelled like soy sauce and supposedly tasted like tomato juice, no one liked that one.

Sunday we went to another little get together based around food. I exhibited a little self control this time, mostly because I was able to keep enough distance between myself and the food.

Now that I’ve stuffed my face, I get to burn all that off. My Physique 57 DVDs came today! Yay! I’ve never been so excited to for a workout! Should make getting up tomorrow easier. I just hope it’s difficult enough. I’ll let you guys know :)

Oh, we’re going to Disney World! … Yes, again. January. Anyone wanna come?

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  1. Remember the last time you went in January? IT WAS COLD!!!!
    maybe that’s why flights are so cheap

  2. Sounds like you had fun and had a lot of food. Hahhaha. I’m hungry now. GIVE ME SOME CUPCAKES.

    I love soda but I can’t have it unless its parties. Just because my parents are strict like that haha


  3. I wanna go!! Too bad school starts up again January 3rd…ahh to have college breaks again would be lovely lol

  4. How crazy that your balloon is STILL up!!

    Haha, those sodas sounds crazy. I never drink soda anymore, but I’d like to try those… I think. LOL.

    Haha about Disney World. I’d want to go, but… I don’t think I have enough money, or vacation days, to go. :(

  5. OOooh crazy sodas, sounds like fun!
    Great pics btw, you look awesome in orange! Love it!
    Good luck with the workout! you bought them off QVC? — i’m addicted to QVC, it’s bad.

  6. Happy birthday Bryan! :)

    That’s right. Just because it’s there you don’t need to eat it. I hate that feeling when I’ve overeaten. x_x

    I haven’t been to Disneyland ever! Drag me along. :P

  7. I desperately want a cupcake now XD Sounds like you guys had fun! That soda sounds… interesting =P I always wonder if there’s someone, somewhere, who really likes to drink them.

  8. Have you tried the workout yet? I’d never heard of it before, but I watched the video and it looks doable to me, just trying to figure out whether I’d accomplish the same things with DVDs I already have.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you next week too – I’m making brownie stir-in ice cream! Making chocolate ice cream as well as vanilla – is it the smell of vanilla you don’t like or is it the flavor also?

    • the 57 minute DVD is HARD! I haven’t tried the other two yet because they’re supposed to be harder. I can do most of it without stopping except for the thigh segment and the leg lifts. My standing leg can’t make it through the whole segment, so i switch half way, even then it’s really difficult. They don’t really offer variations for those parts other than taking a break.

      I only dislike the vanilla smell and only when it isn’t food. I put vanilla extract in everything :D