Money -> Happy -> Food

Money -> Happy -> Food

Yesterday we received our bonuses and everyone at work was absolutely giddy. Well, except for some of the new people. My manager said a couple people went to him because they thought their was a problem with their paychecks. No, the government actually takes about 40%. Bastards. I wouldn’t mind if they were using it towards something worthwhile. It’s absolutely mind boggling how much money they get in taxes and how much they’re able to throw away on shit that doesn’t help anyone.

But this is supposed to be a happy post. Yes, money, money’s good. I can buy a car now.

We took Rekha out to lunch for her bon voyage party and Eddie for his birthday. First we had to get out of Roy’s meeting. I really wish that started at 10 instead of 11. Can’t he see people are hungry??? He eventually ended the meeting and we went to the Malaysian place where Eddie, Shu and Rekha had already ordered food for the table. I ate so much, but I never felt stuffed. Not even beyond comfortable. And then Maryam was shocked at 5:00 when I told her I was hungry again.

We went to Fridays after work with a bunch of people to celebrate the bonuses. Me, Maryam and Manjula shared a three course dinner. The best part was the dessert. That was quite possibly the best brownie ever. Manjula didn’t want any :O She just ate the ice cream. Crazy lady.

I swear we talk when we go out, the food’s just more memorable. We did reminisce about Texas. That was a great trip, and not just because of the food. It was a bonding experience. Maryam was telling Manjula how scary I am when I don’t exercise.

I’m going to do another Day in the Life post, not sure when. So many crazy days to choose from. Wednesday Maryam and I are interviewing at Rutgers, Thursday I’m going out to lunch with the NDR people, Friday Rekha’s bringing food. I’m also planning the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day for our org. Good thing I’m not overloaded with work right now.

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  1. Yay money! My mum said that a bunch of her colleagues got bonuses and they didn’t realise it was a bonus and not the actual pay… pretty cool though haha.

    I always look forward to the dessert in every restaurant, no matter what’s available. Yummmm. I haven’t had a brownie in ages. I’ve been trying to keep off the junk food!

  2. Haha, food’s always the most memorable thing. =P Hahah.

    Anyway, congrats on the bonus!!! =) Yay for the new car too! =) Do you have a specific car in mind? New or used car?

    But man, your days seems so filled, I don’t know how you do it without getting exhausted!

  3. Congrats on the bonus! Must be nice to be able to buy a car ^^

    I love brownies! I can’t believe she didn’t want any =P Even if I’m stuffed, I can never pass up desert, specially chocolaty goodness ones ^^

  4. Woo bonus! What car are you thinking of getting?
    I just got a new used car … Citroen C3 SX

    The company I work so is so rubbish bonuses :( We get £30 in store vouchers if we are part time and £50 if we are full time. Most other people I have talked to get a percentage of their annual earnings.

  5. I hope you’ll be able to get the car that you want!! It’s definitely mind blowing how much you gotta pay in taxes for even “extra money”. We get ours around september, but even then, it just means more tax dollars paid in the end.

    I agree with Simply Precious, food always >> happy times!! It always seems that during meetings, either coffee or food is needed the most. Thank goodness I haven’t had the need to be included in meetings for a while now.