Oh Saturday

Oh Saturday

Things I need to do today: clean, reduce my cable bill, find bathroom remodeling people, buy an iPad case, buy shoes for the weddings, buy stuff for Easter, work on my site, study JavaScript and backbone js, find a place for dress alterations, get a haircut, record a song, get my picture taken for my ID, do my nails, eat healthy since I pigged out on sushi yesterday.

Things I will do instead: write this blog, play castleville, watch The Muppets, Facebook, yes Facebook is a verb, watch Doctor Who, nap, read some blogs, shop and not buy shoes, order the peanut butter cake at Uno’s.

One Response

  1. I need to try and reduce my cable bill too. Sad part is that we don’t have a bundle, so that makes it harder. :(

    Woah, study JS on a Saturday?! Is this for work??

    LOL about your actual “to do” list. You weren’t so productive, were you? :P But it’s nice to be able to relax!!!