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Introduction: I came up with this idea in high school to document every detail from an entire day from start to finish, in the third person. It’s a snapshot of my life in that year and is a lot of fun to run after time goes by and I forget the little details of my life.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
You wake up. You’re a little disoriented after the dream you just had. Something about being a photographer for the mob and crocodiles in the streets/water and leaving your laptop in Andrew’s car so you couldn’t do a Day in the Life. …Weird. Bryan gives you a kiss and tells you
he loves you. You slept over his house last night. You slept really well too. Nine hours straight. You were really tired after getting only a few hours the night before. Stupid dorm room.

You feel a little sore, so you stretch. What the frell are you sore from, doing laundry? You grab all your little toiletries and head to the bathroom. You brush your teeth, wash your face, put… wait, where are your contacts? You go back into the room to get them, careful not to disturb Bryan who’s still sleeping. You put into your contacts and put on your face goop.

You come back and start typing this on his computer in gmail. He wakes up and tells you he loves you. He gets up, looks to see what you’re doing and asks, “did you take a picture while I was sleeping?” Yes you did!

You check your mail. Your daddy sent you something about a job on Dice, but you don’t think you’re qualified. You also have one to do a survey for PineCone. Yay, another $5.

Byran says we go eat. He tells you to put on pants so you won’t be cold. What?? You wore shorts to bed. You both eat some “Honey Nut Scooters.” Bryan points out that it’s snowing. Something that’s been pretty rare this year. He looks through the newspaper. He makes comments about the job postings. He asks you if anyone died from your school while you were going there. You’re not sure.

You go back upstairs. Bryan wants to play a game, “Feeding Frenzy.” He sings a little song, “You’re my Lissy, you’re my Lissy, and I love you, and I love you.” You watch him play. You comment that you think Insaniquarium is better. He says, maybe it gets harder, it’s just the beginning of the game. He says he loves Lissy. You say that you’re not gonna write down every time he says it cause he says it a lot. He gets eaten. He comes over and gives you a kiss. He says he shocked you, you didn’t notice anything. You see if there’s any good posts over at LifeHacker. Hmm, “Questions couples wish they’d asked before saying ‘I do.'” Hmm, the link doesn’t work. Oh, now it does. Bryan comes back from the bathroom and you show him. Yeah, we’ve already talked about all that stuff. That and whether we’re gonna tell our kid that Santa’s real. He asks you where you class is, you say Hardenburg. He says you can walk then. You give him pouty face. He’s joking. You put your hair in a ponytail since you don’t have a brush. You put your necessities in your laptop case. You hug for a whiles before you leave. You put your hair down again since it looks bad anyways.


Bryan drops you off in front of your building. You thank him and kiss him goodbye. You’re getting to class over 15 minutes later than usual, yet there’s still almost no one there yet. Yay for cold weather. You get a seat by the outlet. You put down your lappy, plug it in and get out your homework. People come in. Your teacher comes in 5 minutes late and hands back your journals from last week. This is Philosophy of Psychology by the way. 10/10, “good points!” she says. We’re talking about Functionalism, again, today because apparently people don’t get it. Wtf? You delete the spam from your gmail. You browse facebook. You check the weather, high of 27 today. Supposed to snow a little more later. You start the PineCone survey. Bleh, another one of the stupid shopping trip surveys. You hate those, they take forever to load. Ooooor, maybe it won’t load at all. There it goes. Great, now we’re talking about parity and making finite state tables and diagrams. Cause you haven’t done that to death already. You visit CuteOverload.com, SoapOperaFan.com, ShinyShiny.tv, mySpace. You’re hungry. You visit DMB. Class is over, you drop off your homework at the front and head to the bus stop.


You run over to the bus stop to up your body temperature and ’cause you saw a bus coming. Not yours though. You eat your milk and cereal bar while you’re waiting. You check the next bus sign, says the H should be here soon. You decide to go to the dining hall before class since you should have enough time and you’re still hungry. Usually you eat before your philosophy class. The bus comes, but it’s really crowded so you have to stand. ‘Least you have something to hold onto this time.

You arrive on Busch. A girl gets off at the first stop and you take her seat. You get off at the student center and walk to the dining hall. They have a weird tent-like thing covering the entrance. You get fajitas and a salad. They have the oreos for the frozen yogurt today which makes you mad because you don’t have much time, it’s cold out, and you’ll be eating chocolate tonight. You get some after you eat anyway though, just a little, cause you have no will power.

You leave the dining hall and walk through the student center stopping at the bathroom. You walk to your next class, Health Psychology, in the Pharmacy Building. You stop in ARC for a second to warm up.


You arrive at class with a couple minutes to spare. Your usual seat is taken though, so you sit somewhere in the middle. She made a study guide??? Yeesh. And she’s going to do a review. What did you study yesterday for? A Jeopardy style review, with dark chocolate as prizes. You don’t like dark chocolate. She goes onto the lecture about ethnic and racial disparities in health care. You play Insaniquarium Deluxe which you downloaded yesterday. It’s stupid question answering time. Every once in a while the professor has you answer a couple of questions and turn in the answer for a point of credit. You pack up your stuff, hand in your answers and grab a few of the leftover chocolates to give to Bryan, though after you realize they’ll probably melt before you see him. You leave and head to ARC to meet with your group to discuss your web applications project.


There’s a class in the room you’re supposed to me in, so you go to the bathroom while you wait and then play Insaniquarium to kill some more time. You go back to the classroom since the class should be ending. The TA that’s teaching is the same TA you had for Calc2 freshman year. You take a seat, plug in your lappy and eat one of the chocolates. They’re not too bad. You play game again.

Someone in your class arrives. You show him the slides you made. Other people show up. You go over stuffs. They comment on your cute sTabLauncher thing. You decide to go to Serc to look at open source games on the internet. One of the members of your group isn’t there yet, so you leave a note on the blackboard.

You arrive in Serc, Carolyn calls you and asks when you’re meeting up for the Chocolat thing. You tell her you’re with your group and still have to shower. You’ll call her when you’re done. The other member e-mailed all of you to say you’re late. You tell him you moved to Serc. You look through games. One crossword puzzle keeps freezes your computer. You decide on one game, you’ll have to look some more for others. One of the group members has to leave for class. You have to leave too.

You call Carolyn on the way back to your room. You tell her to meet you at ARC around 7:15. You rush back to your dorm.


You arrive at your dorm and turn on the hot water since it takes a while to get warm. You plug in your lappy and get you robe and towel and then shower. Ten minutes later you’re back in the room. You don’t have much time to get ready. You call Carolyn and tell her you’re getting dressed and that you should meet at the student center. You get dressed, but it’s too hot, so you take off your sweater and sit around in your bra. Eh, the door’s locked.

Bryan calls and says he ate and he’s gonna take a shower and then pick you up. You put on a t-shirt and go to turn down the thermostat, but it’s already at 74. You watch TV while you wait.


Bryan calls and tells you he’s on his way. You pack up your stuff, put on your sweater, and go downstairs and wait for him. He gets there a little whiles later. You tell him he’s the bestest boyfriend for bringing your bag and going to the chocolate thing with you. You arrive at the student center and, er, you’re the first ones there. You thought it would be more crowded. Hundreds of people came to the Hypnotism thing. You find a seat by an outlet and wait. Bryan loveses you. Your hands are now sticky so you go rinse them off. You put some chapstick on. You give Bryan a kiss. Andrew IMs you. He doesn’t believe Carolyn’s with you. She’s proves it by telling him where her butt is. *shrugs*


The movie’s over, so you clean up your stuff and leave. You say goodbye to Carolyn and walk with Bryan to his car. On the way there, he tells you he liked the movie. You’re glad. You were worried he wouldn’t like it ’cause it’s kinda a chick flick. You arrive at the car. Unfortunately it iced all over the it and Bryan has to scrape it off. You wait for a while for the car to warm up. This is unfortunate since you have to use the bathroom. Bryan decides it’s a good time to give you your valentines day present. He puts his hat over your eyes so you can’t see while he takes the tag off. He takes the hat off, it’s an adorable mug. You have the cutest boyfriend.

You go back to your room so you can give him his presies. You give him his chocolate and the presie you made him. . See the video.

He looks at your cognitive science book since you two were talking about it last night. He makes a face. You thank each other for being wonderful and for the presies. You hear Amina complain it’s so hot even though the heat’s so low. You say, “I know, isn’t it!” You walk Bryan to the door. He turns the heat down, but you put it back up since you think Emily would just do it later anyway. You and Bryan kiss goodbye. You watch him walk down the stairs and wave, then close the door.


You sit at your computer and put on Sex and the City. Carolyn IMs you a little while later. She finally made it back to her dorm. You upload all the pictures you took today. Bryan IMs you “<3” Your computer freezes so you have to reboot. You watch Will and Grace. Emily comes back. You check your e-mail. Helen sent out a flier for the WCS meeting Thursday. No one’s gonna go to that thing. Emily suddenly shouts “oh my God! I didn’t tell you guys!” and runs into the other room. You: *shifty eyes* You watch Friends. You edit your life.php file to make it easier to navigate. Emily sneezes, you say, “bless you.” You can’t see the video you uploaded to youtube :( You watch Frasier. You play Insaniquarium again. You take your pills. You’re tummy’s not very happy about eating chocolate for dinner.

You go brush your teeth. Emily asks you if you’re going out, you tell her you already did. She asks if you’re going out tomorrow. You say you’re not sure since you have class until late and he has to get up early the next day, though you’re gonna try and meet for dinner. You wash your face and put on your face goop. Great, you’re getting a new zit. You’re nose is a little runny too, you hope you’re not getting sick. Your roommates are all sick.

You read a post on ForeverGeek.com about the “The 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Franchises of All Time” and Farscape isn’t on the list! ‘Least Firefly is. You leave a comment. You visit your livejournal friends and comment on Katie’s blog. Emily tells you that she’s getting roses tomorrow and her “friend” is coming over and if he asks, the roses are yours.


You read Chau’s blog. You feel sleepy and you’re barely concentrating on reading it. You decide to get ready for bed. You take out your contacts and put on your PJs. You wish you were sleeping over Bryan’s again. It’s so much fun just talking to him. You clean off your bed to make room for sleeping. Your tummy really isn’t happy. You go grab a water. You set your alarm for 11:00 since you have an interview at 12 tomorrow for SHI. Hopefully you won’t be thinking about it all night and you’ll be able to sleep. You put your computer to sleep and them yourself. Night!

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

7 something? Anyway, way too early

Your roommate wakes you up. You’re awake for a little bit before drifting off to sleep again. You have a dream that your alarm goes off at 11 instead of 8:30 and you miss your first class X( You’re not all that upset cause you could miss that class. But you’re still relieved to find it was just a dream. You had another dream that you were inside a video game or something with your friends. That was kinda cool.

Your alarm goes off. No wanna get up! You get up anyway. You notice the toilet paper is once again, not on the roll. For some reason, no one seems to want to put it on anymore besides you. Well, that garbage is getting awfully full. You wonder when it’s your turn to clean again. You lost track, you always do. We need a calendar or something.

