And Next

And Next

Thanks for all the comments on my Day in the Life post! I love doing those, mostly because they’re so fun to read years later. That’s the kind of stuff you forget. I highly recommend writing some, even if you never post them. If you do post them, you should definitely add some embarrassing dancing videos.

On the entry before last everyone was asking what kind of car I was going to buy. It’s probably going to be a certified used Honda because mostly I just want something that’s reliable, safe and isn’t going to cost me $1000+ in repairs every year just to keep running. I’m putting off buying it for as long as possible, but my car is due for inspection in May and I doubt it’s going to pass.

Also in May, our discount on cable runs out :( I was thinking of ditching cable and going the roku route, but you can’t get football games on that thing and Bryan loves football dearly. So I guess my options are to order phone service to get a discount for another year, switch to satellite or live with the crazy high cable bill. I also need to get Bryan on my at&t wireless account. Something we should have done forever ago.

Remember my post about the chocolate I fell in love with? I found some on amazon :D $20 for four bars. Totally worth it. Unfortunately I have to share with Bryan ’cause he’s my husband and everything :( I guess it’s OK since I love him.

Going to a couple meetups this week. One tomorrow that’s a free Zumba/Bollywood class and dinner on Wednesday. Here’s hopin’ I’m extrovert Lissy this week. It would be nice to have more friends in the area.

Hosting a tea party for my current buddies in a couple of weeks! Any suggestions for tea or food to serve are welcome :)

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  1. ooo the free Zumba and Bollywood classes sound fun!

    I’ve always wanted to hold a tea-party. Definitely cupcakes, scones and crustless mini salmon sandwiches!

  2. Well, at the rate you eat chocolate bars, you won’t notice you shared with me until next month.

  3. You can’t call in for another discount on cable without having to add anymore services?

    Wow, $20 for 4 bars… Sounds soo good, but soo bad at the same time. Haha. I’m trying to limit my chocolate intake now if I want to eat other foods. Haha.

    Ooh, you are going to the meetups! Hehe, I e-mailed you before I read this. Have fun!!!!

    • nope. I tried that before and that’s why we switched the service to bryan’s name, they don’t do the discount unless you’re a new customer

  4. Buy more chocolate for the tea party? ;D If you really want to share them, that is! :3 I love when chocolate is on sale. We have Lindt chocolate for $1 a bar when they’re on special. I think people just don’t like the dark chocolate variety that much but oh well… doesn’t bother me! :)

    I don’t know how I’ll go doing a Day in the Life post, a lot of my posts recount my day, though not in great detail. I might upload an embarrassing video of me dancing one day… one day. :P

  5. “Here’s hopin’ I’m extrovert Lissy this week” – I love that line! I’m so busy this week, too. Right now I’m prepping for an event tonight whilst blog hopping ;) I’m not in the mood for people, but sadly have to go
    I loved your ‘Day In The Life’ post :) – I’m going to try it!

    Ooooh… Deciding if you want to renew your Cable? Trust me, I know that feeling (or rather my mom)… We only have two pay-TV options here in SA, and both are equally pathetic. We have the slightly more expensive one which equals up to US$75 for 80 channels :(

    Btw, I’d just like to say I LOVE your writing style and blog… Will be reading it more often. :)

  6. Hondas are pretty awesome, my physics teacher says they are one of the best cars. But that’s probably just his opionion but maybe its true. I’m not sure since I’m not a big fan of cars. :L

    That chocolate looks so yummy. UMMM.

    Wow! Have fun at the tea party your hosting. SERVE LOTS OF BISCUITS EVERYBODY LOVES BISCUITS.

  7. I don’t drive but everyone keeps telling me that when I’m ready to purchase a Honda because they don’t give too many problems.

    Cable is WAY too expensive and these days they just play the same crap over and over again! Re-runs and such… Not to mention, they play the same movies over and over on the movie channels also. Might as well watch whatever you want on the internet.

    • even worse, it feels like 90% of what they have on is crap reality television. the only reality show I like is “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” cracks me up

  8. I wish I could go out to meetups and such, but I do not drive yet. Sad, right? xD

    Hope you meet lots of new awesome people :D

  9. You’ll have to let me know how Zumba is! I’ve been wanting to try it for some time, but I’m nervous, haha. I’ll have to see if there are some community classes in the area. For the tea party you could make some finger sandwiches with veggies and hummus? Or maybe have some bruschetta which is just toast with tomatoe and fresh mozzarella. Those are nice and light. Also, how about some mini cupcakes or scones for dessert. Scones are amazingly easy to make. =]

    Enjoy your chocolate!