Maybe I Should Try Warrior III Next Time

Maybe I Should Try Warrior III Next Time

I didn’t get the STTL position at work. Did I mention I applied for that? Almost, but no cigar. I’m not confident enough. True. Nitika says, “but you sang in front of hundreds of people!” Yes, and I was shaking like a leaf! I will always be scared, nervous, quiet. I just have to learn to hide it better :D I read that doing warrior poses like Warrior II and II before an interview help give you confidence… didn’t help.

Week 8 of Best Body Bootcamp! I really didn’t like Friday’s workout, though it was the first one I haven’t liked. Just a couple of exercises alternating with burpees X( Not my idea of fun. That’s the nice thing about the bootcamp though, even though I don’t like that workout, I only have to do it twice! Yay variety!

Bryan’s been painting the red room any color but red :P I picked a nice, desaturated blue. I like it. That’ll probably be the guest room … once we buy a bed to go in there. And then the sea green room with by our future child’s room. Sadly, at some point, I’ll have to stop using the room as a large walk-in closet.

Last night Bryan and I were discussing the logistics of planning a vacation during the year I’m pregnant. It’s inevitable. We got to Disney every year, eventually we’re gonna have a baby, you spend 9 months pregnant, it’s going to be a problem. Either I won’t be able to fly, I’ll be able to fly, but won’t be able to go on any rides, or we’ll have a newborn and won’t be able to leave the house. It’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

I still think the odds are in our favor for a Back to the Future baby. My dad was born in ’55, me in ’85, we only need 2015 to complete the trilogy. Well, actually, we’d need someone born in 1885 to complete the movie trilogy … I don’t know when any of my great grandparents or great, great grandparents were born. It’s possible.

I need to do another Day in the Life soon….

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  1. Ahh baby :) lol

    Well, I guess once you do decide to get preggers you may as well wait to go to Disney once the baby can enjoy it too :)