You brushy your teeth, washy your face, put in contacts, all that fun stuff. Gotta put on all your face goop too. You notice the big TV’s gone. Pooey. You don’t bother making your bed since you’ll be washing your sheets when you get back. Makeup today? Nah, not worth it. Yoga? Not on Thursdays, no time, you have class in an hour. You get dressed. Something warm, it’s cold out. Brush your hair, put on your shoes, pack up your laptop and head out to the dining hall. You take a quick picture of yourself first. You are almost out the front door when you realize you forgot your philosophy book. You run back upstairs to grab it. You can’t find it, you start to panic a little, wait, wait, there it is, under your psych book, heh. You head out to the dining hall again, now a few minutes behind schedule. You walk quickly to make up for the time and because it so cold out. You’re awfully tired by the time you get there.

They never have anything good for breakfast and even if they did, it’d still be bad. You get what looks like it could be an everything bagel and some cream cheese and a glass of milk. You get a seat and take off your gear. You have ten minutes to eat. You pick off pieces of the bagel and dip it in the cream cheese. More efficient eating this way.

You’re done eating and is time to go, so you go outside and wait for an A bus. You know it’ll be a little while since you just saw one leave. You put on some chapstick. One comes a couple of minutes later. You walk out quickly, wait for everyone to get off, you’re the first one on so you get a seat, whee. You hate standing on the bus. Buses were not made for short people. More like swinging than standing. Aw, a guy stands up so someone else could sit down. You like people like that. People that really bug you are the ones who don’t back up so more people can get on the bus, or even worse, when someone takes up more than one seat.

Ten minutes later, you’re on College Ave. You stay on the bus instead of walking because, it’s cold out, the bus isn’t that crowded and really, it doesn’t take much longer and you still have plenty of time. Besides, it’s the class after an exam, there won’t be too many people there anyway.


You arrive at your first class of the day: Intro to Logic, under the dorms. You’re not sure why you bother coming since you learned all this stuff back in Discrete I, but it gives you time to read blogs and chat with your friends before your 11:30 class. You were right, not a lot of people here. You feel like having a piece of gum, but you can’t find any in your pockets. You take your usual seat in the back by the outlet, plug in your lappy and wake it up. It takes a while, but it does… and then reboots… The thing has a mind of its own. Well, it hasn’t been rebooted in a few days. It’s done doin’ its thing. You start typin’. OK, so you cheated a little. Actually it’s 11:03pm the night before and you’re typing out some of this ahead of time because you know you don’t have much time in the morning. So you fix it up, add in little details. –/end cheat–

Your professor announces you learn proof today: “direct proof and indirect proof.” You’re still typing, you don’t pay much attention, not that you have to. You decide maybe you should take some notes anyway since he tests on definitions. You decide to look for some gum again, you find some this time and have a piece. You have to clean out your flash card so you have room for lotsa pictures today. You decide to connect to the wireless internet too. “Connected to RUWireless, Signal Strength: Excellent.” You log in. You have a myRutgers Alert? For what??? Oh right, our new RUID’s. Ya, they don’t wanna use our social security numbers anymore, so we gotta memorize a whole new number. They didn’t even assign them yet. Just telling us they will. Like we didn’t see the first 15 announcements.

Your professor’s drawing weird lookin’ animals on the board. He’s so strange. You check your nation, The Spiffy Society of Short Sheep on Nation States. “UN Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, Civil Rights: Excellent, Economy: Good, Political Freedoms: Very Good. … Short Sheep is ranked 10th in the region and 2,249th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs (per capita).” Your computers flashing a lot of errors at you today… You read peoples’ away messages. “Away,” “Bleh” guess Tom’s still in a bad mood, “Away,” Emily has a longer one…, “Away,” “Away.” *sigh* You spit out your gum. This class is so boring. Not as boring as Operating Systems though. He’s talking about Mormons. o_O Grr, you really gotta learn to stop picking at your lips. Bad Lissy! You still do it even though you yell at yourself. Compulsive much? You put on chapstick. Your professor wants you to answer all the problems in the book. Ya, that’ll happen.

Class is over, you pack up your stuff and leave.


You walk over to your next class two buildings down and make a quick stop in the bathroom before going to your class. Ew, someone left a mess all over the one toilet seat. You wait for the other one. The hand dryer thingy doesn’t work either. *sigh* You dry your hands on your pants.

Your second class of the day: Philosophy of Mind. In the same room number as the other class, just in a different building. Again, you take a seat in the back by the outlet. You’ll need your battery power to type when you go visit Carolyn. You sit down and wake up your computer. The guy you went to HS with walks in. He hasn’t said anything to you so far this semester. You doubt he even remembers you. You never talked in HS, why start now?
You log onto the wireless network. Would you stop picking at your lips! Has become such a bad habit now that you don’t pick at your nails as much. That calcium you’ve been taking has made them stronger. Unfortunately you now take your stress out on your poor lips.

Your professor arrives a few minutes late. You check your site for comments. Oooh, new comments :D You put on your away message saying you’re in class. You actually have to pay attention in this one. It’s more interesting than your other three too. Also far less work than your writing class last year. Like one teeny reading a week, two papers and two exams. Speaking of which, he’s going to pass around suggested topics for the first paper. It’s due in two weeks. You add the date to your calendar. You sign the sign in sheet. Students are arguing with the professor about when the midterm’s going to be. Right now it’s the day after break is over. The class votes to change it to that Thursday instead. Wish that was an option for Data Structures Sophomore year, but your professor didn’t schedule that exam, the stupid school did.

Going over the Lewis reading today. Didn’t we do that last week? Ned Block’s the next class? Wasn’t that supposed to be today? Wow we go slow. Hey, less reading for you. You take notes. Gmail tells you you have a new e-mail from the housing people. No, you don’t want to live in Rockoff next year, you already have an apartment. Oops, you missed something, what does that say? Anew or Fade? No… You stare at it for a while. Oh! True or False! Another new e-mail from the creation people telling you there’s one more day to order autographed photos. People are debating about Phantom Limbs. You put on your jacket because you’re cold. These people are entertaining. Eh, you picked at your finer and now it’s bleeding a little. Wow, he’s not gonna let you out early today? That’s a first. You were just about to IM Carolyn when she IMs you. You tell her he’s gonna let you go soon (ya, he lets you out a little early) and you’ll be there in like 30/40 minutes or so.

You walk very quickly to the EE bus stop because it COLD OUT! Not easy to do since it’s mostly uphill. But get there just as a bus is pulling up. You wait until the loaded bus almost completely empties and finally you get on and take a seat. Nice and warm :D A couple minutes later, the bus leaves for Douglass.


You arrive at the bus stop by the dining hall and call Carolyn to let her know you’re here. You wait for her inside for a second. She tells you she’s getting sick. Uh ohs. You get some sort of chicken, tofu and fried rice plus a salad :P You sit with Carolyn’s friends. They mostly talk about music stuff. You finish eating and start type as Carolyn chats with Pedro. You suggest getting frozen yogert. You do. Yummy strawberry with oreos! Frozen yogurt goooood.

After eating and chatting, you walk over to Carolyn’s dorm. You say you dunno if you wanna sit on the germ infested bed. You do anyway. You’ll probably catch her cold regardless. You like her bed. It much higher than yours. That cool. You talk about the new RUID numbers. Carolyn’s like, how we supposed to memorize this? You say the same way you memorized your social security number. She tries to convince you it’s not the same. She visits cuteoverload.com. You log onto RUWireless. You comment that it says the signal’s very good today, usually it says it pretty bad. You say maybe it depends on where you are in the room since you’re about a foot away from where you usually sit. You test to see if there’s a lag now that you both have Trillian, there is. You chat back and forth online, lol. You check your site comments. New one from Mere. He he, “Hooray for finding a home! Although, boxes can be nice too. =)” You start reading this to Carolyn and get to the part about your book. You think… hey, where is your book. You look around you. Uh oh. You and Carolyn go back to the dining hall to get it. That damn book causes more trouble! We didn’t even use it today! From now on you’re scanning the readings in.

You ask the lady if anyone found a Philosophy book. She says yesterday, but no, this was today. She lets you go look for it. You find it on the table where you left it surrounded by confused peoples. You walk back to Carolyn’s dorm. You ask her if she wants to watch the end of Passions. She puts it on for you :) Grr, stupid spam IMs! You watch some weird flash animation. You watch the silly Harry Potter animation. You get an e-mail: Tutor’s Wanted. Great grammar there. You wonder if that’s something you should think about doing.


Time to go. You got laundry and homework to do. Carolyn walks you outside and you see the F bus. You try to run and catch it, but no, too late. Oh well. Carolyn waits with you until an EE comes. Should you get off at the last stop and wait for a REXB or take the EE to College Ave and wait for an A or an H. You decide, since it’s not too cold, waiting for an REXB is the better choice since it’s faster… most of the time. And that bus stop is the warmest one out of all of them. The sun hits it just right or something. Always like 10 degrees warmer there. So you get off and you wait. And you wait, and you wait. You see several REXBs and Ls pass by in the other direction. Finally, after almost 30 minutes, one finally comes down your way. You notice your daddy called at some point so you listen to his message and call him back to tell him yes, you are taking the train back with Carolyn tomorrow and no, you do not have off until spring vacation X(

You take the bus back to Busch and get off at the Serc stop since it doesn’t go by the dorms. You walk back. Finally, 3:45 you make it back to your dorm. You ask your suitemates if they know whose week it is to clean. No one seems to have any idea. That makes you feel a bit better. And you didn’t particularly want to clean the toilet anyway.
<br/>But you do have to do your laundry. You separate your clothes: Stuff that needs to be washed today, other stuff that doesn’t so much. You go to the machines. Someone has stuff in the dryer, but the wash is free, so you put your stuff in. It’ll be done at 4:35. You go back to your room and hook up your computer. Cynthia comes in (that’s your roommate by the way) and you tell her that no one seems to know whose week it is to clean. She said she just saw Deyo cleaning this morning. But, you just asked her. OK, whatever, we clean next week. You should do your homework, or at least scan in those readings so you don’t have to worry about your stupid book anymore. You do that. Well that was more trouble than it’s worth.


You go take your stuff out of the wash, put it in the dryer and put your next load in. They’ll be done at 5:20. You look at your copies, they look pretty bad. Why couldn’t they have an online book. Bleh. You go put two bottles of water in the fridge so Adi doesn’t have to drink warm water again.

You’re sleepy all of a sudden. How you supposed to do homework when you’re sleepy? You don’t wanna do your programming assignment! You check out Shiny Shiny. Wow, a Scented MP3 Player. You go to your mySpace to listen to Banana Phone which Krissy dared you to put on your profile yesterday. You go read friends’ LJs. Your LJ isn’t pretty anymore since they disabled your layout for some reason. Something about security? They did it to a bunch of people. Ya know, maybe if we didn’t have to use the stupid overrides and could just use normal CSS code like the rest of the universe, there wouldn’t be a problem! You go check out deviantArt. No one’s uploaded anything new… Well you can’t start your homework now. You gotta go get your laundry in a few minutes. You check what the dining hall’s gonna have for dinner. You see there’s a speed dating thing on College Ave tonight. Hmm, naw. You already refused to go to Douglass to make chocolate with Carolyn, she’d kill you if you went to that instead. Besides, Adi’s coming over for Farscape. They have another one the 28th. Well that’s after Valentines Day, that kinda defeats the purpose, lol.


