Since last I blogged…

Since last I blogged…

Bryan and I went to the doctor for our not so annual checkups, I was hypnotized, our bathroom was remodeled, I watched The Avengers, Best Body Bootcamp round 3 started, I got sick again, I performed at the talent show at work and I made salted butter caramel ice cream (or the cream to be frozen anyway).

You’re probably curious about the hypnotism thing. Every year at at&t, wee do some fun fundraising activities for United Way. This year, we brought in a hypnotist to do a comedy show and I was one of the volunteers. Was I really hypnotized? At first, yes. I think as the show went on I came out of it a little. I did legitimately forget my name and I was very entertaining, or so I was told.

Also, for a fundraising event, we do the talent show every year. It was today and I was the last act. This meant I had a whole hour to freak myself out. By the time I got up on stage I was shaking so bad I couldn’t do half the things I choreographed and it was extremely distracting. Somehow I still sounded OK. And they laughed! I was so worried they wouldn’t laugh!

Otherwise, work has been frustrating. I’m trying to test our app on iOS6 and I can’t log into VPN on 2/3 iPads. Safari 6 isn’t available on windows, so I’ve been using the Mac and the mouse sucks and the windows keep collapsing and doing that cover flow-like thing. I don’t want to change windows. I’m perfectly happy sticking with Safari, thanks.

The ice cream is gonna be awesome. The Perfect Scoop is my favorite cookbook btw.

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