Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

So I completely forgot I had a blog…. Bad Lissy.

The most exciting thing that’s happened at work are the automatic soap and towel dispensers.

Last Saturday, I met up with Rachi, Krissy and Shawn for lunch at Panchos Burritos. I hardly ever get to see Krissy, so that was a nice treat. I also met up with Tom and Carolyn later that day and we watched a show about evil kitties.

This past Friday I took off work since everyone else had off. I had lunch with my parents, where my dad made me order the veggie wrap because “someone had to look out for my soul.” That made the waiter giggle. After, I went with Carolyn for a mani/pedi. My nails are so short I can’t open anything now, lol. Sort is good though, I let them get too long and sharp.

We met up with the rest of the girls later for dinner at Grand Luxe and The Great and Powerful Oz in 3D. The food, movie and company were all fantastic. We really had a good time, it’s a shame we don’t get to do that more often.

Normally we take Buffy for a long walk once while I’m home, but her legs have been terrible the past couple of weeks. She can only go about five limpy minutes before collapsing. Poor thing :( otherwise she’s in perfect health. Just wish she could walk :(

My dad bought her booties so she wouldn’t slip on the floor, but they seemed to just make it harder for her.


My parents came over early yesterday so my dad could fix our toilet before Bryan’s parents came. He did, but not without a lot of effort. And the new flushing mechanism is too tall for the toilet. At least it works now! Dinner was pretty great. Good foods. Everyone liked my carrot ginger soup. Bryan’s mommy made adorable Easter cupcakes. Nana got us chocolate and wine :D

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  1. Your Easter weekend sounds like it was fun. I enjoyed Oz, but I really wish they had tied in the Ruby slippers some how. That would have just been the perfect cherry on the cake.

    How come your doggy can’t walk? She looks like she is just a puppy. Poor girl. :(