You go and fetch your clothes. There’s a guy there waiting to do his laundry and is probably quite relieved to see you. Lotsa people doin’ their laundry today. He says he likes your slippers. :P You take your clothes out of the dryer and put your next load in. 6:00 you gotta check again. You decide maybe you should start the programming assignment. You write it out on paper first. You think better on paper. The other day, the TA told you to do it a different way from what your professor said, so you gotta look up the function he told you to use in your notes. Hmm… you better look some stuff up. This fork stuff is every so slightly more complicated than the I/O stuff and since you don’t exactly pay attention during lecture, you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing, but the site you look up makes things a bit clearer. Now you just gotta program it. You go to fetch your laundry first.


You decide to take a shower now so you can go out and get something to eat later. You grab your stuff and head to the bathroom. Ya washy up and then put on your face goop again. 40 minutes later, you’re back at your computer. Do you want to type up your program now? May as well and get it over with. Oh, it’s every time you copy something that you get an error from the google bar dictionary thing. It’s 7:05, you’re supposed to call Adi and leave him a message to remind him to come over since he can’t remember on his own. You do. You put your phone on ring so you’ll actually know when he calls and not make him sit in his car for 20 minutes before you realize you’re a ditz. You only did it once… Almost done writing your program. This really is easy. Not that you’re complaining or anything. Nothing wrong with easy. You don’t feel like running it right now. You’ll wait until like Monday or Tuesday for that. Yeah… Though that leaves you with nothing to do… You can uh… comb your hair! Anything to keep from doing homework.

You go to put stuff on your dry lips before combing your hair and notice how dry your face is even though you already put on lotion. X( Now you know how Rachi feels. You put on more lotion and as you are doing so, Adi calls telling you he’s on his way over. You ask him if he wants to eat since you haven’t yet and he says he doesn’t have any money. Hmm, that reminds you, you never looked up the dinner menu even though you said you were going to… anyway, he says we can have popcorn. You explain that popcorn isn’t dinner and that you could lend him money. He says no. Pfft. Whatever, your hair isn’t even dry yet and you’re in ur PJ bottoms, robe and pink slippers. You can not go out like this. Krissy IMs you saying, “butt buttt.” Ya.

You go comb your hair and put on your PJ top. Hmm, maybe you can have a slimfast. Slimfast and popcorn is sorta dinner. You did have that big lunch today. You’re not all that hungry anyway. Probably will be in a few hours. Right, you were going to go check when your advisor has office hours tomorrow. Since you’re gonna be here on a Friday morning, may as well go. You dunno if you should bother. They’re pretty clear about requirements and you’re pretty sure you’ve completed them all, well, except the number of credits. And they don’t help with major/minor requirements anyway. Though she may know some easy classes you can take next semester as fillers…

You consider putting pants over your PJs as it looks like you’re wearing nothing but a robe and have to walk downstairs like this… That’s probably a good idea. You do and take off your robe since it’s like a billion degrees once again in the dorm X( You find your gold earrings in your robe as you take your keys out. Oh, so that’s where they went. Actually, you’re a little cold without your robe so you put on a sweatshirt. You check the dinner menu. Nothing really good. Chicken parm, eh. You decide to pack a little while you wait. Well that didn’t take very long. You don’t have a whole lot to bring home with you as you left a lot of samples of your face goop and stuff there. Just gotta pack your Seasonale and you’ll be done.


Do do do do do, still waiting. You visit some sites. Hmm, it’s been about 40 minutes since he called… Two minutes later the phone rings. Gah! It makes you jump! lol. Adi’s here. You go and fetch Adi and tell him about your a Day in the Life of Lissy. And that the big TV is missing. He tells you he’s not going to read all this, he’s just gonna scroll down to the part about him. Eh, probably only your mommy will read the whole thing. Hi mommy. You plug in the DVD player to watch Farscape, on the little TV. You bring your laptop in too and put on the first episode of season 3.

John and Aeryn together again :D So happy! Though, still, sad ending, Zahn :( Ep’s over. You put in the popcorn and take the water out of the fridge. Adi asks if you’d want to do a website if he got another artist for another comic, you say ya. He asks how will we know when the popcorn’s done, you say when it’s done or two seconds between pops. It beeps, he takes it out. Yum, popcorny goodness.

You watch the next episode, not as good, but hey, it’s Farscape. A bad episode of Farscape is better than a good episode of any other show. Episode is kinda depressing though. Adi makes a bad joke about Virginia’s makeup and her bad reaction to it cause her character isn’t doin’ so good. Some of your suitemates walk by and say hi. Cynthia asks Adi about his motorcycle.

Adi comments on how good the popcorn is. You agree. He says it’s cause it’s so bad for you. You say it’s not that bad. He goes to get the box to prove it. It’s not that bad. There are much worse things like Cinnabons. … And … Cinnabons… you want a Cinnabon now…


Adi gets all his gear on and heads home. You tell him that you’re going home Thursday next week so we’ll do the Farscape thing Wednesday. You sit and watch ER unlike last week when you forgot. You wonder if you get wireless in here. Nope. You’re still hungry. Slimfast or fruit snacks? Hmm, or both. You don’t think you’re hungry enough for the slimfast. Oh ya, that’s right Abby’s pregnant. You really gotta watch this show more often. Uh oh, someone gonna get killed. Oh poo, commercial’s almost over and you forgot to go to the bathroom cause you were so busy editing this. Oh well, can wait for the next one. Poor Neela. I can’t believe Michael just left like that. They’re so perfect together! Ooh, bathroom break. Maybe you should go get those fruit snacks now too… Ya, you do. Yummy too :P Ha ha, he knows she’s pregnant and he’s in love with the other doctor. Someone walks in and asks if Nami’s in her room. You say, um… probably? Carter! You miss Carter :( He doesn’t even get any lines??? So lame! You go back into your room.


Hmm, you realized you haven’t talked to Greg all day! You’re doing A Day in the Life of Lissy, you gotta IM Greg :P You IM him. Woah, like your entire buddy list is online. As usual he takes forever with his responses. He not so good at the multitasking :P You read a little of your previous days and notice you watched Farscape a few years ago too. You IM Adi to tell him this amazing piece of information. He’s shocked. You roommate puts on Sex and the City. How could you have forgotten about Sex and the City??? Greg says he’s going to bed, you shoulda messaged earlier. But you was watchin’ the Farscape. Aw, you wrote about your puppies too :( You miss your puppies. Usually you’re home with them by now. Oh, it’s the jury duty episode, you were just randomly thinking about it earlier. You can’t bother Adi, he’s going homework. You say goodnight to Greg. You take a picture. Your roommate looks at you like o_O You say it’s a long story. Cause, ya, just look at it. All these people online and no one’s IMing you??? You thought ‘least your mommy would. Though you’re usually rude to her when she IMs you. Well, she always does it when you’re busy. You IM Andrew. He tells you a secret, but you can’t say here cause the person who the secret’s about may see. You’ve said too much already. Ooh, right, this is the episode where Harry proposes! Awwww, I love this episode! Wait, that means, *gasp* The post-it next! Sure you have it saved onto your computer, but it da bestest! That really is an awful, awful way to break up with someone. Adi’s annoyed with his homework for his “rudimentary computer classes” that he hates “with a burning passion.” He tells you one of the “problems” is “go to census.gov. Choose NJ and MIddlesex County. List one fact that surprised you.” You can see why.

Your future roomie IMs you and asked if you went to housing. You say, ya and remind her of the story you told her about the stupid housing lady. You ask if that really happened or if you dreamt it, cause that happens sometimes. No, she remembers, good. You were worried for a second there. Adi informs you you can copy vita ctrl+c. :O He’s going to bed, you say night. Oh, hey, it’s late. You should probably go to bed too. Well, you don’t gotta get up that early if you’re not visiting your advisor. So, maybe you stay on a little longer. He he, from one of you old days, “You’re in DE … how come everyone always assumes you do your homework… you always do, but still.” You wish you started doing this sooner. It’s nice to be reminded of what your life was like way back when. Maybe not way back when, but 5 years ago, that’s a while. “Press record because you’re recording ER and go to sleep or at least try until the scene with Cater comes on and you just have to watch it cause he’s so cute. Then you turn off the TV and go to sleep.” Ha ha. You add borders to and save your screen caps for this.


Now it’s time to get ready for bed. You brush your teeth, take out your contacts, take your meds, put in your earrings, set your alarm, turn off your cell, stick you recharger in your bag and go to bed. You turn off your printer too. Oh and you take your vitamins. Ya, none of thiss stuff is really in order. You transfer your pictures real quick. Crap, you accidentally delete a bunch. Good thing you got that recycling bin. Your roommate goes to bed. This is why you shouldn’t go on the computer without your contacts in. Tom IMs you. Your recycling bin doesn’t wanna scroll, grrrrr. You should really empty it more often. You can’t find the pictures! No! Why aren’t they there!!!! Frelling microsoft! Well, now you all know why the first half of this is seriously lacking in pictures. I already wrote the code too! Grr, maybe I’ll draw pictures or something. That’d be cute, right? Grr, the recycling bin is there for a reason! [You were able to get three of the pictures back, but due to your sleepy meddling, the others are lost forever. You retake some, delete some and draw one. *sigh* Bad Lissy.] You better go to bed now. You say goodnight to Tom and put your computer to sleep.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005


You wake up, you hear one of your roomies outside brushing her teeth. It’s too early, you go back to sleep. You wake up again at 8:30, also too early, you go back to sleep.


Still too early, but you have to go to the bathroom. You decide to get up. You lie in bed for about ten minutes though because you don’t want to. Finally you sit up and without getting out of bed, it’s cold :(, you pick up your Jornada and start typing this. You also turn on your laptop. You finally get out of bed and put your hair up and put your robe and sandals on. You also turn off your alarm since you know it’ll be going off any minute now. You put in your contacts, brush your teeth, etc, and come back to your room. You take your allergy medicine and make your bed to sit on. Your cousin, Jon IMs you. You tell him you’ll talk to him later.

You put on your tweety shorts and gym shirt and put on your Yoga DVD. You decide to do the basic “Good Morning” 20 minute workout this morning since you don’t wanna do the longer one today. Someone’s makin’ a lot of racket downstairs and you can barely hear the DVD. You finish your little warm-up and put your Yoga mat away. You go and wash your face and put on congealer. You go to weather.com to help you decide what you’ll be wearing today. 27 right now, high of 36. Feels like 27. Oh good, not windy. You decide on your pink and gray shirt with your elementary school sweat shirt over it. You get dressed, put in your white earrings you wear way too often, brush your hair, put on your shoes, pack up your Jornada and camera, put on your jacket and head over to the dining hall for some lunch. You wave to Helen at the sink on your way out. There’s peoples workin’ on something by the entrance of the dorm. Guess that’s what you heard before.


You like eating at off times because it isn’t so crowded. You arrive at the dining hall and notice hot dogs are on the menu today. Yip, something good for a change. You save yourself a seat with your jacket and go get that hot dog. You also get yourself some beans and fries that look extra yummy today. You get some water and head back to your seat. You eat first and then type for you have learned your lesson from last year. You put ketchup and mustard on your hotdog and dip it into the beans too. … What? It yummy. You finish your food and all the fries and feel quite full. You wipe your mouth and runny nose and get up and put your tray on the tray conveyor belt thingy and exit the dining hall. You have trouble zippering your jacket with your camera and Jornada under it. You bet you look kinda silly. You arrive back at your dorm where the construction peoples are still doin their thing, but they have the door open which is nice, so you don’t have to swipe your card. You walk upstairs and back into your dorm which is also unlocked. Guess your roomies are still there. You go back into your room. You can hear them chatting. You decide to fix up your Programming Languages homework before you watch any TV or surf the web.


