I forget I have a blog sometimes. Bryan’s birthday party last weekend was a lot of fun. Julia slept over Friday night and we made a bunch of yummy things. My mint ice cream came out amazing due to the freshly picked “Chocolate mint” from the backyard.

The best part of the party though was filming Bryan’s music video for his cover of Fashion. It’s pretty hilarious and was a hoot and a half to shoot. You can watch it on facebook: David Bowie Fashion Cover by Machine of a Dream.

And I’ve had Fashion stuck in my head ever since.

Monday we went out with Bryan’s family since Chris and Rae were visiting from California. Nana treated us to dinner at Rafferty’s :)

Work was pretty quiet this week. More talk about Roy wanting us to move to his org. When pigs fly… or when he offers us a load of money.

I’m in the Poconos with my parents for the long weekend. I took my workout outside yesterday and when running/jogging/walking up and down the hills here. I’m in quite a bit of pain today. Surprisingly my butt is the most sore. I was supposed to do an hour of steady state cardio for the Best Boot Camp, but the hills had other plans.

We made Indian eggplant in the crockpot for dinner yesterday. I’m glad we bought yogurt because it was a little too spicey for me and my mom (it wasn’t even as hot as the recipe called for) and the yogurt was about the only way we were able to eat it. Was delicious though. And healthy. Made my famous baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning :P We went to the flee market yesterday and we’re heading to the outlets today.

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