The Art of Gift Giving

The Art of Gift Giving

This was the last week of Best Body Bootcamp 3 :( And thanks to the weight I lost the past eight weeks, I was able to pig out on holiday food all week guilt free. Wait… hmm, that wasn’t the point of the program was it. I could have done much worse this week.

We had a free lunch on Monday for service anniversaries, but I only went up to the buffet once. I had cake, but it was really good cake. Tuesday was our EOY event that I organized, so I’m pretty sure even though I ate a lot, I burned it all off running around like a mad woman. I was also super stressed that day due to problems we were having in ST on top of having to deal with the party. That and when I brought my car in Monday, they told me the earliest appointment they could give me was 1/7 X( So I’ve been driving Bryan’s car around all week trying not to break it, taking the long way home to avoid where I had the accident, still holding my breath when I have to make the left-hand turn off of 35.

My issues at work seem to have resolved themselves, but poor Jenny has a tough one she’s working on this weekend :( I told her she can call me since, hell, I’m not doing anything, and whatever I can do to help makes everyone’s lives easier… My code runs her code, so the sooner this gets resolved, the sooner ST can test and the sooner I can have a relaxing two week vacation :) More selfish than not.

Two weeks off and no car. Where would I go anyway? If we go see my friends or my parents, Bryan can drive. Can’t go to the mall because people are insane about buying Christmas gifts. Can’t you all just shop online like normal people? Why must you take my favorite hobby away from me??? I actually finished all my shopping- online. I spent a lot of time this year picking out gifts. I wanted to make every dollar count. I really hate buying a gift for the sake of buying a gift and it’s a pretty good feeling when you find something really good.

I don’t think anything I bought was “the perfect gift,” but I’m pretty happy with all of my purchases and I think everyone will like what I got them. Well, I don’t know if my dad will like his, but everyone will at least get a good laugh.

I get confused when people tell me they didn’t know what to get me. I’m into every geeky franchise on the planet. That’s why I love buying gifts for Rachelle. I Google Doctor Who or Tinkerbell and I’m done. I can’t really think of a gift I’ve gotten that I didn’t like… well, maybe some of the survival stuff my dad got us last year. If all hell breaks loose, we’re screwed anyway. And there was that year Andrew got us all those head massaging thingies that just messed up our hair. His heart was in the right place.

I’ve gotten some really great gifts. There are things that I’ve gotten from my wishlist or registry that I obviously wanted and are loved. Though when I put the ice cream maker on our registry I thought, hah, like I’ll ever use that. :) Then there are gifts I wanted, but never expected to get like my Tyco Video Cam or every episode of Farscape ever. I also greatly appreciate the things I would never think to buy for myself, but I end up using all the time, mostly clothes. Presies are fun like that.

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