That took a total of two seconds. You just needed to change something real quick. You go to nationstates.net to see how your Spiffy Society of Short Sheep is doing. UN Category: NewYork Times Democracy, Civil Rights: very good, Economy: thriving, Political Freedoms: world benchmark. Not bad :) First in the region for Largest Trout Farming Sector too. Cool. You were number one yesterday for best weather as well. Yes, still, no life. You have one outstanding issue that you take care of. You dismiss it.

You turn your away message off and go around to your daily sites. You decide to try out the new game on neopets. It says “please wait…” this is taking forever. You open up a new tab and visit DMB. The game still hasn’t loaded. Hmm, sometin’ not right there. Should you refresh and risk loosing 250np? You think so. That worked. Oh, you lost… You try again. You got one again. This game sucks. You play one more time and then you’ll give up. One yet again. OK, that’s enough np wasted. You spin the Wheel of Excitement to try and win some of those np back, but you just loose some more. Ah well, you’ll play a game later. You’ve run out of sites to visit. You decide to watch TV and play Mynci Volleyball since it’s 2x the neopoints today. Aw, puppy and little, leopards? Aw, dey so cute. Oh, they’re cheetahs. Commercial. You see what else is on. Ooh, Sliders! That’s right, there’s a marathon today. You have the first two seasons on DVD, but you watch anyway. Fever, good ep. You win the first round and loose the second. The second game you win the first round too. The second freezes. Frell, you loose the np. Oh well. Almost time to go anyway. You have a gmail. Someone joined your S’Mores fanlisting. You go check their site and approve them.


Time to get ready to leave for class. Discrete Structures, the sequel. You pack up your bag, put on your jacket and watch the last few minutes of Sliders. After it’s over you quickly rush out the door since you now have only 12 minutes to get to class. You walk more swiftly than usual and arrive at class with 5 minutes to spare. You sit in your usual spot, two rows up and two seats in. You take out your Jornada. The kid sitting by you asks if it does wireless, you sadly reply, no. Two minutes left. Some dude walks in the classroom who isn’t the professor and starts erasing the board… sub? You have something in your eye. Beh, piece of tissue maybe? You rub it, it stops bothering you. Yup, the professor’s in DC. You take out your notebook to take notes. More on sampling whee. This class is so boring. You doodle. It’s only the third week of classes, but your notes are already covered in doodles. The lead falls out of your pencil… this one doesn’t seem to work to well, you pick a different one and continue doodling. Ooh, something to take notes on. Pascal’s triangle. He’s proving, er, something. You’re not really paying attention. He writes way too small and you’re lost. You think he’s a bit lost as well. Uh oh, you ran out of doodle room. That’s not good. Wow, his writing’s getting even smaller. It’s a good thing the professor posts notes on the site. People are falling asleep. Another half hour left *sigh*. A fruit example. Looks like you’re not the only one doodling. You have trouble keeping your eyes open. Class is finally over. You gather your belongings and leave for your next class.


You arrive at Serc and find your class and pick a seat. Programming Languages recitation. Another boring class. You have some time before class starts, so you decide to read some more of The Social Life of Information which you’re reading for your Computers in Society class. You take notes on it as well. This chapter’s about bots and their flaws. Your mouth tastes icky, so you chew on a piece of sugar free spearmint gum. You finished the second chapter of the book and cross that reading off of your list of readings to do. You play solitaire while you wait for class to start. Your TA arrives and you all hand in your homework. You take out a pencil. Class begins. He goes over the homework. You picked the broken pencil again, you take out another one. You doodle. You run out of doodle room again, so you play solitaire. One card from winning. Frell. Oh well. You start a new game. Lost again. You keep playing. You messed up your homework a little, oops. Looks like you’re not the only one. Hey, you won this time. You watch the little animation of the cards bouncing down. The thingy falls off of your stylus, you put it back on. The TA argues with someone over the last problem. You start another game. You write down the answer for the last problem. There’s 15 minutes left. He does another example.


Class is over and you rush over to the dining hall for a quick dinner before your next class at 4:30. You put down your stuff and go get food. Turkey, mashed potatoes and baby carrots. And don’t forget the pink water. You spit out your gum and eat quickly since you don’t have much time. After you get another piece of gum to counteract the garlic in those mashed potatoes. Before leaving you make a stop at the girl’s room. You’re now a minute behind schedule

You rush back to Serc for your last class of the day: Computers in Society. Also your most interesting, or only interesting. Your homework assignment from last time was to write a vision statement for your game.


You arrive with three minutes to spare. Your finger’s bleeding a little, ew. This is why you shouldn’t pick at them. It’s 2 minutes after the start of the period and your professor isn’t here yet. You play solitaire until he arrives. Lost again. Your professor asks who worked on what game. He asks you about them, you hope you don’t have to talk about yours. Someone else in your group volunteers.

You’ll have a quiz on “In the Age of the Smart Machine” on Thursday. He gives you some notes and you copy them down. Class ends early. He wants you to e-mail him your e-mail address so he can give you guys an assignment over the weekend. Yay. You head back to the dorm. It’s kinda cold out, but not too bad. In the parking lot though the path between the piles of snow, two cars decided to park very close to each other. You walk around one of the cars instead, carefully so you don’t slip on the ice. Someone is coming out of the dorm as you and a few other people arrive. You don’t have to swipe your card again :) The construction peoples and their equipment are gone too. You walk upstairs and to your dorm which is unlocked again. You don’t hear anyone, but there’s probably someone here.


Time to relax. You wake up your computer and turn on the TV. You decide to transfer this to the laptop so you can type on there instead. Is that the X-Files? That looked like Mulder. One of your roomies just left. Yup, that’s Mulder alright. Oh, you just saw this episode. You check TVGuide.com to see what else is on. Hmm, Will and Grace, Charmed or Seinfeld. You decide to see which episode of Charmed it is. Eh, bad one. Will and Grace isn’t a very good ep either. You watch Seinfeld. You play Mynci Volleyball again. You do really bad the first game, but really well the second and get up to 12 points really quickly. You loose the second round and play again. Well, you were doing well. It was 11 to 4 and then the computer made a big comeback. You try again. Greg IMs you and you get distracted. You were loosing anyway and now it’s official. But you were doing so well before. You tell him about your suddenly sucking at Mynci Volleyball and you’re A Day in the Life of Lissy. You try playing again. You finally win a round. While playing you update Greg on the status of your page. You lost, oh well. Outta plays for the day.


You chat with Greg and read your gmail. Greg’s watching win Ben Stein’s money. Blog Explosion has a new rating system. Cory IMs you. Somone made him a monkey av for DMB. You tell him about BE’s new rating system. It sounds complicated. You change the channel and put on Friends.

You visit your site’s control panel to check when your hosting expires. You know your domain expires next month, but you’re not sure about your hosting. Yup, that’s next month too. Cory asks if he can call you later. You remind him you’re writing every detail of your life today down. Also that Gilmore Girls is on at 8 and you have to take a shower before then. He asks if he can call after, but Sex in the City is on ? He doesn’t know if his dad will let him call. You check your mail again. Your daddy e-mailed you back about transferring your site. He said we can do Friday. And he also said your database book came! Yay! You tell Cory he can call during Sex in the City. You usually never really watch it anyway since you’re always doing something on the computer. Plus, you’d rather talk to him today than tomorrow since you have the quiz to study for. He goes to ask his dad. You IM Greg a silly emoticon. Cory’s daddy said he can call, lol. He says you’re hard to negotiate with. Well, you don’t like phones. Actually, it’s your least favorite form of communication. It’s so weird talking into a piece of plastic.


You put on your away message, grab your towel and robe and go and take a shower. Upon entering the shower you notice the Happy Bunny shower curtain is lookin’ kinda down these days. It lost another ring. You think perhaps it’s time to switch back to the icky one the school gave you. Once clean, you get out of the shower, dry off and head back to your room. You go back on the computer and take off your away message. Hmm, Word isn’t behaving, grr. You chat with Greg and Cory some more while waiting for Gilmore Girls to start. You’re craving Fudge Oreos, but you wait until your hair is dry so you can put on ur PJs before goin out to melt some. Cory says you’re shorter than Yoda. You are not. You fill out a survey you stole from Krissy’s DA journal. He’s gonna call at 9:05 to make sure it’s definitely after 9. Gotta love Verizon.

You put on your PJs and robe so you can go and heat up the Oreos during the next commercial. They’re your favorite PJs that your aunt got you for Christmas. They’re cute with monkeys and oh so pink! You get out the Oreos and place a few on a plate to be heated up. You wait for a commercial… takes to long, you go anyway. Dunno why you bother when you’re not even really watching the show, lol. You put them in and poor yourself some water and take it back to the room. Now there’s a commercial. On your way back to the Oreos your roommate’s friend passes by and you wave. You take the Oreos back to your room. Oh they look so good. Oh they taste so good. Soooo good. Cory’s nervous about talking to you. Ya, you’re way scary.


Oops, you forgot to turn the ringer on. And you gave him the wrong number?? You check. You don’t know your own phone number, now that’s sad, lol. You give him the right number. Your phone rings. Gee, you wonder who that is. …Silence. Neither one of you say much. Ya that went real well. May be the shortest first phone call in history. Phones evil. You go back to chatting on Trillian. His dad thinks you have mental problems, lol. Not your fault phones are evil. You watch Sex in the City and surf Blog Explosion as you chat. You spray on leave in conditioner and comb your hair. You watch Judging Amy. You’re kinda bored. Everyone’s quiet all of a sudden… you’re also kinda hungry. You think about eating some soy crisps… hmm… Ya, you think that’s a good idea. You take them out of the food bin and start munchin. You go get some more water. Connection to AIM has failed?? Is that why everyone’s so quiet? Oh frell. You visit a site, any site, to see if the internet’s working. It is… so why isn’t Trillian??? You ask Greg is his AIM is working. Oh good, it’s not just you. Now it can connect, but it doesn’t show anyone else connected. You were disconnected again… twice… Ryan’s having issues too. He says it’s working again now. You try and reconnect again. Still no one on your buddy list. He said it worked after he rebooted his computer. You don’t wanna do that. It’ll take forever. Hey, it’s working!


Well, half of the people that were on before are gone and a whole bunch of new people are on. Frelling AIM. You stop munchin’ on the chips. Cory’s back on. You IM Krissy. She was havin’ problems too. Well duh, lol. And Cory signed off, lol. Maybe it’s not back to normal yet. And he’s on again. … And he’s off. And back on. Krissy stopped talking. Ooh, nuther gmail. It’s Cory telling you AIM’s down, lol. You put on The Daily Show. Hey, someone rated your blog on BE. Cool. Erm, or maybe more than one person? This new system’s weird. You noticed you’re not writing as much here as you were… You’re getting kinda sleepy. You IM Andrew and *wave*. He’s good, dat’s good. He’s doing homework. This late? He says he remembers better if he does it right after class. He tells you about the weird dream he had the other night. Still doesn’t beat your Angel in a wedding dress one. FRELL!!! Disconnected again! This is really getting annoying. It’s working again. *sigh* Ryan’s still having some issues. He switches IMing services on you, lol. You tell him not to do that, it’s very disorienting :P His AIM is still having issues it looks like, aw. He wants u to close and reopen AIM. You say ni. He’s going to bed anyways. He needs help with his form mail script, so he send you the file, but he ends up fixing it himself. … Or maybe not. Ok, he did. Helen walks in to tell you the light in the bathroom’s half out, but one of your roomies fixed it it seems… so, never mind then. Greg says AIM fine for him still. Well yeah, now.


