The Bachelorette Party!

The Bachelorette Party!

The bachelorette party Saturday was a success! We needed a last minute replacement for Natalie, but Julia was able to bail us out because she’s awesome like that :) Amazingly, everyone showed up at Carolyn’s on time! We took pictures and they opened up their bachelorette party goodies. And wine, of course there was wine. I was driving to the restaurant though, so I wouldn’t get to have any until the second half of the night.

We had dinner at It’s Greek to Me in Ridgewood. The food was surprisingly good. It’s a chain and I’ve been to a couple of other ones, but this one was a lot better. I ate too much :(

Then we headed back to Carolyn’s to wait for the limo, gab and play some games. I found this game online when I was looking for shower games. I deemed it inappropriate for a shower, but perfect for a bachelorette party:
You have the guests write down their least favorite chore and why they don’t like doing it. Then you read the answers replacing the chore with “So and so doesn’t like sex because…”
And hilarity ensues.

The limo arrived and it was awesome. We all agreed it was pretty much the highlight of the night. They stocked the limo with balloons (that we later sucked the helium out of), champagne, water, glasses, napkins. I really should have skipped the champagne, because as some of you know, I can’t burp. And it wasn’t really champagne, it was cheap, carbonated white wine. My tummy was upset the rest of the night. All the Greek food probably didn’t help either.

But I still managed to have fun. We plugged in an iPhone and sang away to the best of the 80s and 90s and a little Call Me Maybe.

We arrived at Lips early and there were a lot of people waiting outside. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to give our name or not. Even after we did we had to wait quite a while. We were finally seated about 45 minutes after we got there. We were then informed the kitchen was about to close, which wasn’t an issue since they didn’t seem to have any desserts anyway. They had a very limited selection of expensive cocktails, which didn’t seem like a big deal since there was a $15 drink minimum anyway. Unfortunately, about half of us couldn’t stomach another drink and ended up paying double for the first one.

When I called them the first time they told me that for $15 each they’d bring the girls up on stage and dance with them or talk with them for a while, take their picture and then give them a brownie. That didn’t happen. For $15 they were brought on stage and given a shot. Because we needed more alcohol, right? They didn’t even ask them their names. Lame. Very lame.

Then we got the bill and it ended up costing a little less than the limo X( I expected it to be about $5 less pp and I felt bad because we couldn’t pay for Carolyn and Rachi :( We were also $12 short somehow. I threw in the extra because I was so out of it I figured it was entirely possible I left out a $20. It was 1:30am and I had been hiccuping for the last hour, lol. I paid a little extra for the limo anyway, so I guess it worked out.

Julia and I used the men’s bathroom. It was all women there so the women’s room had a crazy long line and I wanted to get the hell outta there so we wouldn’t be charged for going over on the limo. We weren’t the only ones.

We made it out and home in time. The ride back was a little less enthusiastic. We were pretty tired. I felt like crap.

Everyone had a good time though. And I will never ever plan one of these again :) lol.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this excellent article on vaccines.

Also, still following Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I think it has more to do with my diet lately, but I definitely lost a few pounds. Just have to maintain through Rachi’s wedding so I look awesome in my super skinny black dress :)

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  1. the limo ride there & back were total opposites like the wind had been deflated.

    I owe you the $12 because I was a little short–I had run out of money at that point. I’ll give it to you when I see you tomorrow.

  2. Aww, I’m able to blog-hop again, and I find out that I can’t comment on your old posts! :( Did WordPress have an update recently or something, another blog I just came from had the same thing…

    Anyhow, I read through all of your old posts, but since there’s nothing important to say, I won’t mention it, it’d just be too hard to follow which post I’m talking about, haha..

    Anyhow, seems like you’ve been super busy with work events and other social events going on!! Seems like you’re having a blast, though! So now I know how you’re getting through your days… Tons of caffeine… Haha.

    Wow, the bachorlette party… That seems pretty intense, but glad to hear that you had fun! Hope you won’t need to plan another one again! Hahah…