The Week After Hurricane Sandy

I stayed at my parents until Thursday morning when the frelling SNOW STORM took out the Internet and forced me into work.
We waiting an hour for gas Sunday morning, I didn’t need gas until Thursday and by then it was much easier to come by. Better safe than sorry though.
On Tuesday I went with my dad and then my mom to my old HS so they could vote. I’ve had dreams about HS ever since. I voted via email on Tuesday morning. I didn’t vote for Obama or Romney. I’m a rebel like that. For those of you living under a rock or for reference for my future self, Obama won.
Despite being completely turned around by the storm, I’ve managed to keep up with the best body bootcamp. I have been extra lazy and not so great with my diet though. Surprisingly I’ve gotten a lot done at work. Probably because no one else has, so I haven’t been distracted by meetings, calls and questions.
I have no idea where my wool coat went. How do you lose a big coat?

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  1. Oh yeah my diet too. between weddings, Sandy boredom, & honeymoon it’s been out the window.

  2. Glad that you were safe and out of harm’s way when Sandy hit.