It’s tomorrow. His form is still having issues. You put on Will and Grace. You try filling out his form one more time. Hey, it worked this time! He he, he gonna laugh when he reads what you put in the form. “lol .5 mySQL’s” See, he laughed. Someone reviewed your blog and really hated it apparently. They only gave you a 4/5 for too many plugins??? You don’t even have any, wtf?? Maybe Dodo’s Alarm Me. Pfft. “A personal blog that probably won’t be of much interest outside of friends and immediate family.” Obviously they never met Cory. You complain to Greg about them. You can see people dancing in the dorm across the way. He he, silly dancing people. Helen asks you when you’ll be in the dorm tomorrow so housing can come and fix the light in the bathroom. …Hmm, people cheered… is it fixed then? This has been a very strange night. Your hands are very dry and ichy. You skim Dustin’s Tuesday summary of Passions since you had class during it today. Helen comes by again and tells you they switched the light in the bathroom with the one in the hall, so it works now and they have to replace that one. You continue to read about Passions. Nothing you didn’t know before. Ooh, another gmail. Greg needs a snack. You tell him bout your Oreos and chips. Facebook confirmation mail, bleh. No fun. You check what’s new on neowin.net. Back to DMB… you’re kinda bored and kinda sleepy. You decide it’s bed time. You say goodnight to Greg and exit Trillian.


You get ready for bed. The light in the bathroom’s yellower now and brighter, but not exactly steady. You brush your teeth, put in your retainer, take out your contacts, take you allergy medicine, put on hand lotion, it burns a little, turn off your computer, set your alarm, forget to turn off your cell, turn off the light, turn off the TV and get into bed.

You fall asleep after about an hour. You have disturbing dreams about finding out people are dying and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. You wake up several times during the course of the night. Not a very good night of sleep. Your alarm finally goes off at 10am. Perhaps you’ll have better dreams tonight.

Monday February 24, 2004


Rachelle’s alarm goes off. It wakes you up, but you soon find yourself drifting back to dreamland… About an hour later, you wake up again. Frell it’s cold, you miss your flannel sheets :( You look at your clock, only 8:37, you don’t have to wake up until 9, you go back to sleep…


Your alarm goes off. You woke up early this morning to finish you Physics homework that you were supposed to do over the weekend but didn’t because you were too busy playing on neopets. You get out of bed, put your sandals on, turn on the computer, turn off your alarm, grab you basket of bathroom goodies, lock the door, and head to the bathroom. You brush your teeth with your new orange toothpaste, wash your face, put in your contacts and head back to your room. You put down your basket, press enter to log into your computer, go over to your dresser, put on your skin clearing and under eye concealer, and take your alergy medication. Your back-up alarm goes off, you turn it off. You check the weather online to see what you should wear. High of 43, snow tomorrow?? What da frell! Lying poo heads… You pick out your clothes and get dressed. You brush your hair and walk over the computer to write about your day so far…. hey :D You turn on you cell phone. You check your physics class’ website to see if they posted homework answers for this week. Frell. Now you have to do it by yourself *gulp.* Good thing you get points for wrong answers too… You go to the fridge and grab yourself a Slimfast for breakfast. You go to the Neopets site and grab your binder and finish your homework as you drink breakfast.

about 10:00am…

You finish your homework totally confident that you got every single answer wrong. 10am, Sliders time! You put on the TV, channel 51 and turn it to face you so you can play on Neopets while you watch. You visit your guild (www.avatar.com) on your sn imLissy that you just made a new layout for yesterday. You’re not the leader of the guild, but you do have a comphy council position. Yes, you still don’t have a life… On your other account yesterday, you were finally able to score some Tiki Armour for the Pant Devil Taunt av. You shall refresh a lot in a few minutes to try and get it. Ew “State of the A.R.T” not the best Sliders ep ever… It’s still kinda cold in here, so you put on your sweat shirt and some socks and grab your white hoopie earrings and a strawberry yogurt granola bar while you’re at it. You check your e-mail, grr, have to put in the stupid password because AOL reset them yet again because your parent’s computer got a stupid virus… Sliders is almost over, no Pant Devil, *sigh.* You pack up your backpack, put on your sneakers. It’s 11am, you leave for your first class, Calc.


After walking from Davidson, across the street, through the Busch Suites (where hopefully you’ll be living next year), through the field by the dining hall where they’re doing some construction so you have to take the long way around through the parking lot, though the engineering field to SERC and up the stairs to the classroom where you now sit. You were early, only about 4 out of the 100 people or so were here, so you got a seat right in the front. Good thing too because if someone tall sits in front of you, you can’t see the board. You take out your binder and finish up the last Physics problem you had for homework. Oh, you finished your Physics homework. OK, never mind then. You could finish your Calc homework, but you decide to wait until next period for that. You take out page 15 of your Calc notes that is only filled with 9 lines about Surface Area of equations revolved around a horizontal or vertical line. Still much room left for today’s lecture… 11:22… you have 8 minutes left… hmm… you can listen to Wicked songs or sit quietly and do nothing… Wicked songs. First you take out your cell phone and set it to vibrate, don’t want it going off during class. Hmm, your cell phone says it’s 11:23 even though your Jornada says it’s 11:25… you decide not to listen to music because class is going to start soon and you don’t feel like digging out your headphones. Besides, you need to conserve battery power. You decide to doodle instead… your eyes hurt, they’re tired, they start to tear. Your professor walks in and you continue to doodle until the lecture starts. She thinks we should study for our Calc midterm before studying for our other midterms, lol. Today you will be learning about “Differential Equations: mathematical models for rates of change.” Oh good, something you did in high school… sort of. No one really likes the topic much. Basically goes over your heads, what else is new.


You leave SERC and head over to ARC. You walk upstairs and deviate from your usual schedule slightly, by visiting the little girl’s room before class. Yes, the ARC bathroom, where the evil automatic toilets live that either flush while you’re still on them or don’t bother to flush at all. Unfortunately, you pick the first kind today, eep. You then leave and walk to your classroom where in about 20 minutes or so, your Physics recitation starts, your 2nd most annoying class that reminds you more of 1st grade science than HS AP Physics. Only three other people got there before you. You sit in the front row. You work on your Calc homework until class starts. The recitation instructor collects your *cough* well-done homework and then reviews what you were supposed to learn this week. She then goes over a few homework problems and webassign problems. It’s amazing how nothing you learned in lecture makes any sense until recitation. You leave ARC and head back over to SERC for your CS lecture.


You arrive at room 118 just as the previous class is leaving. You take a seat in the middle of the second row. Class doesn’t start for another 20 minutes. You could do your Calc homework, though you really don’t feel like it. It’s on how to calculate the length of an arc and use that to find the surface area of an equation revolved about a line. *sigh* It’s annoying because you have to take the integral of really complicated equations that are so complicated you couldn’t have possible done it right. One little mistake in math and you can totally frell up the equation and not realize it until later and then have to start all over again. No fun. Only 13 minutes or so now. Last lecture you went over recursion. You decide you’re not going to do your Calc homework. Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow between classes… You have a lot more you have to do anyway for Wednesday. Luckily, you don’t have lab tomorrow because of your exam Thursday, so you have extra time to do it. Tonight you can either study for Physics or do Calc homework. Hmm… which is the lesser of two evils? 10 minutes left. You’re very bored. You would doodle, but you use your Jornada to type notes for this class and not so much fun doodling with a stylus. You check how much battery power you have left. 9/10, perty good. You decide you can listen to some music. You have some songs from your Walt Disney World soundtrack and the Wicked soundtrack on your flash card. You detach your headphones from your MP3 player and plug them in. You open up Windows Media Player and listen to “Dancing Though Life” from Wicked. Your professor comes in, you turn off the music and take off your headphones. Class starts. Uh oh, he has our exams *gulp*. Today we’re learning about Binary Trees… grr, drawing, you have to use Ink Writer to do that. Not so easy to make it readable. One good thing about CS and Psych, no getting lost. Though you are kind of hungry. Grr, 35 minutes left. Someone’s lost and is asking a lot of questions. You put away your headphones while he figures it out. Class is over, you get your exams back… A 60/80!?! That’s a 75! Pfft! What the frell! Omg, you’re an idiot! You forgot the stupidest thing on one of the no partial credit questions and therefore, received no credit for it! And the other ten points… you have no idea what the TA wrote… something now rest??? Grr, argh. Your only comfort is that the rest of the class probably did just as bad, or worse.


You leave SERC and head back to your dorm contemplating you less than stellar grade the whole way back. That’s another 3.5 points off your total grade. Add that to the 3 you already got off and you’ll basically need a 100 on every other exam from now on to get an A X( EVIL! You reach Davidson B, go inside and to your room, unlock the door and go inside. Rachelle is sitting at her computer playing The Sims. You complain about your CS grade. You take off your coat and sweat shirt since it’s like 90 degrees, with the window open too. What else is new though. You ask her if she can decipher the scribbles of the TA on your exam, she can’t either. Rachelle has Buffy on, but isn’t watching it. You sit at your computer and check your e-mail. You have a new “Ask the Computer Girl” from yesterday that you still haven’t replied to. You think about changing the name of the subpage in light of recent grades… You visit the guild again. More new messages. The Farscape guild still doesn’t though. Nothing new there either. You ask Rachelle what time she wants to eat. She says whenever you want to since her class got cancelled. You decide to do your Calc homework. The Jombone commercial comes on and you remark to Rachelle, “What if the dog really wants to play a trombone?” She says she doesn’t know. You start your Calc homework. Rachelle complains how hot it is in the room. You observe the irony considering how cold it was this morning. Rachelle says she didn’t want to wake you by closing the window. Grr, you did an extra problem, oh well. Section 9.1 done! Yay! That wasn’t too bad either…only took you a little over an hour… now for 9.2… you need a break, so you ask Rachelle if she wants to eat. You go to the girl’s room first though. You come back and get your stuff and go.


You chat with Rachelle on the way to the Dining Hall about the evils of college classes. She has three exams tomorrow :( You’re mad because that stupid CS exam was so easy and yet you only got a 75! Your professor claims that in the real world, there is no partial credit, but in the real world, hello, you get to program on a computer! Rachelle suggests that since you both have to take extra classes that you take a class or two together over the summer at the community college. We shall see… You arrive at the Dining Hall. The girl at the front swipes your card. The place is crowded. The first section is all full, but you find seats in the second section and put your stuff down. You go and get food. They have stir fry tofu today :D yum. You get some of that and “Hawaiian chicken.” You go get your water from the funky water thing that likes to come out real slow. It’s also a bit pink today since it has a little Hawaiian punch mixed in. Rachelle gets potatoes, stuffed flounder which she didn’t like, chicken teriyaki which she also said wasn’t so great, and veal. You try your chicken… it’s cold by now since you’ve been typing this, but it tastes OK. Not the best stuff ever. Rachelle says all te Dining Hall food is bad. Rachelle tells you a story about what happened to her today. A guy stopped her on her way to class. He asks her if she has change to spare for a bus, but she didn’t have any. And the guy says, “yeah right” and storms off! What a poo head! Rachelle just ate something crunch in her potato… ew. She says she no eat no more.

You depart the Dining Hall and head over to the convenience store. Rachelle needs a non-graphing calculator for one of her exams tomorrow. There’s a really long line, so you both decide to get some gum. You also pick up a pack of gobstoppers. Rachelle realizes that the calculator she was going to get isn’t good because it doesn’t have a function for fractions. So you leave the store empty handed. The an H-bus outside, but you decide to walk back instead since it’s not too cold out. You come back to the room, still an oven. Rachelle puts on the fan. You start on your Calc homework again. You have concluded that you did not do section 2 at all in class, so you instead decide to work on 9.3. You check your e-mail, someone wants to trade links :D


With only one more homework problem left, you decide to go take a shower. After all, you have to go to bed early tonight because Rachelle has to get up early tomorrow. 11 hours of sleep may seem like a lot, but it takes you a good two hours just to fall asleep. Factor in the uncomphyness of the bed and all the noise from the hall and it’s only equivalent to about 8 hours or so. You pack your bag with your robe, underwear and towel, grab your basket of shower goodies and head to the bathroom. You stake claim of your usual stall and put your bag on the floor and you basket on the seat, shelf in there. You put your clothes on top of the basket and turn on the water. It’s ice cold for a second, but soon warms up. You remember you forgot to do your Physics webassign homework and make a mental note to do it when you get out. You wash up, turn off the water, dry off a little and put your robe and undies on and head back to the room. You put pimple gunk on your face, hang your towel up to dry and put your dirty clothes in the hamper. Time for more homework… wow, that was the easiest webassign ever. There were 9 questions, but 4 of them were basically the same question and you only need to get four right to get credit, you get 6/9, so woohoo! You’re done! Time to relax and play online! Grr, you still can’t get the Pant Devil avatar! One of your RA’s start shouting “Floor meeting!” Great. You get dressed, putting on your pink Carebear “Got Hugs?” night shirt and head out to the lounge. Something about harassment and damaging stuff… pfft, like any of that applies to you. You go back to your room.


Time for Everwood! During which you spray leave-in conditioner and detangler stuff on your hair and comb it. Tangle free :D You pour yourself some Soy Smoothie drink (yummy) and take your vitamins. You put on some anti-bacterial hand lotion that smells like a Japanese restaurant :D Then you get yourself some water and have some Teddy Grams. :P You clear the stuff off your bed and lay down to watch. As usual, not the best show on the planet, but hey, Gregory smith is way cute :D Show’s over, but Rachelle says she’s not tired yet so you’re going to bed at 10:30 instead. You watch the thing on the news about the new movie The Passion of the Christ. The Christians liked, gee, what a surprise. You both want to go see it. You watch and episode of Who’s Line and then time for bed. You brush your teeth, put in your retainer, take out your contacts, yada yada. You head back to the room, put on chap stick, lotion for your hands, take your allergy medication, set your alarms, and then time for sleep. Rachelle turns out the lights, you turn off the TV. You chat for a while about what you usually do: the guy you used to like, the guys you do like. You notice how Rachelle always seems to like short guys, lol. You also point out though that it may be because short guys tend to be more sensitive and not necessarily because she just has a thing for short guys. You chat about how Rachelle was shy when she was little and isn’t now and how you weren’t when you were little, but are now. You comment that you always talk about the same things every night, lol. You’ve known each other too long. You start freaking about your CS grade and she tries to calm you down. You lie awake in bed for a while thinking of Gregory Smith. Finally, you drift off to dream land… you have a dream that your mom tries to set you up with her overweight and 30-something coworker and you get really mad at her. You have another dream that your dad brings you home early on Thursday and you study for your Physics exam while hanging out with the dogs… soon Rachelle’s alarm goes off again, you go back to sleep, so starts another day in the life of Lissy…

Friday January 31, 2003


You wake up, but your alarm hasn’t gone off yet, so you decide to go back to sleep. Your alarm goes off at 6:35, you still don’t get up. Your other alarm goes off at 6:40, you still don’t get up. Your mom comes in at 6:45 to tell you the dogs were out and fed… you get up. You go say hi to Princess who is laying on your parent’s bed. You and your puppies walk to the kitchen and you let them out and put up the gate. You go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. You let the dogs back in. You go downstairs to get clothes to wear. You pick out an oufit and try to find matching socks which takes you a bit too long. You finally prevail. You go to the bathroom and wash your face with a neutrogena facial cleansing cloth. You go and get dressed, brush your hair, and get ready to go. You grab some tissues and inform your mommy that you are leaving. You leave the house.


You get in your car and turn around in the driveway. You can’t go left cause there’s too many cars comming, you take the long way and go right. You hardly see any other cars on the rode on the way. You’re the second one at the school in the front, so you get a really good spot. You get out of the car. It’s a really nice day. Warm, birds chirping, you’re in a good mood.


You enter the school. You go to your locker and put away your stuff. You come in to sit with your friends. You’re real thirsty, so you buy a bottle of water from the cool new machine. Krissy demonstrates in the picture. You come back and Krissy, as usual knocks down your bottle about 5 times. You start to type this. Rachelle comes in with her flour baby, Dawn Alyssa :) Her baby has Terrets (she’s gotta research the disease). The people in the office call you down, grr. Turns out your mommy brought the check for chorus that you left at home. You love ur mommy :D The librarian comes in with your baby basket u brought to school yesterday, you say, “oh, that’s mine” Rachelle comes in and you give it to her. You have to go to her car to put it in. You do and come back in. You go to studyhall and you continue to type. You’re finally cought up. Rachelle is going through the script for the play and writing down all the props she needs. You gotta edit the pics you took for this. You’re gonna type up the prop list for Rachelle. You ask her how she’ll find all of these, she has no idea. Stuff like pitch forks, lol. You feel bad for her. Guys and Dolls, hard play to be stage manager for. You volenteer to babysit for Rachelle. Your nose is stuffy :( What else is knew. Stupid allergies. You tell Rachelle about your sleepy time CD and how it’s improving your memory, you think, with the subliminal message music. You’re gonna give her your CD and make a new one for youself cause some of the tracks are out of the order you want anyway.


Period’s over, you have to go to your next class. It’s a really long walk, a whole 0 feet. Actually, you have to go get the bear, er, baby from Kristin. You come back to the lunch room. You have studyhall again.You decide to doodle. You make nice doodles. Announcements come on. You doodle a bit, but you already have 3 pages full of doodles. But you can’t type here for long cause ur batteries are dying… You listen to your last year’s english teacher talk to the two girls sitting by you. He tells some funny stories. That guy’s totally insane. Aparently the girl sitting across from you will legally be a midget next year since she’s one inch under 4’10”. Kinda scary, you’re only two inches away from being a midget… way scary.


Period’s over, you go to your locker and get your physics folder. You give Rachelle back her baby and go to Physics. Meredithe owes you two dollars which you really hope she has or you won’t be able to buy lunch. Her flour baby’s so cute, it’s a pig, lol. We’re gonna watch a video cause we have a sub. Aparently someone’s flour baby fell and died, lol. Teacher’s at a tech convention in Atlantic City. Sub yelled at Merry for eating her lunch, someone else is eating a pretzel, lol. She’s one of the more, um, unpleasant subs in the school…


Video’s over, Meredith wanted to talk to Krissy, so the sub made you move so she can have your seat. Nothing to do… bored… bored… lunch is next, thank God. Meredithe gave you back your money :) You hope they have moon pies, very yummy :D Didn’t check for moon pies. You bought a pretzel and chips instead. You talk. Kristin shouts out, “Andrew’s pregnant!” lol. After a little while, Andrew leaves. You talk and eat. Krissy knocks down your water and Rachelle’s soda. You talk about how stupid some of the say anything moments are in those magazines and exchange stories that you read. Andrew comes back, his sack of flour is now a baby. Rachelle said she’s gonna tape the bottom of the bottle so Krissy can’t knock it over, lol. She just gave you some money to buy a moon pie :) Rachelle and Krissy bought too :D Ooh, ur nose isn’t stuffy anymore :P


You just went to the bathroom and your locker. You’re in the computer lab for health. You have to research hepatitis for your project. You save a seat for Gloria who’s late. No, no, you have to do a worksheet on insurance, an impossible worksheet on insurance. Class over, you go to Humanities. You have a sub. The class has to do a really long sheet. *sigh* You and Andrew work together and get most of it done.


You go downstairs to go to Krissy’s Computer Art Graphics class. Since you have studyhall, you’ll spendthe period there. You arrive and sit next to Krissy. She opens up what she’s been working on, you help her :) Krissy gives you a lolly.


Class is over so you and Krissy go to your locker then head on over to select chorus. You can’t believe she’s still auditioning people for cabaret troop. *sigh* You hand in your check and sit down. You sing “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel”. After chorus, everyone going on the trip has to stay. Your teacher talks about the trip and complains about people not handing in their money yet and being late all the time. She says, “you know, Elissa is the first one here every single day. I’ll always remember that Elissa.” Everyone claps, you laugh and hide. She continues, “Poor Elissa has to sit there and wait for all of you. It’s not like she doesn’t have any friends, she has friends…” Krissy says your face is turning red. She finishes telling about the trip and how you’ll have numbers and will have to count off. Yippie. You and Krissy leave. She goes to her locker and you wait for her. You both walk out to your car and drive off to Krissy’s house. You drop her off in the church parking lot and procede back home. Your late, but you’re daddy’s on the phone for a conference call, so he probably didn’t notice. You come into your room and type. Your daddy says to take care of the dogs. You let them inside and they jump all over you. You go to your room and transfer your log to your computer where you are now typing.


You decide to eat the lolly Krissy gave you. Cherry Jolly Rancher, yum. You have a little trouble opening it, but you got it. You go to your site to blog. You write: “Plugs to Cara and Abby. :D I’m not gonna blog much cause I’m doin another one of the “a day in the Life of Lissy” things. *see /life.shtml it’s probably the most popular section of my site, so if you’ve never seen it before, be sure to check out today, erm tomorrow I guess I’ll be puting it up. I took pictures this time, so it should be a bit cooler :D So, yes tomorrow, the new entry will be up. And that’s it cause you can read all about my day tomorrow. And if you want to be mentioned in my thingie there, all ya gotta do is IM me, lol. K, later!” You visit neopets to check out what’s new, collect your interest and visit the farscape guild. New episode of Farscape on tonight! Yip! You have -739 neopoints cause that stupid Cellblock game was broken. It’s fixed now, so you decide to give it another chance. The fact that it actually let you play proves that it’s still broken, lol, or atleast confused. How can you play with negative neopoints? You dad calls you and says, “Are you ready?”, for what?, “bring your car down to get fixed”, I have to drive there!, “No, i’m gonna walk.” Grr. You and your daddy get in your cars and drive down to the gas station. You park in the spot, very, very carefully. You go inside with ur daddy to confirm the appointment. Then go to your daddy’s car and you go to the chinese place across the way. You order Steamed dumplings and egg drop soup. Your daddy orders beef on a stick for himself and soup for your mommy. You come home and watch the end of trading spaces while you feed the dogs. You change the channel, the X-Files is on. The funny ep where Mulder and that guy trade bodies. You watch that while you eat. Your daddy wants ur remaing dumplings, you let him eat dem. You finish eating and come back to your room to type and serf the net.


You play where’s Princess and where’s Lissy with Princess, lol. She’s so cute :D You won the game on neopets! Now you only have -639, lol. You go to your site to visit commenters and taggers. You go visit all your affiliates. Ooh, Meredith has a way cool new layout! So does Jenny :P First part over, er, Charmed is on next. You wait to see what ep it is, maybe you’ll put on Buffy instead. It’s an old one you don’t think you’ve seen yet. You go vote for yourself on the two sites u’re voteable on. You don’t even bother with the survivor contest anymore. You’re gonna loose anyway. You already saw this ep, er, try Buffy… eh, no good either, back to Charmed. You then visit Linda to add ur link to the link thing. Then to DMB and then Nova. You go to check ur mail, taken forever to load… Well, either you don’t have any mail, or it won’t load. Probably it won’t load. You sign onto AOL to see. Yup, 20 new e-mails.


Time to take your shower! You grab your robe and head upstairs. You take ur shower and come back down. Princess is waiting alone in your room. You can tell she wants to be with daddy, so you take her into the kitchen and let Buffy out so she can play. You watch princess and ur daddy play for a while which is perty entertaining. Princess is so funny when she plays, lol. Princess drinks a lot of water and you let Buffy in and come back to your room. You head back to Nova.


You check TVGuide.com to make sure Farscape’s on at 8. It is. You tune into Sci-Fi for the biggest event of your week, lol. You love, love, love, love, love… FARSCAPE!!! It Rocks! Save Farscape! It’s dying! Is being cancelled. Watch it, no be cancelled, k? :D Less chance anyway. Last week, when they kissed, OMG. Oh they showed it again! :D Aw, dey celebratin’ Christmas. Er, long story. You serf durring commercials. You decide to get some hot chocolate durring one of them. Come back to ur room. That was a good ep. Then again, they all are… :P You decide to watch Star Trek next. You take a quiz, You’re Phoebe from Friends :D You forget friday five again, u go do it:
“Friday Five, check it out, I remembered :D told ya my memory was improving, er, or Rachelle anyway…

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why? Batman! I was so inlove with Batman I have no idea why! lol

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got? I wanted to be an actress…

3. What’s the furthest from home you’ve been? Erm, we went on a Disney Cruise and left the country, but didn’t go very far… I think Arizona is actually farther away though, lol, I went there.

4. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t yet? I always wanted to learn about Quantum Physics! I shall some day! I know, I’m a geek…

5. What are your plans for the weekend? Um… get my car back… Work on the site… bout it

You brush your hair. You’re bored, maybe you’ll go to bed early… You like laying in your bed just thinking and day dreaming about Gregory Smith *sigh*. Yeah, bed early is good idea. You brush your teeth, put on ur PJs. One problem. You’re not tired. Maybe you’ll work on your Valentines day layout for a while. Ya, ’tis a good idea. You do dat. It’s still missing something. Oh right, the flash annimation… well, u don’t wanna do that right now. You decide to doodle in paint shop pro. Play around with your new filters. You have a lot of filters, specially since you added like 50 the other day. You make perty graphic. You’ll add to gallery at some point in ur life. Probably tomorrow. You’re tired, but you don’t wanna go to bed yet cause you wanna know what happens on Star Trek, lol. Are they really ghosts or what?!? Commercial, you go wake Buffy up. She lays down in your room for a while. You turn around, you turn back and she’s gone :( You go find her. You got her back in. You close the door so she can’t escape, ha ha ha! lol. She lays down on your night gown that’s on the floor. Buffy asleep. Naw, they weren’t ghosts… well duh. They were prisoners left without bodies… kinda dumb.


You turn off your computer and take out your contacts. You put on the sleepy time music and go to bed.

Thursday January 3rd, 2002:

Your alarm goes off at 6:30am…you don’t wanna wake up. You don’t open your eyes yet and you’re kinda half awake, half asleep when your TV alarm goes off. You sleep for another 3 minutes, you sit up and turn off your TV and sit there for two minutes. You get up and walk towards the bathroom, your dog greets you, she wants you to pet her, you just wanna go to the bathroom.

You go in the kitchen and let the dogs outside. You put the gate up, give the dogs water, feed them, put Princess’s dish downstairs, let Princess in, she goes downstairs, open the door for Buffy, she doesn’t want to come in. You put the chairs up by Princess. You let Buffy in.They eat.You wash your hands and procede over to your room.

You put your hair in a ponytail and go in the bathroom and wash your face with one of the nutragena cleansing cloths. You then put in your contacts… you put them in the wrong eyes. You put them in the right eyes. You go downstairs and get clothes to wear. You decide to wear you black and gray fuzzy sweater, so comphy. You go back to your room. You put on your sweater, but realize you haven’tput on your makeup yet. You put on some makeup and finish getting dressed. You then brush your hair.You love your haiir. It’s so perty and long and soft… you go into the bathroom in the kitchen and brush your teeth with the electric toothbrush. Then you go back to your room and put on some more makeup. Then you wet your hands and put on some lotion and lipblam. Then you turn off the light, go in the kitchen get your bag, check for lunch money, and go out the doorto your mom’s car.

You drive to school with your mom, on the way she talks about the play. You get mad cause yuo didn’t get in the play. She’s so annoying. You get to school and see Kristen sitting in the “Y.” You go over, sit down, and talk to her. You take out yourJornada and start typing this. You check the time, it’s 7:35. You put it away and talk to Kristen some more. Your history teacher walks by, you hide. You find out that Cara’s not in school today because shehas Bergen Country Chorus. Kristen’s friend, Aliah comes over and introduces herself to you. You’re gettin kinda warm in your heavy witer coat, so you excuse yourself and go to your locker.

You put your coat away and are going to sit down and type more, but the bell rings, so you go to physics. Now you can type more. You take out your jornada and do just that. Merry comes in late, she’son crutches still, she says hi to you. You’re going to have a homework quiz, so you take out your sheet and look over it. Your teacher passes out the papers and you take the quiz. After you’re done, you start typing again. Your teacher comes over and asks you about your jornada. You tell him that it’s like a small computer from hp that normally costs $1,000, but you got it for 700. He says that it’s has a really small fingures, but you have small hands. He goes over the hw quiz. You’re still typing. You’re going to do problems, so you put your Jornada away. They’re about the conservation of energy. PE+KE=PE’+KE’… You have to leave five minutes early with Merry so she doesn’t get run over in the hallway. You grab her backpack and go to your locker and get your gym clothes. You take her to the nurses office. You talk about prom and how she doesn’t know how she’s going to get there.She thinks she might go in Genene’s limo or rent a car. You’re not going. You don’t have a date, or a dress, nordo you want to go.

You get to the nurses office and put down Merry’s bag. The bell rings and you go to gym. You’re the first one there again and the first one dressed again. You sit in your spot and think to yourself bout stuff. The rest of the class comes and you talk to Lisa, she doesn’t feel good.The teacher asks you if Merry’sin school, you say yes. You do warm-ups. Your teacher tells everyone they have to do ten pushups, you only do nine. You go down to the weightroom and go on the exercise bike, the seat’s too high. You try to fix it, but you can’t figure out how. You get back on the bike. One of the gym teachers walk by and asks how you are, kinda weird, you say good. You continue to pedel, but you’re very uncomfortable. You get up and walk over to Lisa to enlist her help. You both fiddle with the bike for a while and then Lisa figures out how to fix it. You est it to make sure it win’t collapse. She walks back to her other friends and you get back on the bike, much better, you thank her.

Gym’s over, you walk upstairs and see 14 people trying to jump-rope together… kinda funny. You walk past them and get changed. You walk outside and wait for a couple of minutes for the bell to ring. It rings.You have to hurry and walk quickly over to your locker before going to study hall to get your bag and your trapper and put away your gym clothes. Stupid slow people… you get to your locker and get your stuff and you walk over to the library. You see meredithe, she’s at a computer. You sign in. You find out now that you have to sign up to use a computer, how stupid is that.

You sit down and take out your jornada for more typing. Your history teacher walks over and talks to merry. She stole the assignment or something, he calls her a”foxy lady”when he leaves, you both laugh. What the heck was that? LOL. You type some more. Merry asks you what you’re doing so you tell her your doing another in the Life of Lissy thing. You type some more. Merry says she can’t spell and asks you if you can spell social. You say, S-O-C-I-A-L…merry thought you said A-I-L… der, no, anyway… she then asks how you spell opertunities. Youre not sure, you say O-P-E-R-T-U-N-I-T-I-E-S… the computer says it’s O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-I-E-S… she says that’s wrong… whatever… Your finally caught up with your typing. You have about ten more minutes… maybe you should do your homework… nah. You have lunch next, not chorus. You have chorus and lunch every other day. Today’s an F day. You like F days. They’re good. D days too. You get studyhall and lunch. Good deal. On E days though you have neither. You wonder what you’ll have for lunch… you don’t know yet. You decide to play solitare… you’re kinda woried about your battery power… nah, they’ll last… you hope… You have to leave five minutes early again to take Merry to English.

You’re early so you sit down in the “Y.” You were just talking about Dorian Gray the book you have to read for English and the assignment you have to do. You sit down and your english teacher passes by and asks how you and merry and doing, merry says good and she tells him we were just talking about him and he says, “something bad I hope.” and merry says no and he says, “probably acurate anyway.” he’s funny. We talk about our teachers and our language finals. The bell rings, we get up to go into the class, but the door’s locked. The teacher comes and unlocks the door. We walk in and you put her backpack down. You leave and go to the bathroom, you can’t find your brush, you’ll brush your hair later. You go to lunch and say hi to, Soo Yeon, you go buy lunch, fries. You go and sit down, sit, type, talk, eat. You get up to get the mini oreos, there aren’t any left, or the yummy cheesey pop-corn either. You get doritos. You come backand type some more. You decide you really should do your pre-calc homework. You finished,well sorta, you didn’t do all of the problems, it’s just the same thing over and over, kinda pointless, anyway, you did this last year. Bout five miutes or so left in the period. These doritos your eating are pretty bad. They put too much stuff on ’em. You have Latin next, the easiest class of the day. All those peple are so stupid, they make you feel like a genius… well, you are close, he he. OK,what to do with the next three minutes… the school’s clock is so slow.Your clock on your jornada (the correct time) says it’s 10:55, the school’s clock says it’s 10:52. Bell just rang.. you walk to your locker. You put away your trapper, you math book and your bottle of water. You walk to Latin. Oops, you forgot your book. You won’t need it anyway. You sit in Latin and type. He gives you something to translate. You translate it.

You check your battery power, bout half, ew little more than half. You hope you have enough for the rest of the day. That sheet was really easy. He gave you a midterm review sheet.You look over it and put the stuff you didn’t have in your notes in your notes. You are very bored. You don’treally wanna play a game cause your woried about your battery life… what the heck… you play backgamon. You have the tiny toon theme song stuck in your heck, erg. You were loosing backgamon so you quit. The bell will ring soon. 90% of the class leaves before the bell rings, but you’re always early for pre-calc, so you wait. You go to your locker and get your trapper and you math book. You go to pre-calc. You talk to Merry about latin and you sit down. LOL, merry and anastasia are wearing the same sweater again. They’re funny. Pre-calc’s over so you go to compuer art graphics. You’re working on your project about you. Susan just walked in. We laugh at Kelly cause she’s still working on the same icecream animation she was at the begining of the year. You have to write in your blog today cause you didn’t yesterday. You do some of your project and you look up Passions summaries… your tired.You want to go home…you have english next, ick. Then, even worse, american history, double ick. You decide to check your guestbok, Ooh! Someone signed! That makes you so happy, you love it when nice people take the time to sign your guestbook (*hint hint)

The bell rings and you leave for english. You go upstairs, walk in and sit down. You take out your sheets… English is borring, but there’s a fire drill at the end of the period, so you go outside, come in, and go to American History. The door’s locked. Rachelle passes by, you say hi. Someone uses the window and opens the door. You go inside and sit down and type. Your friend tells you she just saw your teacher walking the opposite way, darn, he’s here now. Better take out your notes. Someone came to talk to your class about the SATs. Then you reviewed the chapter some more. The bell rings! You go to select chorus… no select chorus today! You talk to Merry, they’re going in Jarad’s limo. Merry went home and you went to look for Rachelle, but you couldn’t find her so you sit on the floor and type. Maybe you’ll go look for Rachelle some more or atleast go get a snack… you do both…you get a milkyway, but you don’t find Rachelle, so you go back… Rachelle’s there! You talk for a while and decide to wonder aimlessly around the school. You check the cut list and go to your locker.You come back and Kristen’s there. You talk to her and go outside for a while. Kristen leaves and you sit down on a bench outside.

You and Rachelle discuss how you both have no lives and how you so need to get boyfriends and how the only nice guys in the school, you’re already friends with. You talk about maybe taking classes this summer to not only learn stuff, but to meet guys too. You also talk about the trip to disney world both of you will be taking this spring. Rachelle’s mom comes. She gives you a ride home because your dad’s still in Connectecut learning stuff. On the way home you discuss spiders and how evil they are. When you reach your house, you gatherup your belongings, get out of the car and go inside. You take down the gate for Buffy and the chairs for Princess. You let them out, get the mail, then type some more. They’re barking so you let them in and close the door. Princess eats some of Buffy’s food and then drinks some water. Buffy eats some of er food then goes over to you, spits two pieces out, then eats them. Princess eats more of Buffy’s food, then Buffy eats more of her food… Princess walks away. You decide to go on the computer.

You walk into the blue bedoom and turn the cable modem on and then into your room, turn your computer on and sit down. You wait for it to bootup, say the opening with Quinn, close the unnecessary windows and plug your jornada in. You decide to go to the JUB. You hope the site actually loads this time. Nope, da JUB still doesn’t work. You go to neopets instead. You check for new stuff and the procede to the rainbow skyz guild. Wait, you decide to enter the caption contest first. Now you go to your guild. Plug: The Rainbow Skyz Guild, the best guild in Neopia. Now you go on your other name ad check your guild there. Then you transfer your notes from your jornada to you computer. Then you go eat and watch the x-files. You come back to your room and watch Buffy. It’s your favorite episode: “school hard!” You do yourhomework. Your daddy calls, Princess begs for da phone to hear him. He says he’s commin home. You play the sims too. Maggie’s gonna be an astronaut. Your daddy comes home. Boy is Princess happy to see him!

You take your shower. You get out. Rachelle IMs you. You go to spark notes and get the thing for chapter 11 of Dorian Gray. You watch friends. Joey’s inlove with Rachel. You watch the three other shows on NBC and post at the JUB. You comb you hair, brush your teeth, take out your contacts. Press record because you’re recording ER and go to sleep or atleast try until the scene with Cater comes on and you just have to watch it cause he’s so cute. Then you turn off the TV and go to sleep.

Monday December 11th, 2000

You wake up at 6:34am this morning. Your radio alarm didn’t go off because you hadn’t turned it on properly the night before… but your TV alarm came on. You went to the bathroom, brushed your teeth, then you let Buffy and Princess out. You fed them. You went back to your room, put on your Mickey Mouse shirt, tan pants, yellow sweat shirt and yellow socks and your sneakers. You wipe your face with Biore face wipe and are about to wash off that icky stuff it leaves on your fancy, but the Dominic the Donkey song comes on. So you decide to crush your hair instead. You put a little bit of pantene stuff on it and use your ionic brush to brush it. The song’s over, so you go to rinse off your face. You come back, put a little pimple gunk on, a little foundation… get your stuff together, turn off the radio, say good-bye to the puppies, leave the house, get the empty garbage cans from the end of the driveway and pull them up to the garage, get into your mom’s car and she drives you off to school. You’re a little late. You’ll get there at 7:34, just enough time to get to your locker and get to class.

It turns out your have 2 extra minutes left before class. You start finishing up your homework and the bell rings. You go to American History where she only collects the homework you did. You know it will be a good day. The bell will ring in one minute. You have Spanish and you’ll have to recite a poem… in Spanish: “Bucate Plata.”
You’re sitting in the Little Theater. You practice now… You get up on stage and do your poem… You were very, very nervous and messed up a little, but at least you didn’t repeat the second verse… You allow yourself to eat the tootsie roll pop you’ve been carrying around as a reward. Cherry… very yummy! Your throat that hurt a little feels better now.
Merry lets you write with her new pens. They so cool. This one sparkly silver. You’re in chem. You do a lab. Merry says it was fun. You didn’t finish though. Usually you have chorus at this time, but today you had lab. To bad, she said you could try out for the solo again today (as it turns out Erin and Devon got the solos again, arg).
You go to computer Art Graphics where you continue making your greeting card. All you really have to do now is put it all together. Class is over. It’s 11:41. You have lunch now. First you have to make two quick stops. One, at your locker. You put your shoe from Spanish on top. You don’t think you’ll need your English or Algebra book, so you leave them in there.
You close your locker and walk down the Art Hall (AKA Nebraska)… you pass the little theater. You make a left and continue walking. You pass the offices, and the entrance to the library. You walk into the bathroom. You wash your hands and once again are pissed off at the janitors because they still haven’t refilled the soap dispensers… You wash your hands anyway because you don’t want to get chemicals from chemistry on your food. You brush your hair… beautiful! :) You exit the girls room and walk down the hall passed the “Y” to the lunch room. You walk in and put your stuff down. Your friend asks you for money… you lend it to her. After all, you are the group’s bank. You go and buy your lunch. Icky pizza, fries or a chocolate chip muffin… muffin. You also buy some yoo-hoo for a change. You never drink soda. Water usually. You return to your seat… Jackie’s still absent (with mono) and Rachelle’s not in school either. Darn. You talk to Anastasia a bit, eat your lunch, drink your yoo-hoo and write in your journal for your webpage (this). God knows you have nothing better to do. You draw a smiley face on your nail with your purple pen. You’re very tired… Anastasia gives you a watermelon sour patch kid. Oh, she gives you a second one… My gosh your life is boring. Usually lunch is just a bit more interesting than this. You’re going to throw out your yoo-hoo can now… You sit back down… You think, maybe I should have written more during chem… Mondays suck! Two more sour patch kids… You’re beginning to think this was a bad idea… You remind yourself to say happy b-day to Gloria… More writing on your nails. You’re very sorry for you visitors that have to read this… Lunch will be over in 5 minutes… Guess you brought in sheet music for nothing.

Now you’re in Algebra. You’re going over the thing you did on Friday. You’re a very good guesser. You didn’t really do any of the problems, but so far got every one right. You can’t stand the bright orange color you were using, so you’re using purple instead. OK, you got a lot right that you guessed on. You’re convinced you’re psychic. OK, maybe not… Algebra’s almost over… you discuss the SATs and PSATs with Susan and Angela is still taking her make-up test. You have a 92 average in this class. Not too bad.
You walk down the hallway to Drivers Ed. Someone has a picture of a dog taped to the back of their shirt. You’re in DE… how come everyone always assumes you do your homework… you always do, but still. Gee, nice of your teacher to not tell you that your homework wasn’t due ’till tomorrow… Just an average day at Liver Dull High School. You took a quiz. You got 3 wrong. You made a dumb mistake. You go to English and wish Gloria and happy belated birthday. You’re going down to the library to work on your quote projects today. There was a fire drill… now you’re back in the building. You’re trying to narrow down the quotes you want to use for your project. You need 10, you have over 30, but narrowed it down to 13… not a good number… now you have 12. That works, since that’s the # you need. English is over. School is over, but now you must go to Select Chorus.
Ms. Smith isn’t here yet, but the sign-in sheet is, so you better go sign in… The lights aren’t the way they’re supposed to be so Ms. Smith is messing with them. Before during DE, Erin said that next years schedule might be 4 periods that are like 80 minutes each… You would kill yourself. It’s like 3:02 now… You sing warm-ups along with the rest of the chorus of course. You had gone to your locker before class started because no one was here yet. You got your jacket, hat and AH book and Spanish book. Right now you’re holding Lucky Alien Dude still from DE. You’re writing and singing at the same time! He he… sing scales… Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do… Now you’re going to sing “I’ve Got Shoes.” Now you sing “Since First I Saw Your Face.” Ms. Smith announced Thursday you meet in the Auditorium (you’re in the Little Theater now) 3 soloists aren’t it, it was funny :) The vice principal comes in and asks about rows. You showed Angela what you wrote about her. You’re missing a crescendo. Next you sing “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Now the guys leave and the girls sing “Carol of the Bells.” You will leave now, go to your dady’s car and go home.
Ms. Smith yelled at you before for writing in here… oops! Daddy’s not here yet… You see his car. A black Infinity QX4 with silver on the bottom and a license plate that starts with Kemu (well, how your pronounce it. You wouldn’t give anyone your dady’s actual license plate #). And it has that thing hanging from the mirror that tells people he can park in the parking lot where he works. Either you got out very early or he’s late.
Before going home you stop at Burger King to pick up dinner. There was a power line down, so there was bunches of traffic. When you get there, you order a plain whopper with cheese and onion rings. You come home, put down your stuff, greet Buffy, take down the gate, comfort Princess and feed them. You wash your hands, get out water, get out ketchup, get out a cup, poor water and consume your food. You watch Judge Judy as usual cause your dad never lets you watch anything else at 4. Now you’re on the computer. You sign onto AOL. A small amount of mail. You switch sns, read e-mail, switch back. Anastasia IMs you… brb, you gotta go potty. You sing the 12 days of Christmas. Ms. Smith is a poop. You just found out who she choose for the solos, the same people she always chooses. She didn’t even give you another chance like she promised. Buffy’s crying about something again… updatin your page… you might want to update a note for you… haven’t written one in a whiles.
Watched a few minutes of Friends… put your retainer in at 6:30… it’s 7:05 now… you’re downloading the new version of MSN messenger. You’re going to turn on the radio. You had to change the thing so Z100 would be on… now it is. The thing closed AOL… Arg! Now it’s workin… You let the dogs back inside for daddy. You’re in the kitchen now and are about to go in the bathroom to take a shower. First you go into your room to take off your glasses and earrings. Ouch, Buffy dropped a toy on your head… You took your shower. Double conditioned. You’re in your room. You spray on your leave-in conditioner and put on your pimple gunk. You’re watching Boston Public because there’s nothing better on… gonna do your homework now and do dat… You turned on your Christmas lights. Now you will do your AH homework. You’re watching this thing about teens. You’re mom’s home. She’s yelling at the dogs for going on the bed, so the puppies ran in your room. Princess is sittin with you and watchin TV and lookin for something to eat. You yell at her a wittle cause she’s eatin stuff she shouldn’t be. “Don’t Eat That Tissue!” You let the puppies out, bush your teeth… wait, you did that when you put your retainer in… brush your hair, put on your purple PJs, put on your alarms, unplug the Christmas lights, climb up your ladder onto your bed, turn off the light and go to sleep. Buffy won’t sleep in your room, Princess does, aw!! :)
Nighty Night! :)